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What other anal toys do you use?

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  • What other anal toys do you use?

    Not sure if this is the right forum section, but I wanted to ask if you also use other anal sex toys like vibrators or plugs? Are there any good toys you'd recommend because I worry about safety issue like wether the shape is safe or not because some toys have a rather sharp tip and aren't round or what's also an issue is the material they are made of cause I read that many toys smell strong which definitely isn't a good sign.
    Do you think that a flexible toy with such a shape would be safe for anal?

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    Since any exploration beyond the length of a finger or the bulk of a fist involves some toy, the 'practices' poll -- -- has some worthwhile posts.

    My cut: If it fails the 'sniff' test it gets surrounded by a condom. Note some toys with vibes can develop high temperatures and when heated exude chemical fumes that aren't apparent at room temperature.


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      I also think putting it in a condom would be the best but are condoms really safe?
      I mean some condoms have annoying tiny latex dust on the surface I wonder if this is really good
      when you get those tiny particles in your rectum and they most likely stick to the surface.

      I also wonder what would be "safer" something which is shaped like the aneros and has a wide round tip or something like on the pic I posted with has a small vibrating tip? I guess the smaller the tip the deeper you can insert it but this could also be dangerous, couldn't it? What if you insert the whole thing or what if the small tip applies too much pressure on a small spot than you could get with a large head?


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        Assuming a latex allergy, opt for a polyurethane condom -- which is reusable if cost is a concern.


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          And you cant be allergic to polyurethane?

          And why is this reusable and latex isn't?


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            Originally posted by dunz
            And you cant be allergic to polyurethane? And why is this reusable and latex isn't?
            Latex allergies accrue from sensitivity to a protein in the Hevea brasiliensis tree and are present in about 5% of the population. -- Latex allergy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia -- Synthetic substances like polyurethane and polyisoprene are generally more benign since they don't contain natural proteins. Manufacturers of both latex gloves and condoms have made great strides in reducing the amount of 'loose' protein on the finished product.

            Re-usability -- ever try to reuse a latex condom ?


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              Hi I never had probs with latex condoms does this mean it's okay to use a latex condom in your rectum
              or could it react different in there than on your penor?

              But then again there's also the problem with lube cause you also needed lube and the normal lubes are full of chemical crap which isn't healthy for internal use.


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                There are hundreds of toys that you can put up your butt and achieve super O's with. The Aneros line is certainly fantastic across the board, but I have had just as much fun with all kinds of toys, plugs and dildos, as have quite a few others here. You have to keep in mind that the range of sensations, experiences and techniques are quite varied, and your skill with an Aneros will translate into better skill and results with other toys. The same holds true in the other direction. Here are some toys that I have had some great fun with and that I use regularly:

                Cyberglass perfect p-spot - sex toy for men review by Carrie Ann
       Don Wand Bent Graduate Glass Pleasure Wand, Assorted Colors: Health & Personal Care
       Grrl Toyz Strap-On Lilac: Health & Personal Care
                Ceramic bubbles - Butt plugs - EdenFantasys
                Swirled double dong - G-spot curved glass shafts - EdenFantasys


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                  I recently bought the Njoy fun wand. It's stainless steel, and multi-purpose. Though I have only had a chance to use it twice since I got it, it feels great and can't wait to get a chance to play with it more.


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                    Before I stumbled across Aneros (and before I elected to look for engineered sex toys), I would simply explore my house for random objects.

                    I'll go point form:

                    maraca handle,
                    the Gilette Fusion (vibing shaver)- not the razor end!!!
                    guitar slide

                    by then I figured, let's do this right.


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                      Last night I got horny, went to a sex shop and bought a ten inch rubber cock with some serious girth. I thought that if the small girls in porn could take it up the ass then I could too. I think my eyes were bigger than my anus. I started with aneros eupho then moved to progasm then to a glass dildo that is about the size of my own cock(very average) then in the shower I suctioned big boy to to wall and slid it in. HOLY SHIT. I thought I was going to tear my ass open. But after a while it became somewhat pleasurable. I jerked of to a traditional ejaculation while I was riding it. Let's just say I now have a lot of respect for the girls on the movies. I felt totally naughty the whole time like I was a submissive to another. The thrill of it was a real turn on. My ass is tender now but I'm going to try it again tonight!


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                        I've actually just bought a dildo, nothing as big as above, even that was heavy going, but very very pleasurable


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                          Is this all relevant to Aneros?


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                            @kelper, after one is rewired many differnt devices can bring about extreme pleasure in the prostate including different anal toys. Though they are not discussing Aneros tools the discussion is related to other types of anal toys. So it is not immediately aneros related but it can be for advanced users


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                              I use this toys particulary:

                              I'm totally fan of it ... I had publish some vid on xhamster about him ...

                              If not I saw this, and I want to try this:
                              I know normally a super O is comming when you're calm and when it's a slightly touching. It's true but this make me crazy !

                              Anyone tried ?