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  • numbing

    do you think it would make it impossible to reach the end if you just use some numbing lotion on your finger and just on the anus itself

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    Hello Intrigued75,

    Reach what end? You mean achieving a super-O? I don't think numbing lotion is ever recommended for Aneros play, nor would I ever us it. You'd be numbing one of the areas where pleasurable sensations are felt with the Aneros. If you feel you have to do so, then you have not learned how to properly relax your anal muscles when the Aneros is inserted. Which as a new user is quite common. My own rule of thumb based on my experiences is that you know you are properly relaxed physically when you hardly notice the Aneros inserted in you.



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      Hi Intrigued,

      I agree with Love_is, and was also wondering which lube you use? Early on I experienced a burning sensation during each session, which I later found to be a result of using the wrong lubrication (Astroglide by itself). I find those with thicker consistencies (Shea Butter, Petroleum Jelly) are much more comfortable. (I have since stopped using Petroleum Jelly because of the unknown affects of some of the chemicals contained therein).
      I still use a small amount of Astroglide, but only after coating the Aneros first with a thicker one; this seems to do the trick.

      Good Luck!


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        Whoa on any numbing agent

        What we want here is all the natural, native nerve sensitivity that's available. A numbing agent (like "Prolong") will kill the sensitivity that's needed in the rectum and anus. You'll still feel prostate sensations but the other feelings won't be there to assist the brain and bod in consistent involuntary responses. That "total Aneros experience" won't be there. Butt, rook is a bit of an anal guy. 8)

        Perhaps more importantly there's a safety aspect. If you have a small nick in the surface of an Aneros tool, you want to feel it, take it easy on yourself; then, repair the tool. If there's something like Prolong up you ass, you won't know that you're abrading your rectal lining or chewing up your anal canal. -- until the bleeding starts.

        Remember too that we don't want any 'hot' lube up there that contains capsum or other pepper-stim agents. Biggest dud session I ever pulled was when I tried Sesame Oil as a lube!


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          Hemorrhoids can cause a lot of pain with aneros inserted, I'm constantly fighting mine. This might be what his problem is. Mine are not as much painful as just plain irritating. Aside from creams Im really at a loss as to what to do for mine, and Im sure the aneros inflames them at times.


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            I have heard many people say here that their Hemorrhoids were actually made better by Aneros use. I know that I get them every once in a while but they do not last too long. The only thing I can figure is that with Aneros use you are causing more blood to pump to the area. I would think that any kind of numbing agent would be detrimental to your Aneros use.

            Good luck.


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              HIH developed the Peridise series,(they call them Peristal) specifically as a treatment for haemorrhoids and I have found them useful as a means of reducing the discomfort caused by this disorder.
              If I am looking for an excuse to have a session with one of the Peridise models, I use my affliction with haemorrhoids as a justification!
              Just remember to lube in the same way as for a normal Aneros session.



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                The peridise model is the most boring looking of the line. It just doesnt look like it would stimulate anything that the other models don't already cover.


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                  Actually, not true!

                  I have had some quite nice anal orgasms using either of the larger two of the series. Have yet to try the two smaller ones, but I gather one has to graduate to those!



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                    Originally posted by intrigued75
                    do you think it would make it impossible to reach the end if you just use some numbing lotion on your finger and just on the anus itself
                    Yes, you can! At the start of my anal/prostate experence my girlfriend use to use a finger to get the prostate fired up before starting regular sex. We never got fully off on the prostate, but I have no doubts it would have worked with more time.

                    But you wanted to know about numbing lube, which is a bad idea. It is not safe for obvious reasons (IE sensitive tissues NOT telling how things feel, then there is the temptation to go harder, and the next morning OH FUCK that hurt.) Feedback feedback feedback, its needed to tell you how things are going.

                    So you can do it. A partner can use their fingers and do it better for you and you do not end up like a contortionist doing a reach around for your ass. But you have to find one that will spend the time with you and more importantly is willing to spend a lot of time with his or her finger(s) up your ass. I admit love goes a long way, but there are some things my current partner will not do.

                    Good Luck,


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                      Have you tried cryo-treatments for your hemorrhoids? sells a device called the Hemorr-Ice, which you put in the freezer, lube it up and slide it in to the knob. Hold it there and wriggle around to cool everything off, and when it's no longer cold, remove it, clean it and put back in the freezer until next time. Use it about 2x a day for a week or so, or a few days after the flare-up is gone. It does seem to help on the more serious hemorrhoids that Aneros does not claim to relieve. Cryo-therapy has been used for years in Eastern Europe and the former USSR.