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For those who despair with Aneros

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  • For those who despair with Aneros

    To all those who have had no joy what so ever from the aneros , try this ,

    insert your aneros and get comfortable , you all know this bit off by heart now right ,
    lie on your back and do all the relaxation stuff ,deep breathing ect .

    When you are feeling relaxed turn onto your stomach , make a fist and place your hand
    on your pubic bone , just above your penis,
    lie on your stomach with your weight pressing down onto your fist
    and your fist sticking into your pubic bone
    hopefully you should start feeling something very nice !

    I too have had the aneros for about a year with no luck at all , read everything , tried all different techniques
    and nothing worked , gave up for so many months ,
    got back into it this week and ended up on my stomach , wow , totally different ,
    just had my 2nd session this week , nothing lying on my back , but
    soon as i lay on my stomach with my fist pressing , waaa laaaa
    feels like i am starting to experience everything i have read about for so long ,

    The other good thing is i normally feel nothing on my back
    but after being on my stomach
    and having great feelings i then lay on my back and they still carried on ,
    its like it triggers what i need then i can change position.

    I know this wont help everyone but if it just helps a few people who ,
    like me was totally fed up with reading everyone elses great orgasmic sessions
    then it will be great...

    hope this helps

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    I'll give that a try during my next session. Thanks!


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      how are you holding your fist while you do this? palm + bottom of wrist facing you?


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        I tried this a bit last night. It felt pretty good but my hand was getting smashed. Maybe I can find a small ball to put under there instead.

        Will definitely try this again soon.



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          you just give me an idea regarding the ball , i have some balls that you lie on for accupressure , gonna try one of them under me instead of my hand ,

          as for the hand position , any way will do as long as it puts pressure on the pubic bone ,


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            I'm gonna use my Fushigi Ball!!! Finally a good use for it!


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              I actually did this about 2 years ago. It totally got me "over the hump" in experiences. Once I was able to locate the correct feelings/positions I could refocus my mind on accepting those feelings and resisting the natural impulses to increase something in an effort to drive results. Now I could allow my body to dictate the results and the overwhelming satisfaction that this brings.


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                thanks for the guide, i got it for the first time. I used a tennis ball instead because i knew that my hand will get numb.


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                  hey jackfood , thats great ,
                  im glad it helped someone

                  i was using the helix model , and was recently reading that some people get nothing on there backs or side with this model but do enjoy it on there stomach because of the helix design and the gravity of the model inside , they where having much more sensations using the eupho on there back,
                  so i just ordered one to test this out ,


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                    My eupho came today so i thought i would test drive it out !

                    wow , the best session i have had since i started , my main model was the helix before and the eupho just really seemed to fit me better.

                    I thought i would really prepare for this so i had an enema , lubed up my rectum as well as anus ,
                    warmed the eupho in warm water , put some meditation music on and lay back ready to go ,

                    really liked what the eupho did , was having a really nice session , after so long ,
                    though i would try on my stomach , this brought great results too , then i tried the ball ,
                    very intense , i was gripping the bed for all it was worth ,
                    much easier than your hand in a fist ,
                    kept thinking i was gonna ejaculate it was that strong ,

                    all in all , really glad i purchased the eupho ,
                    and combined witht he ball , ooooh yeah !


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                      Great advice and congratulations shyzen!! Hi guys!

                      Oh sing the joys of the Eupho indeed!!

                      Mrs. a and I do great things with mutual pressure on our pubic bones in the Scissors Position!! I have also felt the energies there when doing external prostate massage techniques of inward pressure right beside the pubic bone. Butt have never tried the fist or a ball... Certainly will soon! Thanks for sharing your experiences and congratulations of the launch of your Eupho journey!

                      all the best ecstatic energies access from all possible stim points anywhere/everywhere on/in your body/mind all



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                        Unable to find a ball of any kind in my house, I tried a pillow over a can of soup. Actually worked pretty well.


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                          Clarification: is the fist/ball placed between the bottom of the pelvis and the base of the penis, or at the top edge of the pelvis above the penis?


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                            Le petite mort.
                            What flavour of soup was it ?
                            Male chicken by any chance !