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    Greetings my Aneros friends!

    I could use some advice from some of you knowledgeable in anal affairs. On Monday afternoon I tried this Deep Stroker Rabbit Vibrator – Buy Deep Thrusting Rabbit Vibrators Online @ Deep Memories in a session lasting 1-2 hours. I pushed it in about as far as it could 'comfortably' go (at the time it certainly seemed pleasurable). I tried not to force and used a fair amount of lub. Tuesday I was fine throughout the day. Wednesday morning I had a small bowel movment before coffee and breakfast. Note that I typically have a BM 1 to 2 times a day, typically in the morning and after coffee. I pretty much never go more than a day without a BM. So, my BM on Wed was weak, Thursday nonexistant, and only a tiny bit today (Friday) after serious trying. I've been drinking lots of liquid and caffein. Today I also too some Muralax. I keep eating but nothing comes out. Additionally on Wed morning right after the tiny BM I went in the living room and sat in a chair to put on shoes or something. When I stood up my back completely went out on me. All that day I was immobilized and only with a lot of pain have been able to go pee - but as I said no BM. I went to the Dr about the back and he gave me Vicotin and a muscle relaxant. My back is a bit better. I can get around now but I have to creep very slowly. Sitting and standing or even moving my rear side to side in bed an inch is very difficult. I didn't mention to the Doc about the dildo.

    1) Do you think the back issue, or the constipation is related to my activities on Monday? It occurred to me my back may have gotten tired because I was using the toy in an unusual position for a long period of time.
    2) How can I remedy my constipation? Since I've never had it I'm worried my internals are going to burst - LOL - but maybe not that funny.
    3) Do you think I could have caused any damage or perforation to my colon, rectum, or inner sphincter?

    Note: I've decided to toss this thing as it is too tempting to use. I bought it for my wife, but I have used it more than her. (This was the third time, but probably longest, deepest, session). But yeah, when I get super horny seems I will be tempted to stick anything in there. I feel pretty stupid about that. From now on I'm going pure Aneros.
    4) Any thoughts / recommendations as I am a bit worried at this point.

    Thanks for everything!

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    Hi OH,
    Sorry for your pain and the bum session. Getting back on an Aneros routine should be helpful once you heal from this.

    Remember that Vicotin and other opiates (synthetic and natural) will bring one's bowels to 'all stop,' particularly if one is new to that type of pain killer. Give your bowels another day or two after you stop the Vicodin to get started again. Coming out of that, you'll probably have some difficult bowel movements and may cycle BM size for another day or two. If it's any consolation, I once roomed with a guy who only had one BM a week. Remember too that the GI tract is run with a nervous system rich in Serotonin so getting stressed over no bowel movement can further aggravate the situation.

    When I bruise my "tonsils" with an overly active Aneros session I get reflected pain in my lower right back and that, if I don't get some good rest, that has triggered a muscle spasm. In a few days, you should be able to rest and that will help the back.

    While clearing your lower GI with an enema might be tempting, that might be a dumb move until someone has ruled out a tear or perforation. Better to use a small amount of fiber, ramp up your fluid (H2O) intake and consider a gentle stool softener like Docusate.

    Hang in there and you'll probably heal. Suggest use your spare time cleaning up and sterilizing the Rabbit vibe. Tie a large ribbon around it and make a present of it with a promise to pleasure her in any and all manners she chooses. hth.... rook


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      Rook, thank you very much for your response. I didn't realize Vicotin was an opiate. Suppose that may be the explanation for no BM. It feels like it's asleep down there. This morning I thought it was awakening- I got up and sat on toilet but only a bunch of gas. I'm still taking the vicotin for pain and the muscle relaxant. I guess I'll stop. Pain is now more tolerable anyhow.

      I was thinking enema... But you say no. What about a suppository?


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        No question about it, Vicodin can produce constipation. Many of the narcotic analgesics have this effect. On the rare occasions that I've had to resort to them, I've routinely used a stool softener as well.

        Given how you described your session with the Rabbit (inserted as far as it would comfortably didn't force and you used a fair amount of lube) I think it's highly unlikely that you perforated your rectum or colon. When trauma like this does occur one can expect to have:
        Abdominal pain
        Extreme nausea
        Loss of appetite

        That said if you begin to experience any of these, particularly the fever and abdominal pain get yourself to a hospital immediately!

        With respect to the constipation, if it doesn't resolve itself in a couple of days, contact your doctor. For now I'd go with the stool softener and PLENTY OF FLUIDS.

