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    So I got my first ever anal toy, the helix, through this past Sturday, which was about days ago now. I tried it straight away, but as I had a lot planned that day I knew it was only going to be a very quick go, more to get the feel of it, and so it only lasted about 15 minutes. However, the next day, Sunday, I had time for a longer session so I got comfortable, put on some porn, lubed up and tried it for approximately half an hour. I could have tried for longer but, after feeling some strange, and different sensations than I'm sued to I got the rge to orgasm (traditional) and jacked off with the Helix in there for a really good orgasm. I was a bit disapointed with my lack of self control as, until then, I was experiencing some involountry spasm which where a new thing for me. Nothing out of this world or anything but it was different.
    The next dayh (yesterday) I had a longer session that went a bit better. This time the sensations where stronger and there was quite a bit of precum and, whilst I am under no illusion Iexperienced and kind of dry or hands free orgasm, it was stronger than the first full session. The spasms were a little more intense and the feeling of the Helix more pleasurable. Still, I was getting very horny and after about 40 minutes couldn't resist the urge to finish myself off.

    So overall, knowing how long results can take some people, I'm pretty encouraged by what I've experienced so far. The snesations are very different than what I'm used to, but I'm very keen to experience a dry orgasm or Super-O. One of the reasons I think I'm soo keen to finish myself off is that I am so used to regular orgasms that, as I'm getting turned on and feeling these new, but pleasurable things, I am wanting some kind of end result, of which a traditional orgasm is what I'm used to, so I think I need to learn to hold out and just let things happen.

    I'm also experimenting with the different contractions - so far the best for me is to hold a contraction for as long as I can, I start to get spasms here, and also after this after I completely relax. Not amazing, body rocking spasms, but they are there none the less. Also, I find being on my side is slightly better so far, but being on my back has been good too. Anyone have any tips with regarding contractions that I could try?

    Also, as I've had two sessions in succession, I'm thinking it might be worth leaving it for a few days without masturbating so that things can build up. Does this help or does it not matter?

    Anyway, thats whats happened so far, looking forward to seeing what comes along next

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    And just got done with another session which was like the last two only even more intense. Some involutary moaning now and the spasms are getting bigger. A lot more feeling too. It just gets to a point where I want a release and can't help put start to stimulate the penis. I need more control as something cool could be coming lol.


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      While I am happy to hear you are receiving good initial feedback sensations from your new massager, I would like to advise you against establishing a pattern of association of your Aneros and traditional ejaculatory orgasm through masturbation. Please read the Penis, NOT! thread by 'Cockadoodle' for a little insight into some reasons for this.

      You are in the process of establishing rewiring patterns that will influence progress and response far into the future of your Aneros usage. Much of this usage is dependent on your thought processes and attitudes. Please read 'rook's thread Whole Body/Whole Mind --the mental side for some insight here as well. If you persist in indulging penile stimulation along with Aneros use I fear you may be making it much more difficult for yourself to make it into the Super-O zone. Establishing some firm self discipline in this respect will pay dividends down the line.

      Here's a suggested regime for you to try. Abstain from any masturbation for 2-3 days, then on 3rd or 4th day have an Anerosession. When the session internsity abates or the urge to masturbate to ejaculation seems overwhelming, stop your session, remove your Aneros and then masturbate in a traditional manner to obtain relief if needed. If you can avoid masturbation to ejaculation, all the better, because now you can carry that sexual energy forward. Wait another 1-2 days, then on the 2nd or 3rd day have another Anerosession. The idea here is to build sensual arousal/desire, an essential aspect of obtaining a Super-O, while disassociating Aneros use from penile stimulation. This will have the effect of you focusing your mental energy on the subtle pleasure sensations being generated by your prostate, anus and rectum. IMHO this is more likely to accelerate your rewiring into the Super-O.


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        Hi Rumel, and thanks for the advise. I'll put it into practice and see how it goes. I take your point about establishing a pattern so I'll abate for 2 - 3 days and try what you've said.

        Thanks for the reply.


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          Well, just had my fourth session and, as recommended I went without any from of relief for the past two days. This session was much more intense and a couple of times I felt on the edge of something, but I'm not sure what. What ever it was ti felt good. I think I may have been my own worst enemy in trying to hard to push myself over the edge of whatever was building, when I know from reading that you are supposed to relax and just let things flow. Still, the build up and getting myself in this 'edge' happened three or four times. So each session has been getting better so I'm pretty encouraged. This time I didn't masturbate or bring myself to any kind of ejaculation and am going to hold off on that until at least after a few sessions with the Helix, spacing them out maybe a day or so at a time.

