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insane vibrations and revelations

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  • insane vibrations and revelations

    I have had many years of pleasure of all types: erotic adventuring with the aneros and other male multiple orgasm techniques, as well as plenty of traditional sex, all with great success.

    But last night, well....

    In all my experiences I had yet to move into body-vibrations as we see in a handful of videos guys have posted on this site. Their pelvic area, thighs, butt and legs go into convlusive vibrating.

    I am a rare user of weed. When I partake it reliably sends me to new levels. Last night was no exception, and what follows is the tale.

    Disclaimer: there is homo-erotic stuff coming, in particular what it feels like to be fucked. Bail out now if that is going to disagree with you, or you can skip ahead to the section below about vibrating.

    When I get high and the aneros really kicks in, I find myself crossing gender boundaries. Basically I acquire a truly responsive woman's erotic body. My penis is mostly forgotten. My sensitive nipples become breasts and my pelvis becomes a very eager orgasmic pussy.

    Last night I went ever deeper into understanding what having a pussy is like and the incredible joy of being well fucked.

    I primed the festivities by inserting the aneros (Helix with injected Albolene for lube), bringing up an erotic photo of an 18 year old guy, and then taking a few big tokes. I know, even from when I was a kid, that the first response I get to the onset of THC is a warm horniness in my crotch. This is particulary exciting when the aneros is there to greet it.

    About the photo. At first I wasn't that attracted to it, but as I went under, it blossomed into the height of pulsing provocative sexuality, like a diety of male carnality. The young guy is on his back with his legs bent, feet on the bed. The angle is from the foot of the bed right into his spread legs. It is clearly an amateur photo, not doctored by sleezy porn purveyors. He is hairy for someone his age, and his crotch screams erotic readiness. He has a really big and thick cock that is rock hard, pushed through his legs so it is vertical, plus big balls. The angle also shows his ass, in spread eagle fashion. All and all, it is a very full monty. His cock head is pink and wet. (I conclude that he is intact, as that pinkness is what the foreskin helps preserve. Circumsized penises keratinize on their head).

    Needless to say I began mentally experiencing penetration from this guy. It was incredible to have that big a cock in me, and discover all the places it finds to give me crazy different kinds of pleasure. The most intense place was deep inside me where his pink head was straining and tickling.

    Here I had the first of my stoned revelations: the beautiful mechanics of an uncut cock. Inside the pussy the foreskin stays stable and the penis pistons within it. (If you are cut, watch a vid of an uncut guy wonking and you'll see how the skin stays stable within the fist.) The foreskin forms a seal, and all the precum stays up with the penis head, keeping it wet. The tip is much more senstive (unkeratinized) and as it drives for its own stimulation it hits the depths of the pussy in exquisite torture. Furthermore, the pinkness of the head has a very powerful animal sexiness, the visual equivalent of muskiness. It is almost like Americans are too prudish to accept the bodily reality of an aroused human cock. Of course the pleasure isn't just from the head, the shaft does all kinds of things to the canal, and the base hits the vaginal opening (my anus) and clit (my perineum) amazingly.

    The second revelation I had is that, as artform has always said, the female is latent in us. Males are females modified by testosterone. But low and behold, it was incredibly clear that my body had ALL the same responsiveness as a woman, if I only just discovered it. I had every incredible feeling a woman has when she gets wonderfully fucked. Guys... your women deserve a good fuck (and so do you)!!!

    At this point the THC really took over and reality fled. I was having visions around this photo, where he was becoming me (i have a thick cock too), and vice versa. It was also becoming an impressionist painting or a primitive fertility carving and doing all kinds of other crazy artistic transformations.

    Then... I began... vibrating. More on that below! First some more revelations.

    The third revelation was about the scientific mystery of why females orgasm. It dawned on me that it is for the male's pleasure. A properly orgasming pussy can bring the male into ecstasy. The female enjoys it of course but that enjoyment fuels more orgasming which goes wild on the penetrating penis, in a cycle.

