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    Well if going from feeling nothing to Super O's and having 8hr dry orgasms is 'hurting the re-wiring process' I guess I just can't reason with some ppl.
    Sure after eating my hasj brownies I always experience better orgasms than when I'm sober, but that doesn't take anything away from the fact that, even when sober, I have really good sessions, no more dud sessions for me thanks to thc!
    Once learnt(re-wired)not easily forgotten.Anyway as you say yourself:"
    It helps with sensation awareness
    " IMO awareness and re-wiring is the same thing. Some ppl are so focussed on achieving a Super O or expect it to be as obvious as a penile orgasm miss the subtle signs along the way. Now, with thc the subtle signs get magnified that's why it DOES aid the re-wiring process.

    Still whose to say that when HIH accidently discovered the hidden benefit of the medical device that was designed for ppl with prostate(cancer)problems....whose to say that one of those pioneers that had a Super O wasn't on some kind of medication that helped induce the Super O?


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      This is off from the discussion we have going at the moment, but I think this thread would be made more useful if it took on an instructional tone.

      It was already mentioned how eating weed will possibly suit the aneros experience more, and furthermore is healthier to the lungs. I believe it also works out to be more efficient, transferring more of the THC into your body. For anyone just looking into it now, these aren't the only two ways to take THC. There's also the option of a Vaporizer, a device which heats the product to a high temperature to cause the THC on the bud to vaporize, allowing you to breathe it in. This is at a much lower temperature than smoking, releases all of the THC without destroying any of it as smoking does, and it doesn't lift the harmful by-products from the plant matter, making it as harmful as breathing plain air. This is expensive, though.

      Does anybody know any good/easy recipes for making THC edible? I'm aware, although this may be a fallacy as I've not tried it, that it has to actually be cooked to be made viable; unfortunately I'm a total klutz when it comes to cooking, so I've not tried anything yet.


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        Personally I prefer hasj, it saves sifting out the leaves and branches that tend to give a headache. But if (good) hasj isn't an option I'd make sure you get a good grinder if you don't have one already, making powder out of the weed makes it easier to apply to food.

        For some reason I'm inclined to eat hasj with something sweet and weed with something warm, it probably doesn't matter either way. I think the main thing is just eating it and masking the taste.If you don't cook just go to McDonalds or something and buy a big mac and sprinkle(copious amounts of) the weed powder on it.

        The next time I'm just going to down it with yoghurt, IMO there's no logical reason hasj has to be eaten with something sweet.

        Thus no special recipe, just eat it stupid!


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          Originally posted by Anon17564
          Does anybody know any good/easy recipes for making THC edible? I'm aware, although this may be a fallacy as I've not tried it, that it has to actually be cooked to be made viable...
          I've heard of people eating cannabis uncooked, but it is far more efficient to extract the THC into butter or oil by applying heat. Extracting the THC into a fat renders it easier for your body to absorb, since it is soluble in fat but not water.

          The problem with most "cannabutter" recipes on the internet is that they recommend using excessive amounts of butter, requiring you to eat upwards of a tablespoon to feel any effects, which in itself is a health hazard. I would use no more than 1 tablespoon of coconut oil (or butter) per 1g of bud. Assuming that 1g of bud can get you high five times if smoked, your cannabutter dosage would be one-fifth of a tablespoon, which can easily be melted into a small cup of chai or an espresso (no need to bake brownies). It should be consumed on an empty stomach and at least 20 minutes before a meal for optimal effects.


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            As a medical marijuana patient, I have to say my favorite edible medication from my local dispensary is cannabis (hash oil) infused honey. I keep it next to my bed at all times. Just a few drops of honey on the tongue is enough to have me fully medicated in under 10 minutes. Since the honey literally melts in my mouth, it's instantly absorbed regardless of how recently or how much I've eaten. I have even used this stuff in the middle of eating large meals and gotten the full benefits immediately, every time. And to top it all off, it tastes like honey!

            For a heat-free extraction method, I've read one can extract the cannabanoids (including THC) by simply mixing the finely ground buds into some peanut butter and letting it sit for a few days. From what I understand, the oil from the PB (probably best to get the unprocessed kind) will create an effective extraction within 24 hours, but the extraction continues over a few days, making the PB more potent with each passing day. Of course, I haven't tried any of this...

