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A new users question about Modifications

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  • A new users question about Modifications

    I've recently dived in with the Helix. I'm enjoying the process and have found while I thought I was strong in that area I was gravely mistaken. But all is well and I'm taking my time.

    I've also just gotten a PA piercing, which of course has me taking a break with the Helix but still exercising (kegel).

    My question is has anyone had any experience one one or the other with such body mods? I'm still healing on the PA and really do enjoy it as much as the aneros.

    Guess this is also my first post. and a bit about myself is in order. I've been in and out of prostate stimulation starting in my late teen years. I've never really found a good way to explore that route as the women I've been with haven't been for that route. just realized the pun. Once I found this I had to research and did so for about 6 months before deciding on the Helix over a lot of other imitators.

    I've had a good hand full of sessions and for now taking it slow, most of my sessions start with edging and then the intro of the Helix, and more edging. I've also recently started more traditional aneros sessions without edging and think I'm about to start down that path.

    Great day to all...

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    I have fancied the idea of getting a PA for some time now, but I'm too scared, I don't think I could stand the pain. I have some metal cock rings and a triple cock ring which will have to do for now.

    As you use your Helix over the coming months your anal muscles will get stronger and you will have much more control.


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      Someone needs to define "PA".


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        Agreed gm501! LOL Not all of us are in the know of the piercing world and terminology.



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          Guys, I think that refers to a Prince Albert

          BF Mayfield


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            Ahhhh... Thank you BF Mayfield!

            I found a Wikipedia link explaining it:
            Prince Albert piercing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

            And might I say... OUCH!!! LOL

            AnerosUp, you've got quite the gonads to go through with that! I hope you like it and it is worthwhile. While those sort of piercings are not my thing, I'd certainly be interested to hear about how a penis piercing would effect Aneros usage.



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              enigma - Months? what? that's too long, I'm instant gratification type of person and can't wait that long...

              I'd hate to really be like that, I'm ok with the wait.

              As for the piercing it is a Prince Albert and honestly only hurts for about 3 seconds, and the first time you pee. After that it's just the frustration I have now which is no touching! None. Which I guess I might add is helping with the aneros sessions.

              Once things have healed up and am a bit further in my journey I'll update.

              I'm thinking maybe the title of my post is a bit off as I'm talking about body modifications.

              So anyone out there with any genital piercings use the aneros? don't know that it would go one way or the other unless you got a perineum piercing...


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                Hello AnerosUp, I have had a Frenum piercing for about 20 years. And at this point I feel that it has no impact on my Aneros use either way. I have become so accustomed to it being there, I hardly ever feel it any more. It truly has become part of me. I use a small Captive Bead Ring. I find that it does not "catch" as easily.

                My best advice is to follow your piercers instruction on aftercare to the letter. If you even begin to think you might be having a reaction to the piercing or a slight infection get to a doctor ASAP. They have seen it before and there is no reason to loose your good thing because you delayed seeking treatment.

                Good luck and Enjoy it. I have Churney

                Frenum piercing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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                  Never mind, I don't know wtf happened