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Vice Mod proposals -- Sacrilege

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  • Vice Mod proposals -- Sacrilege

    Vice -- the first Aneros where changing balance will be easy. Simply remove the vibe and slide a slug of your favorite metal into vice's hollow core. Akin to changing the weight of a golf driver or, trimming an iron.

    Perhaps 'Slippery When Wet' just got his wish for a tool with a Mercury core. -- -- (post #2) -- Seriously though folks, don't mess with Mercury !

    Density of familar materials:

    Acetal 1.55
    Glass Bead 2.55
    Iron 7.87
    Brass 8.55
    Copper 8.92
    Silver 10.49
    Lead 11.34
    Mercury 13.53
    Depleted Uranium 19.10
    Tungsten 19.25
    Gold 19.30
    Platinum 21.45

    Gentlemen, pick your 'pizen.'

    Me, I'm off to the garage looking for 12mm ball bearing. Outtahere

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    LOL@Mercury in your arse. Death by orgasm. The new asphyxiwank.


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      Hello Rook,

      Neat ideas. Let us know what your experiments result in.

      Depleted Uranium 19.10
      You're joking right? I read about it in But I'm still not sure I'd want that in or near my body. Mercury I also question. How would you be sure it is properly contained and would never leak into you?

      Ben Wa Kegel Balls Jade
      Read the third paragraph. If this is true, that doesn't bode well for a mercury Vice experiment.
      How about clappers or chimes? Just don't go out in public or you'll get some very curious or questioning looks! LOL



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        Thanks Love _is and MyTurn for the reminder about Mercury -- I'd forgotten. Probably something to do with Third Grade (c. 1942). Kids would take a Silver Dime and a Penny to the local Pharmacist. For one cent, he would place a drop of Mercury on the dime and one could rub it, producing a very shiny amalgam. All this, long before we knew that Mercury exposure has adverse effects on the human body -- especially the brains of young children. (so my forgetting may have not been a 'senior moment.) Of concern would be contamination of the silicone with Mercury, making the Vice unsuitable for internal use. -- Tks to you both, I edited the post with a cautionary note.

        I keep a chunk of D-U (a bob-weight out of an old aircraft control system) as a paperweight. It is sealed in transparent plastic since it is an Alpha particle emitter. Alpha doesn't penetrate but can be ingested or inhaled. Getting alpha particles in the body is bad news since they seem to trigger many carcinomas. However, there is a bright side -- The old treatment for alpha poisoning was the forced ingestion of large quantities of beer.

        Finally, we shouldn't forget our own male version of the Ben Wa balls (I feel OK with the post since the Aneros Store does stock some G-E items).

        -- New Products | CockRings & Ball Weights from Gear Essentials. --

        Hmmm, 32 oz anyone? Great accessory for a new Vice.


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          Hello Rook,

          Thanks for the explanations and edits. Being a good deal younger than you, I'd never heard of the pharmacist dropping mercury on a dime to amuse the kids. Although, my memory could always stand to be improved, so that may not be the source of your problem with memory. LOL That kind of reminds me of the whole thing with pharmacists selling Coca-Cola in the late 1800's that actually had cocaine in it. And you thought caffeine gave you a high! LOL
          Coca-Cola - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

          Hmmm, 32 oz anyone? Great accessory for a new Vice.
          Skip 32 ounce weights and go right to bar bell weights, human beings, and vehicles! LOL (Just kidding)

          YouTube - Chinese traditional qi gong treatment for prostate problems
          (This link courtesy of B Mayfield's post in thread post# 72)