            Questions for Helixer -

            You keep mentioning THC in your posts, are you familiar with CBD and how it interacts with THC? Do you think there are significant quantities of CBD in the hasj you are using? Do you happen to know what strains of cannabis the hasj you are eating is made from? Indica or Sativa? When you consume the hasj, does it make you feel more relaxed or more energized, or both?

            The reason I ask is because after all your posts about hash and THC lately, I'm still not clear as to whether you are using a stimulant or a sedative strain during these experiences you are describing. Since your intention here is to sing the praises of cannabis and it's role in your re-wiring process, please consider adding more details (whenever possible) like what strain of cannabis it was and what effects that kind of cannabis has on you overall (not just in terms of orgasmic/Aneros pleasure). How does it make you feel physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually in general? All of these factors play major roles in one's Aneros session, so knowing how the specific cannabis you use affects you (specifically), might help others guess how the same herb might affect them - specifically.

            There are just so many different kinds of people on this forum, and sooo many kinds of cannabis, I can't support recommending "THC" to all of them and expect only positive results. I completely agree with you that cannabis can be a powerful aphrodisiac for many people (myself included), but certainly not everyone. I also know for a fact, not everyone reacts well to cannabis. And even when cannabis is a good fit, using the right strain of cannabis is essential to achieving the effects you desire.

            So how about discussing the specific aphrodisiac properties of Indica vs. Sativa strains just so non-users out there can start to get a sense of what kind of cannabis might be best for them as individuals. For instance...

            Potential Aphrodisiac Benefits of Cannabis:

            General: Both strains of cannabis have aphrodisiac potential simply by increasing neurotransmitter and endorphin levels associated with it's use. Whether or not these effects are interpreted or experienced as being aphrodisiac is highly dependent on the individual consumer and a wide variety of factors including use of other medications, personality traits, overall mental, physical, and emotional well-being, etc.

            Indica Strains - Sedative, often both mentally and physically relaxing. Indica cannabis tends contain high levels of the cannabanoid CBD.

            Pros: Ideally, a good Indica will help an overly-analytical (left-brained) practitioner quiet their mind and get lost in the physical sensations, therefore potentially leading to new erotic awarenesses/re-wiring. Indicas are excellent pain-killers which could lead one to a blissful state of comfortable awareness allowing for new pleasurable sensations to be noticed and enjoyed. Overall, Indica's have a "dreamy" quality to them useful for taking little mental and physical vacations from the stresses of everyday life.

            Cons: If you're already in a depressed state, lacking energy, motivation, etc, Indicas might contribute to those problems or simply fail to improve them. Indicas are often referred to as a "night time smoke" because they tend to leave one feeling sleepy, groggy, and slightly disoriented. Obviously, not a good medication for driving or any activities which require your full attention.

            Sativas - Stimulant, energizing. Sativa strains typically contain very little CBD.

            Pros: Personally, it's been awhile since I've used them, but a good Sativa usually provides an energizing, sensation amplifying enhancement to a session. On a good Sativa, one may feel euphoric, mentally focused, emotionally uplifted, and sensually more aware and responsive. This effect could be an excellent boost for those who feel a lack of enthusiasm in their sessions, physical lethargy, boredom, etc.

            Cons: Anyone with an anxiety disorder, nervous condition, heart condition, etc should exercise extreme caution with Sativas. They are often powerful stimulants and should be respected as such.

            I would follow this up with a "General Tips For First Timers" section, another to compare ingestion methods (smoking, vaping, eating), another to compare products (flowers, hash, kief, honey oil, sublingual sprays, etc) and so on.

            So...there's my suggestion for elevating the discussion beyond "Pot Good" vs. "Pot Bad." Any takers?


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              I'm not sure HIH would allow that on their forum. When it comes to illicit substances, there's a big difference between the expression of opinions and technical instruction on use.


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                I don't wish to weigh down this thread with a legal discussion. It's not my intention "instruct" anyone in anything illegal. I trust the better judgment of Aneros Support to decide what's appropriate here.

