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    I'm happy to say that the members of this forum have always been committed to the concept of safe sensual exploration. I try to politely call them as I see them and I think that most others do the same. I'm not sure why this particular thread was created in the first place. It clearly has nothing to do with prostate massage or the Male multiple orgasm. I suspect that it had something to with presenting a video that might titillate some of the members.

    Chaos snake, I strongly encourage you to find a safer and more friendly means of fulfillment, for you and your wife. With the Aneros devices it's possible for you to awaken a response within yourself that will enable you to have powerful multiple orgasms. This is something that your wife can be involved with as well. This a different quality of interaction, it's about sharing as opposed to doing someone. It has a multitude of benefits and nobody gets hurt.

    All the best,

    BF Mayfield


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      psychotic that is just asking for trouble your wife's pussy must look like a half eaten donner kebab after using that on her poor woman but if she is willing she only has herself to blame


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        I could not tell you for the life of me where i first read this but I'd say its a damn good rule to follow and keep in mind.

        "if a object is scratchy/sharp enough to irritate the tissue on your nose then it will hut/injure you to insert it, also if you are applying more pressure than you would use to rub your eyeball that also is damaging to tissue down there"


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          Sorry for my lack of response, and I do thank you all for your concern and advise to safety. My GF and I both discussed this together before anything even remotly was put together. From that a lot, and I mean a lot, of research into potential hazards and dangers, how to minimize the the dangers, the types of toys, safety redundancies, etc.


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            I've had my suspicions that this was spam from the get go. Okay, I confess I wanted to see if this was for real and what I discovered is that it appears to be an attempt to sell a membership in dating site. If this guy was on the level I suspect that he would have uploaded his video to one of the free adult sites. I seriously doubt that anyone has seen anything here. Just a come on.