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    There were a couple of you that mentioned in the "Intercourse with the Aneros" thread that were into penis enlargement. I am curious about this and would be interested in any stories of success or failure. You may PM if you wish. Thanks

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    The real 'hungstud' pros in this sport hang out at Thunder's Place. Link: -- --.

    Not only to they consider length and girth, they also measure and compare volume. Comparisons are recorded in a database.

    Those of us who are just trying to maintain what we've got can be found around the E.D. forums.


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      I took up jelqing about 5 years ago. Only did it for about a month and a half but had some great results.

      Not only did I get longer and thicker but I had fuller, harder erections.
      The biggest change however was that usually I am almost the smallest I can be unless I have an erection, when doing those exercises I was "fluffed" all day long.


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        Buttmasterflex, could you direct us to an explanation of jelqing?


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          Korkelz: Go to www.thundersplace and join. Its free and there are alot of great guys there who can help you. Go to the newbie forum and read, read, read, read and read. There are videos there too.

          This stuff works if you work it. I have added an inch in length and five eights of an inch in girth. This stuff is fun and all the things that have been said above are true: Bigger flaccid hangs, better erectile health if done correctly, bigger units. Braindrain on thunders and many others have documented proof. Saiyan22 is another as is Titleist and many others there. One caveat: While you are building a bigger tool, dont forget to enjoy and accept the one that you doing the work on. Lots of guys get this body dysmorphia like guys envying ripped guys in the gym. There will always be bigger guys out there even if you get to 10 inches. Accept that and enjoy what you have on the journey.


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            Thanks, keep your experiences coming. I am looking at and found interesting material. I am pretty normal in size but, like most men, wish I was an inch or so ,longer . Girth is okay. Just don't want to have permanent damage done to the penis.


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              MatterofSize is a very aggressive bunch of guys and you are more likely to be injured by following that site. Still, PEing is an art of learning to endure moderate discomfort but never proceding to the point of pain that you can intuitive know is damaging.

              Start with thundersplace. Why pay bucks for something that's free and supported only by donations of the members who have made gains and appreciate the environment of free self help.


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                Wow. Not this again. IMHO, guys who are dissatisfied with that nature has provided (I'm not talking about circumcision, of course, brutal) and go to extraordinary and extreme measures (clamps, weights, jelquing) to change it really need to look to their self esteem. Personally, I don't get it.

                Psychologists have weighed in on this topic over and over again, with the consensus being that it's not healthy physically or psychologically. As with individuals with eating disorders, we are not always the most objective judges of our own bodies (just look at yourself in the mirror, eh?)

                So what's the motivation? A better reflection in the mirror? Heads turning in the locker room? The unrealistic and untrue belief that women find "hung" guys more attractive? I guess there are women like that, but is that the kind of woman you want a long-term or even temporary relationship with? Geeze, guys, get over it.

                I guess my question is: does it work the way it is? If the answer (always) is, Yes, then how about using your time and energy on building better relationships and developing your own mental health?

                I guess dissatisfaction in life (bigger houses, bigger TVs, faster mobile phones, etc., etc, ad infinitum) may actually be a sign of a society in decline...and surely a bigger penis rates right up there with the false and dangerous psychosis of more, more, more.

                I worry about us men. Small thinkers, we.



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                  I agree with Cockadoodle that, like anything, it could become a problem.

                  However, I'm not against skinny guys going to the gym and lifting to get larger, I'm not against haircuts, or teeth whitening. I just think, like with anything, you need to be conscious of the reasons behind your decisions and be sure to be respectful of oneself. I think it would be a good idea to first spend time accepting where you are and not doing it because you need to get bigger, just see it as an experiment.

                  I also agree with Turnrow, don't pay for the information. I went to thunder's when I did my regimen. All the info is free.


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                    My journey to Penis Enlargement (PE) began about three years ago when I bought the SizeGenetics device (Two medically backed natural penis enlargement methods combined). I used this for a while with minimal results. Instead I concentrated on the stretching and jelqing (milking) techniques that I learned at Penis Health (Natural penis enlargement is possible through a simple exercise program). I was able to go from an erect length of 5 1/2 inches and a girth of 4 inches to an erect length of 7 inches and a girth of 5 inches. When I'm flaccid I'm much bigger now and I always have a nice bulge in my pants. I got the BathMate recently as I also follow the forums at Matter of Size and there was a lot of buzz about it and some great routines were reported. I've gained another 1/2 inch of girth using the BathMate. My routine is all done in the shower. Monday, Wednesday and Friday its all stretches and about 100 jelqs. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday I use the BathMate clamped on working up to maximum pressure for about 20 minutes. Then Sunday, I take a day off. The BathMate is awesome as it increases blood flow greatly. Some Saturday mornings after use I've had sex with my wife and it was explosive to say the least. I hope my own experience and information provided proves helpful.


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                      Tried to join but not accepting new members. That is never happend to me before. :-( There was some info there but wish I could see the videos. A MOVING picture is worth a thousand words. Thought seriously about one of the penis extenders (SizeGenetics and Jes Extender) but that is a lot of money for something that I wonder if the only thing getting bigger is their bank account. LOL I just worry about doing serious damage to my penis with jelqing Thanks for the info.


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                        The point of penis enlargement for me is to please my wife visually to a greater degree and also please myself when I look in the mirror. If I feel more sexy, I will be a better sex partnter. It's not lack of self esteem, it's me having a good self esteem and only wanting to add to it, just like anything in life. We all have goals, desires, and strive to meet them. Why do you look at it like [lack of self esteem = have an unhealthy desire for improvement] and [good self esteem = shouldn't have a desire for improvement]? Some people who are overweight have bad self esteem, some of those people lose the weight then have good self-esteem. Why is that so bad?

                        Edit: attempting to make post less stupid


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                          The truth of the whole matter is, it is all bs none of those penis enlargement devices really
                          work and even penis pumps do very little and can cause great damage to the penis if used
                          incorrectly especially thing like bursting major blood vessels wouldnt want that now would we?
                          And especially stay away from those penis enlargement pills they do nothing what is a few herbs
                          going to do to enlarge your penis seriously? It is all just one big conn like every single other penis
                          enlargement devices and like those ads that say YOU HAVE WON A PRIZE it's all just one big
                          conn the internet is full of them all those people selling penis enlargement pills are only after one thing
                          YOUR DAMN MONEY they dont care about the size of your penis and whether or not the stuff they are seeling actually work SO GUYS STAY AWAY FROM THEM THEY DO NOT WORK unfortunatly you are just going have to get over it and learn to live with what god HAS GIVEN YOU to bad dont mean to seem harsh but it is true, do obsess over the issue to much just get over it, it is issues like these that could lead a little thing called impotence and i am talking about psychological impotence not just any impotence


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                            The truth is that exercises do work.

                            From what I've heard the pills don't, some machines work but jelqing with stretches is most likely the best way and it's entirely free.

                            There's nothing wrong with working to make your dick bigger. There is something wrong with not loving your body. These are not the same thing. Just as not working on your penis doesn't mean you are happy with it.



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                              I agree with you, Buttmasterflex, and I want to add that not taking care of your body is a true sign of not loving it.