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Five months and what have I learned? Tomasheen

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  • Five months and what have I learned? Tomasheen

    I have had the aneros five months now and I am on the journey. The path has been full of surprises and some disappointments too. So what have I picked up along the way that has been beneficial and helpful? Well I will list things as they come to me but not necessarily in the correct order.
    Take lots of time and don't try too hard. Relax and try to let it happen. Expectations can be a real hindrence? to progress. Don't make sessions too long hoping for better things. Be kind to yourself love yourself and treat yourself with the tenderness you would a lover. Look forward to your sessions and exercise patience. Lube up well and don't be afraid to try different lubes. You will find one you like. Insert slowly and later you may feel the need to adjust the tab. Try various positions . Again you will find one that suits you better.
    Begin by resting and relaxing . Feel the slightest hint of something stirring deep inside and enjoy it. It will get better. Something will happen in the recesses of your memory and you will begin to remember what to look for and recreate it. Leave your penis alone. If it wants to join in, let it.Sink your awareness into the moment and remember it. Later you will smile with the knowledge of the pleasure. The thought will come to you from time to time and you will rejoice at you good fortune. You will look at other guys and whisper to yourself "I know something he doesn't!" Boredom will become a thing of the past. If you get sore by doing it too much,and you will, learn to give it a rest. It will still be there and better too. It gets better. Each time you learn something new, see something new and live a new sensation of intense pleasure and joy. Your days will become events to look forward to.
    Erections can get in the way, but the very process of going from flaccid to hard in a short time is truly beautiful. I could live with that alone if I could make it happen frequently. If you sense you have reached he end of a session, don't force more. The minimum contractions are all that is needed to start. squeezing hard contractions doesn't help and can cause discomfort.
    Once you begin to sense the waves of pleasure, go with each one to it's limits and be aware . Sense it coming, getting stronger and as it reaches it's peak, smile or laugh to yourself. enjoy, enjoy ,enjoy.
    Read the forum. look for the great and well thought out comments and suggestions. Ask for help and you will get it. Write your own threads and express you own thoughts, no matter how shy you may feel. You are with friends in the forum.
    The senior members are so keen to help and offer advice and show so much understanding and sympathy. Your fears will evaporate in a few days. Mine did. Thank you Forum. I hoe that these thoughts will be of some assistance to someone who it trying to get to grips with this very unusual and exciting object.
    Lastly, always remove the aneros slowly. Very slowly. Your bum will push it out at the end. Take care to wash it well and yourself too. If you have used a dropper to apply the lube, do not leave it standing in any lube ready to use the next session. You could leave yourself open to infection. Wash it too. Please forgive me if I sound " he knows it all". I don't. I am not far from the goal, I am miles and miles away and often go astray and loose my way. When that happens, I turn to the senior members. All the best to you. Tomasheen.

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    super merci pour votre écris


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      Fantastic post Tomasheen!

      Thank you for typing up your thoughts, experiences, and tips. I'm sure many new Aneros users will find this helpful.