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  • Unexpected Outcum

    Okay, one of my longer-winded posts here, so either close this window, or pour yourself a beverage and settle in…

    I am nearly a year into a rewiring journey and have been on what I’ll call a P-Wave plateau for several months. I have sessions about three nights in a row, once or twice a month while traveling, and that accounts for some of the slow progress. I am a strict adherent of the “Penis NOT” school and rarely interrupt my “session weeks” with traditional j/o or orgasm, in an attempt to help build up sexual tension.

    Last night, I “broke in” a new Helix (I already have an MGX and Progasm) and enjoyed some pleasurable sensations. As I often do, I drifted off to sleep and awoke at about 5 a.m. with morning wood and enough energy to start playing with the Helix again, doing some mild contractions and nipple stim. My usual dose of shea butter had, as always, lasted the night and the Helix was moving freely.

    When the alarm went off and it was time to get out of bed, I decided to first try a little something new: Laying on my back, I took a small “bolster” pillow and put it under my bottom so that my butt was suspended off the bed, my legs parted/knees bent such that my feet were drawn up close to my bottom. This put some new and nice pressure on the Helix and in turn on my prostate. It also gave me more free access to the Helix’ handle, so just for fun I did a little slow and gentle in-and-out action with my hand. I was reminded, hey, this anal stuff is okay! I was more “aware” of the Aneros-prostate contact than usual—it was more specific, more direct. Good enough. Then, I put my hands under my bottom and relaxed. I started getting a nice tingle throughout my pelvis. I laid perfectly still, and did only a little shallow breathing (practically holding my breath) to focus on this sensation and let it build.

    Build it did, and with an accompanying, involuntary “drawing-in” of the Aneros that was more quick and direct than I’ve experienced before. The tingle was now more pronounced in my penis; a nice, warm, “urgent” sort of feeling that was a little different and more localized than I’d felt before. Without celebrating too soon, I thought to myself, “Okay, this is that feeling I’ve read about that precedes a Mini-O or Super-O,” neither of which I have experienced yet. Within about 15 seconds, the warmth spread and my cockhead in particular felt very warm; I think I was about half-erect (not unusual for my sessions).

    Then the warm feeling started to build more in my penis and started to peak, and I was really looking forward to riding a bigger wave than usual…when I realized, some of the warmth I’d been enjoying was actually of a liquid sort. I reached my hand down and confirmed, I’d just ejaculated! A puddle of semen was neatly deposited on my lower belly…completely hands-free and without any overt PC contractions or other “involvement.”

    I was a bit bemused, and a bit more bummed. My thoughts were, “There goes the edge I wanted for the next couple of nights” and “That was nice, but not any nicer- or stronger-feeling than just jerking off, and without the usual opportunity to create a bigger build-up.”

    I guess I will take tonight off, and ponder these questions:

    1) What just happened?
    2) Was it an event ON the path to rewiring, or…
    3) Was it a detour that, if it happens more, takes me OFF the path (and away from an eventual first Super-O
    4) Does this kind of “unsolicited hands-free” happen to other folks a lot? Are they also folks like me who are still wandering in search of the elusive Super-O?

    Yes, I do believe strongly in enjoying what comes along on the journey and try not to be ‘goal focused,” (although anyone who takes time to prepare for and engage in regular sessions would be lying if they said they had NO goals), but at this stage, I am not ready for the added frustration of ejaculating without warning and ending sessions that I’m conducting in order for other, bigger things to happen.

    Thanks for your thoughts.

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    Hello, tallguy.

    That was an interesting report. The only experiences I've had that seem to be parallel are dry-Os that aren't dry. In my case, the ejac is Cowper's fluid, not semen. For me, the only time the dry-Os are wet and produce semen are when my wife has her hand on my dick during a session, which is far from the situation you recounted.

    In any case, congrats, it sounds like you are making great progress. You may find the next session to be completely different, or not. One event doesn't make a trend. Now if it happens 6 times in a row...

    Try just doing it and not over-thinking it.

    Best Regards,



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      Thanks, Dave, I appreciate the encouragement. Not panicking...yet. Although, as I subsequently found on this forum, it has been a "problem" for some others, as well, at times...

      Mine was as Rook described...sort of like a big, not particularly forceful, stream of cum with no pulsing. Weird!



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        Follow up...Despite having lost the "edge" of not ejaculating, I spent the next two nights in the company of my new Helix (and, for a short morning stint, the Progasm). I did not experience the same peak, nor a hands-free wet orgasm, again. I'm back on my plateau of mild to moderate P-waves and a search for the kind of mental tranquility (and ego deferral) that might somehow put me further down the path.

        Reading of others' recent success after just weeks of effort is at once exciting and discouraging, but I am soldiering on!