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    Hi, guys.

    Well, I finally popped (no put intended) for a new Vice. Ordered Saturday, delivered Wednesday...pretty spectacular service.

    Just simply had to give it a go. Pretty damn fine, let me say...the sensations are sensational, and I approached a Super lube is not so hot.

    So...rather than start a flaming lube war, fellow Vice users, what are you using for lubricant with the VICE?

    The material it's made of is very different from our usual hard toys, and my usual silicone based lube which works great on Eupho, Helix and Progasm, fails with Vice...or works poorly.

    So, a little help would be appreciated.



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    I use the same lube on my Vice as I use on all my other tools the 'Natural Jelly' compound. It seems to work just fine.


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      I learned this the expensive way after my wife and I made the mistake of using a silicone lube with an expensive silicone vibe. The surface softened then became rough.

      Some sex toy websites have this wrong and merchandise silicone lubes for silicone toys. Adam and Eve have it right:

      "Silicone lubes can be used with adult sex toys as well but cannot be used with other silicone based adult products as the silicone lubricant will cause the sex toy to melt."

      Last January we had a thread on how long to wait between using a Silicone Lube and having a session with the Vice-- here's RJT's response:

      Originally posted by RJT
      Silicone lube is like oil - it floats on water. Any traces will be visible floating in the water after you BM so you'll know when you're no longer passing any. For me, one BM is all it takes to clear it.


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        I've only had the Vice for a few days and have tried different lubes: Olive oil, Vaseline, KY Sensitive, and Astroglide Natural. So far, the best thing is a combo: a light coating of Vaseline covered with Astroglide Natural. BTW, I don't inject or "pre-lube."

        Enjoy it,



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          I covered the use of silicone lube with this model in the Good Vibrations - Aneros VICE Reviewed sticky prior to the product's release. Silicone lubes should never be used with silicone toys. The following appeared under the "USER NOTES" area of the review near the end

          "USER NOTES:

          SILICONE BASED LUBRICANTS SHOULD NEVER BE USED WITH THE VICE! SILICONE LUBES WILL DAMAGE THIS PRODUCT! Only water based and natural oil based lubes should be used with this device.

          I generally use a water based lube such as KY Jelly or Slippery Stuff gel. The gels tends to adhere better than liquid varieties of lube. If you pour a water-based liquid lube on the VICE it beads away like water on glass. I have also used Unrefined Shea butter and the Natural Jelly lube and they're both wonderful too.

          BF Mayfield


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            Hi Brian,,

            Thanks for the replies. Brian, I read your review after I posted this. I don't think that a single use will damage things...and I'm aware now. By the way, Perhaps it would be a good suggest to HIH...the silicone "warning" is in tiny italics at the bottom of the little insert, and not at all prominent. It should be the last point under the advice to use plenty of lubrication. I missed it entirely. The packaging is beautiful, btw.

            I'll try a couple of different things, I like the vasoline/Astroglide Natural because I have those on-hand. But I'll see what else works.

            The silicone simply did not work. So something that stays slippery will undoubtedly make my next outing more pleasant.

            As for the vibrations...well the stimulation was....well, stimulating. I can't wait to really learn how to use it. Slippery will definitely improve things.



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              I think you're correct, one session shouldn't have significantly damaged it. So long as you really cleaned it up well, you should be fine. You just want to be sure that you've removed all residue that might remain and degrade the silicone over time. This isn't difficult, but would consist of repeated washing with soap and warm water. On the warning, I would agree, it might be a good idea for something even more prominent to be included with the device. I've passed this along.

              BF Mayfield