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  • Need a larger head?

    Hey all,
    I've enjoyed my MGX very much, more then any other anal toy I have. However, I don't get the pressure on my prostate that I really know/feel/want with it. I have to grab the handle and pull 'up' (imagine on hands and knees) to get the pressure/feel that I expect/desire. I think I need something with a bigger 'head' on it to naturally hit my prostate before any pressure is applied. I apply quite a bit of pressure pulling 'up' on it to get what I want. Now I don't expect that out of any toy without manual manipulation, but I have to manually apply ANY pressure to get ANY stimulation I want out of the toy.

    What do you guys think? Progasm my only choice?

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    Try the Maximus! It has a more bulbous head and is somewhat bigger than the MGX.

    It has become my replacement for the MGX


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      I'll second the Maximus suggestion. For me the sensation from the Maximus is much more immediate than with the MGX.


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        A third vote in favour of the underrated Maximus. It is my weapon of choice recently, with the curly handle all but removed. Not the P Tab!.

        You shouldn't be using any manual manipulation, you risk damaging your prostate or other delicate tissues up there. The sensations you are looking to experience with an Aneros device are much more subtle than those of a prostate probe, which is apparently what you are expecting. Read the wiki, read the advice here on the forum and...

        Have fun!

        Old Wolf


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          The maximus is the only model that i'm missing in my ARSEnal. I think I'm gonna get one soon...


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            In short: any model BUT MGX/SGX, IMHO.

            Helix is a good choice, too. (You may want to cut off the tail, as well.)



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              Progasm is your friend. I find that it gives a lot more pressure on my prostate than the Helix does. I've never tried the Maximus so I can't compare them.