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Most welcome comments. Gratitude.

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  • Most welcome comments. Gratitude.

    Please don't assume that my experiences are all good. I have never had a Super-O yet and my sessions have yielded some very pleasurable moments but that is all. The first 5/10 minutes are very good and intense but thereafter,the initial waves fade and cease, giving way to a pleasant but unremarkable desire to go ahead. I give up after about 30 minutes. I try not to take too much notice of the fantastic things that some guys appear to experience time and time again. I believe they are probably younger than I am and that may explain how they attain that level. I am learning to be happy and thankful for what I have here and now and continue to reach out to better things. That is what gives the whole experience a delightful sense of well-being and a forward- looking attitude. BY THE WAY AND UNRELATED... Can anyone tell me why I have to get rid of so much wind after each session.Where does it all come from?? I use KY lube. Tomasheen.

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    Hi Thomasheen! Welcome to this community.

    Give yourself more time without reaching, otherwise you are doing very well. How old are you? Just turned 63 here. Know that age is not a barrier to extraordinary multiple, frequent, even other-worldly, astounding experiences. Have you had previous anal stimulus experience? Would you say/feel that your prostate has "awakened" yet?

    Can't help with the "wind" problem in that I don't experience that from Aneros use. I do occasionally notice air intake when my anus is open though and that can occur from digestive/peristalsis patterns further up.

    You are doing well. Patience. Deep relaxation. Listen quietly to all the signals. Be open to whatever they decide to do. Allow them to decide. Remember and savour whatever. Your gratitude is an excellent approach. Your body is doing some early rewiring by the sounds of it.

    all the best relaxed and enlightening ecstatic journeying here all



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      Hey, I get the wind problem, too, and usually it's either right before or after I've inserted my lube (Slippery Stuff Gel), or after I've inserted the Aneros. It's almost like a psyche-out type thing. It's really quite annoying.


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        Hello Tomasheen,

        As far as the wind problem...
        I'm not sure why it would be more after insertion. But I have noticed that I've gotten to a point in my Aneros journey, where I've learned that I can relax my anal muscles enough to allow the occasional flatulence to pass by the Aneros and my anus. Thus not having to disturb my session by removing the Aneros to let the wind out so to speak.



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          There is no indication from any of the polling that has been done in the forum that younger men have any easier time achieving the Super O than older men. As a matter of fact, one might make the interpretation that it is the exact opposite. Why would this be? Perhaps because older men have had more ejaculations under their belts and are very often more open to putting off gratification for some time, in service of experiencing something new! Clearly, I'm engaging in some stereotyping here, but the point is that the case could be made that it's easier for older men as well.

          On your unwanted windage, there are several things to consider. First, it's possible that your lube may be responsible for this. As you may have read, glycerin containing preparations have been known to have a purgative effect with some users. This can cause cramping and/or gas, and/or the runs in some cases. You might want to change up the lube (to a product without glycerin) and see how you do with that. The other possibility is that is that your voluntary contractions have instigated peristalsis which has liberated some gas that is upstream. The question is, is flatulence an issue for you at other times as well. If so, you might look to dietary modification. If this is a factor, try scaling down the intensity of your contractions as well. Also look to the type of contractions that you're using, staying with anal vs. rectal contractions. Rectal contractions (the pushing out type) are more likely to produce peristalsis.

          BF Mayfield


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            Mr Mayfield;

            For me, I use Slippery Stuff Gel, which has no glycerin and has been tested as the most anal-safe lube in the study, but I suspect mine might be psychosomatic; the anticipation of a session seems to cause gas. Very frustrating.


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              Thank you for the advise. I use Ky diluted a little and this is excellent. A little Vaseline on the aneros and it slips in easily. BUT does it cause flatulence? THank you all for the consideration and comments. They are most welcome. Artform, I am 73!!!!!!! and I love the Aneros.