          Also, I found that when these sensations were building (they seemed to come from the base of my penis but more inside the pelvic area, if that makes sense) I bucked involuntarily a few time, and found that spasm felt good. I tried bucking my hips quite a bit on my own and, whilst pleasurable, found it caused quite a bit of discomfort a little later. So I'm guessing this is something to avoid? Or is it that my body isn't adjusted to the Aneros yet? Any help would be great.

          Again, each session seems to get better so I'm hopeful of reaching the Super O as, when it hits, it should be great. The build up has been pretty good lol.


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            Sounds like you're getting more sensitive already. I recently had my first really good session after no penile stim for 7 days. I know I still have a bit to go to feel a really long-lasting super o, but I did ejaculate during my session that followed the 7 day "penis not" period. The hardest part of this was not masturbating after a no-go session, but it paid off by rewarding me with the biggest orgasm I've ever had. I have to admit, it was almost scary how strong it felt, but it was not very long lasting.

            As for your "bucking of the hips"...if you consciously caused those motions, they won't help your journey. I'm new to this too, but I've learned that much on my own. When I feel that something big is building, I concentrate on my tail bone. I know it cannot do anything, but it keeps my conscious mind from manipulating the aneros, or any other spasms I might be feeling. Try to convince yourself that even without a super-o, the feelings you get are awesome.

            Also, I bought the "starter kit" which comes with the mgx model. Of course after a few uses, I talked myself into getting the helix in hopes the model would help me more. I really think it did, but now I like to alternate between the two models during sessions. As many others have stated, each model truly does give unique sensations. I do a 2 hour session every 3 days, and use each model for one hour during these sessions.


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              Tks waveseeker -- tried that early this morning. Whole new vista !!!

              Like adding a new tool to the box.


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                Thanks for that Waveseeker - I may look at getting an MGX as well at some point. And your post had a lot of stuff I'll try, particularly conctrating on the tailbone.

                I had another session last night, my fifth, and again I felt on the edge of something great but couldn't quite get there. A lot of precum and I found visualising what turns me on in my mind also works. Really enjoying the journey so far. I am experiencing a little soreness when using the Helix though. I'm using pleanty of lube so I wonder if its the type of lube I'm using.

                Also, at the end I was very weak and, even though I knew better, relieved myself. Dissapointed and need to stop doing that. >


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                  Hey Raziel: Listen to these guys, and READ, there is a ton of information on this sight. I'm just starting too, but have not let myself have any penile stimulation, before, during, or after aneros. Part of the rewiring is I think, you'r body having frustration with not getting release from prostrate stimulation, I felt a lot of frustration that was very simular to not getting off by ejaculation, BUT IT WAS NOT EXACTLY THE SAME type of frustration. I think this is what they are saying, let your body rewire to get it's self off by prostrate stimulation, you'r brain will figure it out if you let it. I was in a cold sweat from JUST the aneros, but couldn't go over the edge, I think that is what rewiring is all about. Keep your hands off your cock when using the aneros! Best of luck bud from another learner, we'll eventually get off/there with Super O's . Derick


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                    Absolutely right Derick, and thanks for the reply. I've jsut been weak willed when using it prior, but I'm determined to stop gicing in as I know what will come if I do will be so much better.

                    I've been reading through the forum a lot, and know to knock it off with the penile stimulation, as I say I just gave into temptation. Stupid, and I need to fix that. I've just started (and plan to keep updating) this thread as a kind of running commentry on how it goes for me, a beginner, using the aneros. Hopefully, when I get to the super O, it will give people some benifit who start frm scratch like we did. And highlight the pitfalls to avoid. Such as jacking off lol.


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                      It's very hard to keep from contracting when things really get rolling, but that's exactly what's needed. Thats also why you'll find so much in this forum about concentration techniques. Last night, I noticed I can feel exactly where my helix vs mgx is pushing. Thinking about that during a session seemed to really set me off, because that feeling is something that didn't exist a couple months ago, and it's a very powerful feeling. I had my first really out of control moment, about 20 seconds of full body spasms that had every hair on my body tingling.


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                        I'll just add that I've lately been "focusing toward the tailbone" more than ever before, and it's definitely taken me up to the next level. I feel the Aneros back there as if it's found a small pocket of ecstasy, and making either like a subtle or not-at-all subtle vibrator. As I get up into ecstasy, my dick goes either really or imaginarily nuts, and tries to pull my attention forward, but if I keep it pulled back, it goes even MORE nuts, like a loose garden hose spewing out my pleasure from within. Eventually, one can use this kind of schism to reach a sensation of a wholly swollen and sexualized pelvis. I've been seeking this for a while, and "pulling my attention back" has definitely helped me get there.