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    The Link, -- -- , when called from the Chat Center page is returning a blank page in both Chrome ver. 6.0.472.63 and Firefox ver. 3.6.12. (OpSys's WinXP, SP-3 and Ubuntu 8.04LTS and 10.4.)

    When called from outside the Aneros environment it redirects to the Aneros STORE.

    In chat, I feel like a bumpkin, running into other guys and doing ill mannered things, mostly out of ignorance. While many of my errors are corrected by others, I simply don't know how all the knobs, handles and buttons work.

    Getting some instructions or a Chat tutorial somewhere on the Forum wud be a great help. While my search was not exhaustive, I can't find anything helpful in the < Aneros Chat Center > threads in the Main Forum Index.

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    I agree with you, accessing all the features of these forums can be daunting but if you look in the new Sticky: New to the Aneros Forum? Start Here! you will see a post titled Blogs & Chat which provides a few short instructions for accessing the Chat Room.

    You're correct about the misdirected link in the Chat Center, I believe Support has this on their list of low level bug fixes to be addressed.