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    Welcome to the FIRST ANEROSIAN SYMPOSIUM gentlemen and ladies ALL!!

    What!??? A symposium can be a conference with many academic papers, or even a collection of essays on a topic.

    It's oldest definition and reality is a drinking party with convivial discussion verging into debate on occasion, butt usually returning to the festive. And this is what we are gathering here, fellow gatherers and drinkers from the Anerosian cup of male ecstatics.

    The most famous Symposium is that recorded/reimagined by Plato dealing with love of all dimensions among men, as was central to the culture of classical Greece, yet also subject to great debates. Read it, Plato Symposium (PS) if you like in the accessible, sensual Tom Griffith translation. Butt you don't have to read this or anything else to join the party here!

    Yet if you are so inclined, The Spell of The Sensuous (SoS) by David Abram, and Socrates in Love (SiL) by Christopher Phillips are both easily readable wonderful companion reads!

    No prerequisites, except Aneros experience perhaps! Don't worry about language, this is not the academy, simply a bunch of fair citizens of Anerosia; this extraordinary community worthy of all celebrations!! Butt moderation as is the Greek manner please.

    Excesses may be edited, your humble fellow drinker from this astounding Anerosian Cup, artform

    So, all comers, assemble your libations of liquids, gels, whatever and literature if you so choose and here we go:

    1. Opening Question: What is the range and the natures of love among men, and their love among women, in all the varieties of life situations with which one can be challenged: combat for example, in single sex environments, in married life of all types, in tribal life, in eastern cultures, etc.?? And/Or in your personal experiences??

    Eros complex sensual/sexual love...

    Storge, family love...

    Xenia, love of strangers...

    Philia, friendship love, wider web of community bond....

    Agape, higher, selfless, unconditional love...

    above from Socrates(SiL),


    Platonic, asexual deep love...


    Taoist Universal Love, that powers all...


    others you may bring...

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    Artform, to me a great teacher is a person who gets their students to think. A teacher cannot force the information into a person's head, but only open the door for the person to grasp the information themselves. This is what I believe. To me, you are a great teacher. You always get me to think.

    Allow me to be the first to offer my insight, opinion, or random dribble however one may choose to receive it.

    The first example that caught my attention is the boundaries, or lack thereof, of love in a combat situation. There is a strong range of potential with such a concept. There is the "band of brothers" in a squad that look after one another. At the same time, can one share love of an enemy across the line trying to win for "their" side. Could I love another firing at me or trying to take my life? In a less dramatic example, could I love one who is trying to stop me from reaching my goal? At some point, I would have to make a stance and choose to love myself more than the person trying to deny me my forward progress, or life in the case of life or death comabt.

    That being said, I believe that a platoon or squad of men all come together under the same banner would share a great deal of love. I am not sure if that love is ever overtly expressed, but I believe that it is there. Many individuals share similar trials and tibulations as well as reaping similar rewards. Discounting the fact that indivdual promotion may cause jealousy or resentment, I believe that love can be very prevelant in such a situation.

    You've asked a very intriguing and thought provoking question. I'll leave my initial reply as such and let others chime in. I am curious as to what some counterpoints may be to my example. I also have thoughts on the other examples that you gave, but am content to leave my comment as such for now.


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      Women think in emotions, men feel with feelings. Love is an emotion, so a man displaying it has submitted to the female, an obsequious groveller, a fawning sycophant. If you want more:
      YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
      But personally I prefer a philosophical topic that is applicable for the post-Aneros paradigm, like on the nature of fractals.But, don't go to far you might get lost!
      YouTube - fractals.wmv