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Introducing the Aneros Vice

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  • Introducing the Aneros Vice

    Orders including the Aneros Vice will not ship until December 3, 2010

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    Hello Everyone!

    We are pleased to announce the release of the Aneros Vice, the first product in our "V-Series" line of vibrating devices. We would first like to thank everyone here in the community for your continued support - and for your patience during this product development cycle. We know many of you have been wondering what would be next for Aneros.

    We have been tinkering with vibrations in our prostate massagers for the last half decade, and the Vice is the result of that effort. The Vice has a patented shape that follows the same principles as the designs for our strictly self-propelled models but adds vibrations for complementary sensations. We call this the "Active-Passive" model, where your body's own muscle contractions, utilizing our "hands-free" design, provide the "Active" mode and the vibrations from the high quality vibrator provide the "Passive" mode.

    In our internal discussions we said that we would not release a vibrating model unless it was perfect. From the very beginning of the Vice development, the basic principles around our core design tenets had to be incorporated - an anatomically designed shape with precise balance and weight for the most effective prostate massage possible. The addition of the removable vibrator meant that we had an extra challenge to consider, which was how to make the balance and weight correct when the vibrator was in or out. We feel like we have accomplished that goal. And hopefully the joy, excitement, thought, and care that we used to create the Vice will carry through into your experiences with it.

    So who is the Aneros Vice for? We recommend the Aneros Vice for the experienced Aneros user. We believe that someone just starting out should first consider one of our other models - the MGX and Helix are both great choices. When a user begins the "rewiring" experience, some of the initial sensations are extremely subtle. The vibrations of the Vice may mask some of these initial sensations.

    For experienced users who already have a foundation in place through the use of another Aneros model, the Vice may be the "catalyst" to push them to the Super-O. The classic, dedicated "Grinders" may want to consider the Vice. And for men who have already achieved the Super-O, well, the Vice is just icing on the cake. The new shape has different contours that will provide pleasure in different ways from the other models.

    There are other vibrating prostate massagers out there, but this the only one backed by the Aneros name and all that represents - quality, ingenuity, integrity. It took a while, but it's here. The Aneros Vice - the first vibrating prostate massager done right.

    We look forward to hearing everyone's comments about the Vice here on the forum or via email. Thanks!

    Aneros Support


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      Support...please let us know when adequate supplies of VICE are available to allow immediate fulfillment.




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        I am using the aneros MGX and it enter the anus very tight. Will it be possible for me to use the the Aneros Vice? Will it enter my Anus?

        Thanks and Happy New Year 2013


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          A quick thought.
          Vice is so much bigger at the end. MGX starts narrower and gets bigger slowly. I find Vice's bulb end too aggressive at the moment.


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            @fggz - I would suggest that you a lot of time and practice to get use to and comfortable with inserting and using your MGX before looking at purchasing a larger model like the Vice.