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I'm taking the plunge.

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  • I'm taking the plunge.

    Hi all.

    Well, after stumbling on this site on Monday night, I have spent virtually all my available free time here, and have read almost every single word on the entire site. An absolutely magnificent product and an even better forum. The fantastic experiences that are mentioned in the forum have really got me very interested in a number of ways. Also, being gay and used to anal play, I have thus decided to take the plunge and order a "Maximus" (at quite a substantial expense due to the exchange rate) for myself. What has prompted me to do this? Ok, here goes.

    I have a very stressful job and find it very difficult to relax at night and get to sleep. I am mostly against drugs for treating conditions such as this. The entire success of the Aneros - and any other enjoyable passtimes / persuits depends primarily on relaxation and a focussed mind. It is all a mental thing as far as I am concerned. Also, my sex life is virtually non-existant of late and I have a feeling of "total sexual shutdown". This can't be a good thing at all. My way of thinking is thus as follows.

    Because of the expense that I am going to to purchase my "Maximus", I am definitely going to use it. Even if I use it only as a distraction from the day's stresses, and even if it takes me a long time to achieve the "unbelievable" experiences that others have posted here, I am going to be "forced" to relax in preparation for a good night's sleep, and what better way to relax than with a toy that virtually operates its self. Getting myself to relax is going to possibly help me mentally also in my job. I have been finding it increasingly difficult to keep on track with my thoughts lately. So, the entire "project" is a multi-faceted undertaking with more than one goal. Of course I want to experience what others have written about in magnificent graphic detail, and I anticipate it is going to take me a while to get there. At 51 years of age I have learned patience. But I need to pay attention to myself more, and re-learn to have a bit of fun as well.

    Well, that's the theory. Hope this posting doesn't bore the pants off everyone here. If you like, I will continue to post updates of my progress.

    Last night, I contacted the support desk and verified all the costs and details. All I have to do now is make time tomorrow to get to the bank and get the money transferred, and then wait patiently for my "Maximus" to arrive.

    Is there anyone else in Johannesburg, South Africa, that has purchased an Aneros? If so, would really like to meet / correspond and compare notes. Wonder what the market here would be for a magnificent product such as this.

    Thanks for a magnificent forum, and thanks to everybody that has posted here for being totally candid, open and honest.