                The point of my previous post is really that as long as Helixer and others (like myself) are going to discuss cannabis use in the forum, it might as well be a productive and informative discussion. I think we can provide that by adding small details or bits of information that so far, have not been included.

                For instance, Helixer has spoken many times about his using hash, how he consumed the hash, etc. does it suddenly become "instructional" if he now tells us whether it was an upper (Sativa) hash or a downer (Indica) hash? I think not. But it would give some of us a clearer idea of what he was experiencing physiologically and whether it sounds helpful or not in one's use of the Aneros, which is of course, up to each of us to decide for ourselves.

                Another question I would have for Helixer is overall what kind of personality does he have (easy going? stressed-out?) and how does the hash affect his perception of himself and what/if anything about that does he find helpful for his Aneros practice? For instance - "I'm easy going, and perhaps a little unfocused, but when I use a good sativa before a session, my mind sharpens and I'm able to really acutely feel the sensations of the Aneros..." and so on.

                Or in my case...

                "I'm in chronic pain most of the time, but when I use just the right Indica, I feel a wave of euphoric relief as my pain fades into the background, and suddenly I'm much more aware of the pleasurable feelings my body is capable of producing and my mind, now free of the burden of constant discomfort, is free to soar with the sensations, creating positive, uplifting thoughts, thus vastly improving my mood and my session. Of course, the downside is my mind tends to wander on this strain and that can hinder my awareness during a session..."

                Right now, I'm thinking that to most forum members, the accounts of most cannabis users' accounts look something like this:

                Got home from work, ate a pot brownie, got really high during my amazing Aneros session. so glad I got high. Pot really helped.

                Here's how it gets filtered in my head:

                Got home from work (how was your day? what kind of mood were you in before your session?), ate a pot brownie (what kind of pot? was it a stimulant? sedative? a wacky combination of the two? was it a strong dose for your tolerance level?), got really high (what does that feel like for you? were you comfortable? did your heart rate increase? were you super excited or super relaxed? how did it change your mood? were you able to focus or was your head fuzzy?) during my amazing Aneros session (cool!), so glad I got high (sweet), Pot really helped (awesome).

                If the topic is to be discussed anyway, I'm simply suggesting we make the effort to provide slightly more descriptive posts and accounts, not necessarily instructive ones.

                I hope I've clarified my position sufficiently.


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                  I'm not really sure what exactly is in Polm Pan, although it's 'gedoogd' in Holland it's not legal and doesn't come with a table of contents. Also because it's not legal the quality isn't standardized, and even if it were everyone reacts differently, still......
                  In my lifetime I've used many types of thc it's true the effect varies a lot. Some would give a light high and others would make you really stoned, even so, I think the common denominator is that they all relax and produce some euphoric feelings. Also your state of mind is always important as it magnifies what you are already feeling.

                  For me hasj is the perfect fit. Not only does it relax, but the euphoria isn't limited to the mind but spreads like a blanket over my entire body increasing sensitivity manyfold whereever I focus (usually my erogenous zone until I'm orgasmic and then start circulating it all over..)

                  When I used to smoke( a long time ago)it was predominantly skunk as that produced the most extreme effect, later on a friend introduced me to a good polm and although the effect is less extreme and has less thc I really prefer it to weed. Now years later, I don't smoke and live reasonably healthy, so when I want to get high I only eat it and since hasj is less trouble I''ve only eaten this and it works well in combination with the Aneros so I see no reason to try anything else.

                  See, I don't use hasj for the effect of hasj, I only use in combination with the Aneros, if it wasn't for the Aneros I wouldn't even get HIH!

                  And again. I think the reason not everyone gets aroused or relaxed by thc is because of the equally important psychological element. All hasj does is intensify, not only body sensations but also psychological and perhaps psychosomatic sensations.. So if thc scares you DON"T take it!If you've got troubles on your mind, don't take it!

                  Knowing this you need focus. If arousal is important for the Aneros experience, make sure you have erotic imagery(I prefer a slideshow)at hand, so focussing on that will arouse instead of focussing on for example paranoid thoughts. If relaxation is important put on some relaxing music or sounds so you focus on that when needed and not on distracting or stressful environment sounds. Perhaps even some incense.
                  But these are just aids to get the right focus, coz for me the main purpose is focussing inward when in the right frame of mind, and thus intensifying the incredible sensations.