        BF Mayfield


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          Thanks B Mayfield...I certainly appreciate your response as I continue to be a bit worried. Last night wasn't too fun. When I went to the Dr the other day for my back, I also mentioned my sinus infection hadn't completely gone away from the Z-pak I had a month earlier. Actually it may be partly now in my upper chest as I have to cough to clear crap out of the wind pipe. Anyway, we talked about another course of antibiotic. I am allergic as a child to Penicillan but I was young and don't remember the response. He suggested I could try Ceftin which is slightly related but only 8% have a cross reaction. I started taking that Friday. Yesterday evening I noticed a bump on my head. Later when I went to bed I noticed a lump in my throat that I thought was a pill that didn't go down well. I drank a lot of water - no help. About 4am I woke up and realized the lump as bigger and I had a bunch of bumps on my head. I realized they are hives. Long story short I jumped up had 5.5 tsps Benadryl and drove to ER. Doc didn't think it was a problem sent me home. It was an allergic reaction to Ceftin most likely but it was slow to progress and I think the Benadryl slowed it down. This morning that is gone.

          Before all that happened last night I was tired of no BM and decided to try a suppository. Waited about 30 minutes and had tiny BM mixed with mucous. The constipation continues mostly. I'm about to get a stool softener and try that.

          This AM after coffee I had another tiny BM that was mostly mucous and it had a few drops of bright colored blood. That's a bit concerning...but I also do have internal hemorroids and the suppository and sitting on the toilet so long likely from the pressure made them active.

          Other than the specks of blood this AM I have none of the symptoms you mention. Appetite is good, temperature is normal, I feel fine other than the fact that I still have this intense lower back pain, still no BM to speak of, I cough hard trying to clear the crap out of my lungs which really makes my back hurt.

          I've certainly had better days / weeks. Normally I am in great health. This type of thing really makes you appreciate your good health. When you can't do anything or have pain it totally sucks!

          Still holding off on seeing a Gastroenterologist. I'm very annoyed with myself that I did something that really is pretty stupid and I'm not that low IQ. Guess I have to pay the price for it. I don't think I have bowel or colon perforation...from all my reading they seem to indicate that symptoms are very immediate with abdominal pain, fever, nausea, vomiting, with rapid detereoration. But I am still worried til things go back to normal. Should have stuck with the Aneros and others advised in the past. From now on I will. I know I'd never have this issue with an Aneros.

          Hope the rest of you are having a better day / week than myself. I appreciate any additional thoughts / recommendations.


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            It sounds like you've had things coming at you from several directions. Effectively treating a sinus infection is no walk in the park. It's a difficult condition to treat. I'm not a physician, but I can tell you one thing, Zithromycin is inadequate for dealing with it. I would hazard a guess that a GP prescribed that and not an E.N.T. I would advise you to consult an E.N.T. about this. With your sensitivity to penicillin some of the first line antibiotics like Augmentin and Ceftin would be off limits for you. If you really want to get down to cases Cipro would be the method of choice. That said, this is a powerful medication with its share of side effects, discuss these with your doctor as well. Even with Cipro this condition may not resolve itself immediately. I would also recommend daily saline flushing with a product called Ayr. Ayl is simply a squeeze bottle that comes with small salt packets that you add water to. If you're prone to sinusitis (and you may be after this episode), I 'd recommend that you continue the Ayr once your condition has clear up as well. It's not habit forming and helps to keep things cleared out in your head. Btw., it was recommended to me by several physicians as well as holistic practitioner.

            On the constipation, again, I don't think that you "did this to yourself". It's likely that between the Z pack and the Vicodin that your body is out of balance. Get on to the stool softener and HYDRATE thyself! Again, if this doesn't resolve itself in a couple of days, don't put it off, get yourself in to to see a doctor.

            BF Mayfield


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              Once again, thanks for all the advice B Mayfield. I appreciate it. Good news is just a little bit after I posted my message this morning I had a full, normal, bowel movement. Yeah! So it looks like things are improving in that area. It probably sounds funny to everyone to be excited about it, but the alternatives are not good. In reality it IS the simple things in life that make it all worthwhile. Just being able to breath fresh air, take a walk, feel the sun on your face, and being healthy are all blessings that a lot of us take for granted every day. But take them away and we quickly come back to reality. Anyway, I got a stool softener and started taking that. I'm drinking tons of water.

              Thanks for the tips on the sinus infection. I'll check out the products you mention. I do have some of that AYR saline gel and some saline spray. Yep it was a GP that gave it to me. I hear sinus infections can be tricky. A friend told me that his daughter had sinus problems for years taking all sorts of drugs. They finally went to see an ENT and they stuck a balloon in or something and her sinus cavity expanded. Suddenly she can breath and smell and taste well. Once again, it is the simple things.