    The fourth revelation was anthropological: it seemed very clear why human males have such large penises. It is a display for other males as well as for females. It came to me that in our species's past, just beyond the retrospective tools of our social scientists, male-male fucking had to have been commonplace. How else could it be that my pussy worked so well? Male fucking was a form of social bonding, similar to the bonobos, and part of the dominance structure. More dominant males fucked less dominant ones, taking the pleasure as payment for granting favors. The most dominant males had impressive large penises that could deliver an all-consuming fuck, and their preferred subordinates were males that would go into paroxysms of orgasm from it, driving pleasure into the dominator. The larger the penis the more likely were intense orgasms in the receiver. (Don't like our animal past? Get over it.)

    So there I was ancestrally orgasming on that huge cock.

    Now onto the vibrations. Holy shit!!! These I guess are super-involuntaries. I had seen the videos of guys convulsing. I had had large muscle convulsions before but never sustained or directed, like our friends in the videos. Now I was having them for real and a video of me might look like them. But that was just one component of what I was experiencing. My main experience was of smaller vibrations inside.

    The vibrations have three characteristics: (1) where they are located, (2) their frequency and (3) their amplitude. What you see in the vidoes are located in the large exterior muscles, have a relatively low frequency of about 2/second and have a large amplitude, in that muscles are moving pretty far. They are wholly involuntary. The closest analog I can think of is what a horse's hide does to shake flys away.

    I want to be very clear: PARTS OF MY BODY, INSIDE AND OUT, WERE PHYSICALLY VIBRATING! These are not just feelings of vibration. They are palpable. They were going everywhere, and were varying in fequency and amplitude, settling in here and then morphing and moving to there. It was much like you would expect if somebody directed a very powerful vibrator into those muscles. Or if somebody wired up some kind of electroconvulsing device. At their fastest they were high speed buzzing vibrations (somebody on the forum mentioned a hummingbird). The exterior vibrations where the bass response (undertones) to the high frequency wailing going on inside. Various types of vibrating went on for probably an hour.

    And holy shit did if feel good. It was not like the aneros was moving inside me, I was vibrating all around it, and directing my vibrations into it. Sometimes there were undertones that were so slow and large that physical waves would roll up my body and I would flap around like a fish. But by far and away the most incredible part was how the focus of the vibration would move from one spot to another. My anus would get it, or my rectal canal, or various spots on my prostate, or deep inside where the head of the imaginary cock was. Wherever it went experienced an incredible lusty orgasm.

    It is simply indescribable to have your pelvic region and whole body taken over by ongoing involuntary vibrations.

    It felt so fucking good it required me to completely accept wanton lustful sex. At points I found myself thinking about the guys on this forum who have experienced this. I had trouble believing that they would allow themselves to do it. Are they really so free they can let themselves feel THIS? It is so overwhelmingly naughty. I don't quite see how they can avoid imagining that it is a cock doing it to them, though I am sure they do. It feels so good that it is inherently taboo: you have to let it take you.

    One more thing. A ways into it I changed from the Helix to the smallest peridise. The crazy thing was that the 3 vibration characteristics changed. I felt that the waves were much bigger and slower, and focused on my ass, but then would suddenlty turn into crazy humming in my prostate.

    So, I ask you: how can our body vibrate like this? How does it know how to do this? In no other form of human endeavor do we call upon our bodies to do this. In historic times, are aneros users the only ones who have ever experienced this? What are its historic precedences? Is this what Dr. T, the aneros inventor discovered?

    In the end, i had to ejaculate twice to try turn off the vibrations. They had a complete mind of their own.

    I have never felt sexier or more satisfied.


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    Wow...I'm jealous


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      WOW! after a long period of quietude the redoubtable'darwin' is back from the fringes of the future with further reports of the possibilities waiting for the rest us. Thanks for sharing, I'm not jealous, but I am envious.


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        Ever intrepid darwin reaches a new world!!!... eh dtmsmith?!!!

        Magnificent event, magnificently felt, and magnificently recounted and reflected upon here sir! We are all bonobos on this bus. We were indeed made for this. We do not all need to actually physically engage another's cock to arrive. And those of us who do try that may not need to again. We who find this path all frame this deep exploration in our own language tracks and metaphoric multiple patternings.