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                    Over analyzing this seems ridiculous. The fact is that many people on this forum, myself included, have found that cannabis enhances the Aneros experience, and can be a great way to experience a super O if you are having difficulty doing so otherwise. My own personal experience has been that the better the cannabis, the better the effect, though I have had some sessions that were almost out of body experiences with quite crappy weed. Just as many folks enjoy sex after smoking cannabis (this is well documented), using an Aneros or stimulating the prostate by other means after smoking or ingesting cannabis can be a far more powerful experience. The legality of cannabis in many places is an issue for whatever reason. Many states in the US have passed decriminalization bills, while some others have started to push through legislation legalizing the drug (as I think it should be). Helixer states that he uses pretty infrequently despite the easy access that he has in Holland, and I think his use pretty much mirrors mine, in that I only smoke cannabis if I am going to be using my Aneros (I use my Aneros without cannabis far more often than with). I have no interest in being high outside of massaging my prostate or having sex. All I think that matters in this discussion is the stated observation that weed and the aneros go together quite well, and if you are open to smoking cannabis, or already do, try it when using your Aneros....the results are intense and amazing. If you don't smoke or ingest cannabis, good for you. Keep living your life the way you see fit, and don't try to impose your views on others who may be comfortable making different choices that you.


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                      thanks for your reply and eloquent description. I definitely feel like I understand how the hash is helping you with your sessions now. I hope others find it helpful as well.

                      For the record, not all hash is relaxing. Any hash made from a stimulating Sativa plant will also be a stimulant. Since there are plenty of Sativas, there's plenty of stimulating Sativa hash going around. So telling people that all hash is relaxing without checking your facts first, is in my opinion a little irresponsible. And that's my whole point with analyzing what is said about cannabis here.

                      Every year, the stuff gets stronger - the stimulant Sativas get more stimulating, and the sedative Indicas become more sedating. Simply referring to "cannabis" or "hash" or "THC" as if it's all the same stuff that produces the same effect is misinformed at best, and dangerously misleading at worst.

                      But hey, that's my opinion.


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                        I presumed putting hash with thc and dope it would be blatantly obvious which type of hasj I was referring to. And just for the record I'm also not referring to the type that contains a fly dinosaur or whatever of a few million years old either. I feel you're being slightly querulous about it.
                        So telling people that all hash is relaxing without checking your facts first, is in my opinion a little irresponsible
                        I'm not a botanist, and I'm pretty sure if I'd go to a coffeeshop and asked for hash that didn't make me stoned but was stimulating they'd either rip me off with their worst hash or they'd at least look puzzled and I'm pretty sure asking a streetdealer would give the same effect. Sure it's interesting if you're into plants, but Im not and for me and this thread it's a complete NONISSUE. If I could I'd say that I'm impressed by your erudition but I'm not, especially if you're implying with your trivia that I'm being irresponsible.
                        So obviously not to mislead I mean the type of hasj containing thc the stuff that makes you stoned or to avoid any more nitpicking from the wikipedia:

                        The psychoactive effects of cannabis, known as a "high", are subjective and can vary based on the individual and the method of use. Some effects may include an altered state of consciousness, euphoria, feelings of well-being, relaxation or stress reduction, increased appreciation of humor, music or art, joviality, metacognition and introspection, enhanced recollection (episodic memory), increased sensuality, increased awareness of sensation, increased libido, creative or philosophical thinking, disruption of linear memory or thought, nostalgia, and paranoia or anxiety

                        BTW: looks like the wikipedia touches on similar effects as we have been up to now, this I suppose goes to show that despite the differences in thc level and despite the fact we're all individuals thc has similar effects on all. Notice too, how positive effects far outweigh the negative and besides the negative effects are in your own determine the setting and the mood.


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                          Well it appears that there is more for me to learn. I didn't realize there was a difference in the effect between the two strains of marijuana. Thank you for the explanation Pan. Although for those of us that have to buy it illegally, we likely will have no idea what exactly we are getting. I'm guessing based on the descriptions that what I had tried somewhat recently was Indica. And that I'd probably much prefer the effects of the Sativa strain in general. But whether or not that would help with my Aneros sessions is still questionable in my mind. As I still suspect that being high impedes my own sexual arousal. But I could be wrong. If I ever get a chance to try it again, I will.



