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One year and WOW!

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  • One year and WOW!

    I am posting here again after one year because that's how long my journey took.
    I started using a Progasm and an Mgx around one year ago and have had a lot of great pleasure.
    I have never had the great super-O, but the journey has been fun. (I learned how to have mini O's without the thing in. Talk about giving a kid keys to the candy store.)

    Last night, while using my Progasm, I started to build pleasure like I always do.
    Then I had an orgasm so strong my whole body seized and shook. It was better then I ever felt!!
    This happened three times in a row back to back!
    All I can say is WOW!

    I took the Progasm out and started to come back down when my body decided it was not done yet and I had two more back to back orgasms just as strong!!
    The room was spinning after that.

    To all of you still on the journey, stick with it. It took me a year, but I finally had that elusive super-O.

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    Fantastic TnMedic!!! So glad to hear of your success!

    For myself after 3.5 years of Aneros use and no super-O, it always good to hear these sort of posts to keep me from being discouraged.
    Thanks for sharing.



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      Welcome back TnMedic and admiration on your arrival in the Super-O universe !!


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        First off, congrats!

        To me, reading how long it takes some people is discouraging as a newbie ( right at 1 month ). I tell myself it's ok if it doesn't happen, because these toys can make normal sex and masturbation really great. This keeps me going, but I know using my aneros during normal sex and masturbation is not the way to a super O, so it's a struggle. This brings me to a question that I should start a new post with, but I'll ask it here :

        Has anyone tried total abstinence? Not just for a few days between sessions, but until something happens. I can barely make it 3 days, and I know if I had been trying for my first month, I wouldn't make it if something didn't happen.


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          I never tried abstinence to go further as I am married and my wife and I are still very much in love and very active. What kept me at it was every session along that year felt better than the last one. It was slow going but I was still going foreward. One big breakthrough was when I found out I could pull up mini-Os without the aneros in any time I wanted. That was great and I wanted to take that further. I never thought I would have super-O's This time or This time or This time .....When it hit last night it caught me by surprise. I was not expecting it, but when it took me.....Wow! I know a year seems like a long time, and some people have luck early on, but you will get there. When they say you have to listen to your body for the smallest things they are right. I learned to pick up on the smallest pleasure and go with that. It grew stronger and stronger after that. I understand how my wife feels sex a whole lot better now! Good luck to everybody starting out.


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            Wow, what happened to my nice clean paragraphs? They got lumped into a ball of words.


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              Congratulations TnMedic! I too am at exactly one year any my super-O's started two months ago. Talk about fun and worth all the training, not that the great feelings all along the way weren't fun too. I know what you're feeling. My first slipped up on me by surprise too but they come more consistently now and like you, I have a better appreciation for what my wife's feeling during sex and, as she has described, how orgasmic intensity can vary at different times. In regard to your response to waveseeker's question about abstinence, I did not remain abstinent from traditional orgasm merely for the purpose of making my Aneros training go faster since I was likewise having sex with my wife when she wanted (though this may not have been as frequent as you described), but I did refrain from masturbating with sessions and found that my sessions were more productive if I waited a couple days or more after sex to have them.


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                CONGRATS!!! Great Job now you fully understand the process, dedication, mindset to have. Spread the word to all the men and help as many as you can. Enjoy life!!