        Your beautiful ebullient descriptions take me back to my first welcoming my friend's rock hard enthusiastic cock into me, my anal/rectal/prostate reception hall's easy welcoming feelings (having by then several years of missile dildo and finger prostate massage experience, ecstasies and the ease of auto-lubing), embracing feelings, energies cloud bursts, loving feelings, pushing squeezing pleasure feelings, radiating, rhythmic, ricocheting, rapturous.

        You never forget your first! You will never forget this grand session that you have now always, very different and uniquely yours: you. Your sensed gratitude helps assure that! Your articulation of the male/female energetics responses; re-enforcing, amplifying, mutually ramifying is so evocative and scientific simultaneously! Thanks so much.

        Congratulations my friend and all the very best as your journey continues to unfold!

        all the best personal explorations of the whispers deep within on the diverse pathways to wholeness as men all


        EDIT: Well friend rumel gets one in while I was still penning this card to darwin!! ... and... and friend mog, the magnificent OMG, Sir MOG of MutiOrgattainia has summed up as the KEY; "deeply submissive desire"...



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          Sooner or later, each gent (str8, gay or bi) who gets on his stomach and goes deep and bold with a tool experiences this fantasy. (some for good, some for less than good)

          Thanks Darwin for inviting us into this one.

          Darwin's earlier post of a 'prison bitch' rape-dream was pretty vivid. It's now complemented by this 'consenting adults' fantasy. (The 'R' rated warning and noting age 18 for the stud was a nice touch.)

          Looking over Darwin's blog, it could use some 'fleshing out.'

          Here's a vote for Darwin to reopen his blog and append a compendium of his FUTA fantasies.


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            Thank you Darwin, you are truly living up to your namesake and reporting honestly and with insightful articulation on your explorations. I am very thankful to the way your writings here and those of many others seem to give the reader permission to become liberated from the usual frames of reference.

            Some questions that have come to me since reading your latest entry in an attempt to answer some of yours.

            Have not each of us experienced a far more fundamental penetration, that of sperm entering egg, as a society with a very limited scientific development, have we any real conception (pun intended) of the energies involved in that event and how they might percolate through to our on going journeying - for in that moment is not the potentiality created for another sensorium to evolve which becomes a self-generating observer that within the hive mind of the human animal species co-constructs a perception of a viable, stabilised reality that perceives / conceives a Universe - that sperm into egg penetration literally generates the experience of a Universe, what energies might be unpacked from that event analogous to our metaphor of the big bang as an explanation of the environmental Universe origin. Is the Aneros an over-sized sperm penetrating the boundary of our self-generating self and potentially cataylsing a recall of that initial event and may enable us to re-vibrate at those initial ecstatic frequencies?

            Were the Shakers, within the hive mind framework possible at their time of forming a community, tapping into something akin to Aneros catalysed vibrational awakenings?
            The Shaking Quakers


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              Wow Darwin!
              That's great that you reached these new heights in pleasure and ecstasy.

              I can't say that I understand all the implications and reasonings of your experience coming from an Aneros user that has not super-O'd yet. But I appreciate that you took the time to politely and rationally share your experience and revelations with us. Journey on!



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                Jesus man, what a wonderful story. I think I was the one that wrote the post that you were referring to, I said that it felt like a hummingbird wing beating against my prostate. But you summed up the feeling so much better. The vibrations were so rapid that it felt almost still, like the vibrations were imperceptible. I got there with the magic weed too, a wonderful key to unfolding different plateaus of the journey.


