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    Hello Folks,

    A recent PM with a friend here brought to mind a possibly important tactic in our Aneros journey's for those of us that have not achieved super-O's yet. It's the practice mindset in Aneros sessions. Let me explain...

    Basically the idea is that you have Aneros sessions as often as your schedule and body allow (without hurting yourself), to both decrease the amount of time it takes to re-wire (versus occasional sessions), and also to sensitize or re-sensitize the prostate if you've partially re-wired like me and have gone without a session in a while. Keeping in mind that these sessions are practice. And I say this because you will definitely have those days where you're not really into it, you're not highly aroused, you're tired, but you do the session anyways because it is practice. So it becomes a common routine where less expectations are held because you may have a fair amount of mild to dud sessions.

    So in my case I've been having Aneros sessions for five or six days straight, and since yesterday's session have started to have really good results.

    Thoughts or comments?


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    Great grinder topic – here’s my input on “practice sessions”. After two and a half years of the Journey, my session frequency and duration now are cyclical in nature. Not a lot of sessions in the summer. Not a lot of sessions in November, December, January. Aneros “season” is Sep/Oct and Feb thru May.

    Sessions beginning after dinner are rarely successful for me. When the opportunity arrives for 3+ sessions in a week then yes, some of them occur during low arousal times. The problem then becomes boredom/time commitment – a “practice session” for me goes like this: insertion and 30 minutes of relaxation. Do something around the house for 30 minutes to an hour (email, phone calls etc.) followed by 45 minutes of “quiet time”. This means Peredise only sessions! Any other Aneros will wear out its welcome during the Do Something for an Hour part, and I no longer have the motivation to commit to 3+, hour and half long sessions per week just laying down.

    Positives to my practice sessions are: Low session expectations. Sessions that should never end in ejaculation (good self control practice). Heightened ability to have Anerosless experiences especially at night.

    Minuses: The boredom of routine.

    For me, practice sessions are mostly replaced with KSMO sessions.

    I also wish that Aneros would put out a flexible extended wear Helix! The Vice tag line says “our first release of the V-series…”. When/what is the next model in the series? How long until introduction?

    B. Mayfields review that it is easier than ever to have a hands free wet orgasm is no selling point to me. But a wearable smaller Aneros would fit my lifestyle better…



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      Hello J4,

      Thank you for your input. I think for myself when I get to thinking about how boring it is because I'm either not terribly aroused, or not getting much results, I tend to go one of two ways. If it's been at least a half hour in the session (approximate, I don't typically keep track time), then I'll often end the session. If I've just started, then I tend to think about it more as a meditative practice of breathing, relaxing, and observing any sensations. Ultimately, whether you generate pleasurable results or not, it is practice and helps push you forward in your re-wiring.