              Now the main thing is the original thing. My back is still killing me. I'm not taking any pain killers. I creep around slowly. Tomorrow I may go see a physical therapist, get an xray or something. All I did was get out of a chair, but it might be what Rook mentioned that I had tweaked the backside a bit too deeply and I was probably leaning to the right too much too long as well causes muscle fatigue and spasm. Amazing how when a back decides to go it just completely goes out and any tiny movement intensely hurts. I think I am better than the first day so, small improvements every day. I'll keep working on it. To many things to do. I hate sitting / laying around all day.

              I'd have to say all of the above that has happened to me has humbled me. It makes me so grateful for what I have. In that regard I am very grateful for the loving kindness you guys have shown in responding to my issues. May you be blessed!


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                I know you'll understand when I say....CONGRATULATIONS! Yes, the simple things, the ones we all take for granted are very often the most important. Anyway, I'm glad to hear that you have that one on the run (so to speak). One down two to go. On your back, it's no wonder that any small movement can produce pain, after all the back is our very foundation as bipeds. In terms of what caused it, maybe your session with the Rabbit had you zigging when you should have been zagging, but the chances are if it wasn't this it would have been something else. I did it once getting out of a car. The next time stooping down to pick up a pair socks from a lower drawer. Yes, I've had my own issues with this one. At the risk of taking this too far off topic, I'll give it to you have to stop the cycle of pain. I'll send you a PM on this.

                Thanks to all users who have indulged the content of this thread, while some of you may not know what we're talking about it will soon enough.

                BF Mayfield


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                  Having enjoyed the 'e-ticket' rides offered by the Martin-Baker Corp., I'd offer some experience with back pain... Do learn what you're dealing with:

                  Radicular back pain
                  -- recurrent sciatica etc. A real nuisance but with age it should diminish as you loose flexibility in your spine. Muscle relaxants won't help much. Hot/cold packs, opiates and tranquilizers might help. Physical therapy was so-so. I invested in an 'inversion stand' and while the advertising makes sense, it didn't help. Exercise on a Nautilis back-machine, 'pelvic-tilts' and abdominal exercises were the best long range strategy but, after age 64, I "outgrew" Sciatica.
                  Non-radicular (localized) back pain -- muscle spasm, strain etc. Muscle relaxants, plasters, hot or cold packs, physical therapy and pain killers may provide some help.
                  Referred or reflected back pain -- From an injury that's somewhere else (belly, groin, "tonsil," etc.) Best bet is to let it heal with acupuncture or the least powerful med that will offer some help. If it's not gone in 10 days see your doc who may look for things like cancer or remote inflammation.

                  I'd not bet money but it's reasonable that you suffered an internal bruise that's referred to a point on your back. Give it some time and be gentle with yourself.


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                    Guys just an update...I am pretty much 100% all around now. I guess my back is about 97%. Part of it was just time to get over the strain. I went to a chiropracter a few times. That may have helped, but what really seems to have helped immensely is I went to see a Thai Massage Therapist. This guy was some sort of oriental healer with almost mystical powers it seemed. He massaged me and seemed able to empathically hone in on any areas of problems. He would push and adjust. Primarily apparently he found that my hamstrings were way to tight and they run from the lower back / butt all the way down the legs. I do bike a lot - perhaps that is the reason, he pushed on those and they were intensely sore and tight. First he climbed up on my backside with his knees digging into the backs of my hamstrings. I was pretty much yelling in pain...but I could tell it was medicinally helping too. Next I layed on my back with him opposite. He extended his foot into my inner thigh / hamstring while pulling on my leg / foot for leverage. Same thing as previous method happened. When he finished I felt a lot better. He said to drink a lot of water due to the waste products which had just been released into my system and that I should be feeling almost back to normal in a couple of days. He was correct. He mentioned that the whole body is linked and that if the muscles in the leg are tight they pull on the buttocks and back and may do this in a schewed fashion. At that point it is an accident waiting to happen. It will only take a sneeze, or bending over, or reaching for something to set it off. He also mentioned an odd concept referring to his old grandmother falling and breaking her hip. He said she didn't fall and break her hip instead her hip broke and she fell. Kind of alternative Ying / Yang approach to life force controlling physical conditions.

                    Thanks once again all of you for your support!


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                      Originally posted by OH!!
                      He also mentioned an odd concept referring to his old grandmother falling and breaking her hip. He said she didn't fall and break her hip instead her hip broke and she fell.
                      Yeah, I've heard that as well, but from a orthopedic specialist.


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                        Hey OH!!

                        Glad to here you're better and gtg. Hang in there and stay well hydrated. ...rook