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                  I recognize some of the stuff you write about it. When I first started using cannabis early in my journey I had similar 'epiphanies'. I believe there's the full range of sexualities in everyone(hetero-,homo-, paedosexuality, beastiality etc), although I think we're born with a preference, it's not quite sure how much of the other distaste is programmed into the psyche. After all, all types exist.So unfortunately the other parts of your sexualityprism never get discovered.
                  With the Super O type of 'sex', as it is a private affair you are fully able to explore all your sides. And remember it's not the way it would actually be, but the type of sex, as your preference determines, you hoped it would be. Morphing from one type into another vicariously feeling the brutaliser and the brutalized. In your phantasy there are no restrictions, no physical limatations. You determine how hard and deep it's going to go, past the taboos of societal programming, give that young slut inside you a good 'seeing to'.
                  There's something deeply arousing indulging in a 'forbidden fruit'. Taboos can have a strange allure. I believe there's a nasty, rauncy side in everyone, hibernating in the deep . Go for it darwin, don't just limit it to homosexuality, go all the way!


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                    Yeah, I agree that the aneros and other MMO techniques are remarkable in their ability to let you experience "virtual reality" sex of any type you want to explore, and cannabis certainly opens up the imagination.



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                      Very good read, 10/10 honestly. I love your scientific way of reasoning and speculation as it is much the same with me. The feelings you describe are beyond my imagination since I still have to experience some kind of 'O' yet. But it does sound pretty damn good lol.When I smoke weed I often get some more insight and ideas too.
                      Only once have I seen the exact vibrations you describe. But it was in a porn and the girl in it looked like she was deeply in heaven (she got like 4-6 squirting orgasms, PM me if you're interested in the vid for 'scientific research purposes' ) so it could be that you were experiencing the same thing.
                      My guess is that the female orgasm has to do with the vaginal muscles pushing/pumping the male's sperm deeper into the vagina and/or possibly making it tighter for the male so he will release earlier; all to increase chances for fertilization. Or maybe it's simply an survival/reproductive advantageous brain-reward function that just happens to have a peak in hormonal release. Or maybe such a design is necessary for the male to release sperm, so the same body mechanism happens to be in females of our species, too (since we are so alike).
                      You have some interesting theories about male to male anal sex in correlation with our past social hierarchy, which actually doesn't sound too far fetched at all. Maybe that is how the alpha male becomes present in prison today, lol.

                      Regarding your fantasies: I have one that is similar. I often imagine being a girl, which arouses me to heavy extent... When I watch porn often I imagine myself to be the girl. Then I imagine myself to be penetrated by one (or multiple) men and the idea of being dominated turns me on even more. I know for sure that I'm not gay though, because I definitely feel attraction towards women and the thought of me being in a love-relationship with a man just doesn't feel right for me. Even though I don't like to categorize human sexuality, I'd say I might be bi-curious.

                      Anyway, keep on going and let us all advance even further in this interesting adventure!


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                        I'm literally on fire with arousal, i liked this post very very much : ).

                        1st: it seems our bodies vibe all the time, just place both hands over the ears and observe how your inards sound like an earthquake or thunderstorm. It seems to stem from the bodys endeavor to maintain its balance.

                        Also i seem to always awaken to my bed deeply vibrating, i don't know if its my imagination or what. As well, sitting still after running or working a hard shift i can feel the vibe, and also after drinking an energy drink.

                        2nd: Many older cultures practised homo-sexuality such as the Roman warriors, as well it even states in the bible that at first their was only man so may-haps your onto something.

                        3rd: Yes i have run into that wall where you have to accept that the aneros feels like a cock fucking you and i beleive that anyone who gets off from aneros encounters this feeling as well no matter how hard they try and pretend it away. I felt so dirty after-wards but i had to accept it in order to fully take in the sensations. It was like i was holding the aneros (and my body) back from its true sexual potential.

                        That whole bit about the dom males fucking the nondom or effeminate males got me feircly horny!


                        This is what i would have to imagine went down during the more "primitive" times: (NSFW)->


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                          The brains of homosexual men and women have differences from heterosexual brains. Gay men's hypothalamus is smaller. Gay men's and women's brains more resemble their opposite genders' in brain size. Gay men respond differently to images and pheromone than straight men. Guys with Neanderthal DNA like me are more likely to be gay. Scientists think that it has something to do with the release of hormones in the uterus.

                          I think imagination can bridge this structural gap for non-gays. I think we're all connected on some level and can share another's reality as our own. All potentials are in us.