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Fluttering anal spasms when pushing out slightly

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  • Fluttering anal spasms when pushing out slightly

    I've been aneroslessing for about 4 hours off and on. I've reached a point where relaxing my anus and slightly pushing out (very slightly) causes quick fluttering anal spasms. They feel like they're very superficial in terms of muscle involvement and are very quick and irregular. Sometimes they cause stronger contractions deeper in my anus. They are accompanied by extremely intense orgasms. They're focused mainly in the groin but they do spread a bit beyond. I had one that lasted several minutes. I had another that was so strong, I instantly broke out in a sweat and had to hold onto something.
    I'm posting this instead of blogging because I wanted to some feedback. This is a relatively new experience for me. I've felt something similar in the past but not nearly as intense. Also, the pushing out that I'm doing reminds me of some aneros instructions I read once that were intended to help create involuntary contractions.
    Have others felt these fluttering contractions with an aneros? What about without. How does the description compare to your experience?

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    Sounds like the initial 'machine gun' response I get from Peridise. Sort of like squeezing off two dozen light loads. Following the suggestions of other guys I relax my insides "into" the Peridise. That might be similar to "pushing out slightly." First vibe/flutter series after insertion lasts several seconds. Then I'll get a short burst of 'superficial' vibes intermittently when I change positions or slightly contract.


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      Yeah, I get these flutters for extended periods of time, definitely a major theme when I get into the super-orgasmic mode.

      In fact, if my high is coming down and I want to spike it back up, I just focus my attention directly at my sphincter to "force it to relax" into that mode. And then it's like having caught an updraft into bliss.


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        Hello Dtmsmith,

        I love following your progress, as you seem to have a much more unique path than others. I can get pleasurable, although slight and brief fluttering in no-Aneros sessions. But they seem to have more effect when completely relaxing all anal muscles during Aneros sessions. What I find interesting in comparison to my own practice is your talk of the slight pushing out. I've experienced a recent change in my voluntary PC muscles contractions that feel somewhat like I am pushing out, but it has something to do with my prostate and usually jumps up the pleasure considerably. I mention it in my Blog post titled "Prostate excitement!"

        I'm not sure what it all means. But it seems to work, so I'm going with it! LOL



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          I do the same as rook..


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            Thanks for the responses. I guess what I do is a little more like relaxing completely than pushing out. I think Rook described it best: "...relaxing into it...".
            In any case, it sounds like my experience is not completely unique.
            I did some messing around today and found that I can create the fluttering pretty easily but it doesn't result in significant pleasure until I'm very aroused (e.g. am somewhat into a session).