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  • Sounds so cliche but......

    I didn't expect anything and didn't try to force it and I made a major breakthrough. I just took part in a thread a couple days ago about not knowing when the Aneros is hitting the prostate. After reading all the replies, I figured I would practice to make perfect and try to find this damn gland. Well...I've been doin this every day since that thread. I've tried 3 different Aneros to see which worked best. I know you should stick to 1 for a while but.....Had some good feelings, but still didn't know where my prostate was. Tonight I used my Maximus which I haven't used in a very long time. I thought it filled me up to much and didn't leave room for movement. But what the hey. Nothing else was working. I cleaned, lubed, and relaxed. Thats all I did. I tried to focus on anything that might feel like it could be good. At first I didn't know if it was the P-Tab or pressure on the prostate everyone talks about. So I just let my body do it's thing. Shortly after letting go and focusing on the slight pressure, my body started to shake like crazy. Nothing completely abnormal. I've had these before. But this time, my body seemed out of control. My pc muscles started to contract and release uncontrollably also. I don't think it was a dry orgasm though. This lasted at least 5 minutes before I came down from this ecstasy. After a few minutes it happened again. The same thing happened 5 times. Each time btw, after my pc muscles contracted and released what seemed like a hundred time, my pc muscle would clench as tight as it could. I couldn't release them. I tried but my body wouldn't allow me to do so.It would remain this way for at least 30 seconds or so. I had loads of precum on my stomach. What a journey and a learning experience. I hope I can repeat this. Again, I know it sounds cliche, but the key for me was to just let my body do what it wanted to do. I didn't force anything. Oh btw, I did about 10 SUPER SLOW contractions after about a half hour of relaxing. This was a 2 hour session. After these 10 SUPER SLOW contractions, things just started happening. Thats when I just kicked back and enjoyed the ride. I hope this will help someone. I know many people have said it before and I "thought" I was listening. But I found myself still trying to force it. I wish I had truly listened earlier. I think I'm on my way.

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    Congratulations craig030713!!!

    I'm so glad to hear about you making some good progress in your journey!



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      You've given me some hope. I'm still trying to figure out how to "surrender" to the process, rather than force, and leave expectations out of the picture. While ticklish feelings in my rectum have become slightly more common, I feel I'm losing motivation to continue on with the process. In essence, I'm becoming impatient and frustrated.

      If only it were possible to teach surrender...


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        Absolutely! I find this works every time and is always my advice to other guys - just relax, do a few contractions to get things started, then let you body do the rest, just surrender to the sensations!
        If you try to force it, then it just won't happen.
        Good luck with your future sessions I think the best is still to Come for you!


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          You've said it, I've said and many others have said it: just relax completely. Easier said than done. Many, if not most people have no idea when abdominal core muscles are tense or relaxed. We don't consciously use those things every day. It took me weeks to figure out how to "let 'em go." Maybe a bit of yoga practice would help, or meditation might speed up the process. Could be, a glass of wine or smoking pot would assist. I don't know. There may not be any shortcuts. Chronically stressed or tense people might never get the Aneros to work for them.