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                            @Pan: I had never heard of hash oil infused honey before, but that sounds excellent, particularly its ability to bypass the digestive process. I will be on the lookout for that product.


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                              I concur with waverider that this quasi-scientific overanalytical specification Pan suggested isn't the way to go, I think the same can be said about the Aneros, but I guess beginner's feel they need some routine, some technical specification, a 'how-to' description of a subjective experience.
                              For me when it comes to something like this it's all about focus and awareness, if successful this might lead in retrospect to the mistaken belief that a certain routine was to thank, when really it was awareness of the sensations that made you act in a certain way. So if a beginner follows up this routine without the awareness that caused it he might still get nowhere.

                              To me for the beginner the testimonials are most inspiring. All those 'how-to'manuals though despite the best intentions actually make insecure you're doing it right. Just become aware on your own of the subtle sensations(that thc will intensify) and soon you'll be on your way to writing your own testimonial.

                              So instead of debating if cannabis is helpful or not to experiencing a super O, or if hash is a stimulant or a sedative, maybe this thread is best served with testimonials.
                              A few comments before starting:

                              - As I've indicated why eating it is the best method and if you don't have hasj(you know the stuff that makes you stoned*)grinding the weed into powder and sprinkeling on your food and then eating it. And when it comes to eating it I'm a purist, meaning I don't want to delute the workings of the hasj or weed by processing/boiling/cooking or whatever. Guess a bit like some people only eat vegetables raw coz they loose a lot of their micronutrients when cooked etc.I'd say the same applies to hasj and weed. And believe me it ingests just fine when powdered. You really don't need to risk your health by eating butter or spiking your suger level by eating it with honey. Just eat with food you'd normally eat.

                              -The advantage of hasj over weed(no leaves and branches etc that might cause a headache); I don't claim to be an expert, but I've found the best hasj is usually soft and sticky and has a strong smell and you hardly need to light it(if at all) to break it into tiny pieces. I guess best would be powder but hasj unfortunately has to get imported.

                              -Now if you're ready it's time to write your testimonial. Good or bad, but just like the effects of cannabis it'll be far more good(or should I say great)if you're a first timer using this method write down how it compares to when sober, write it a week after you've ingested so you can include the echo effects of that week in your testimonial. Don't overnalyse the experience, just enjoy the experience and know that this life changing event won't be forgotten in a week's time. Also what's great about the whole rewiring experience and experiencing echo effects is that browsing for example the mega picture threads on can lead to dry orgasms just by looking at pictures of beautiful women. Also using the ksmo the day after a Super O can give fantastic echo effects. But these are just suggestions, obviously make the most of the rewiring and increased sensititivity by using the Aneros as much as possible the week after

                              If youve already had a Super O without cannabis again write down if thc enhances your experience.

                              Coz really when it comes down to it, people that are against it but have never tried it can't argue convincingly. Sure I'm against heroine and crack and would never try it coz I know what it leads to, I don't have to or want to experience it therefore, but this same argument is utterly unconvincing when it comes to an unaddictive natural softdrug like cannabis

                              Really even if what you feel without cannabis is great, with cannabis is so much better, you're really denying yourself a great experience if you're not willing to at least try it.

                              I think just like the sticky topics my first Super O, that a thread containing Testimonials of Super Os with cannabis will be just as, if not more intriguing!


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                                Originally posted by Helixer
                                Guess a bit like some people only eat vegetables raw coz they loose a lot of their micronutrients when cooked etc.I'd say the same applies to hasj and weed. And believe me it ingests just fine when powdered. You really don't need to risk your health by eating butter or spiking your suger level by eating it with honey.
                                Hi Helixer, I agree with most of what you are saying, except eating raw hash (especially imported) probably poses a greater health risk than eating small amounts of THC-infused butter or honey. I've read of lab analysis showing some hash samples contain mold, fecal matter, and various other adulterants. Probably not a high risk, but something to consider.