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Not doing anything and nothing is happening ?

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  • Not doing anything and nothing is happening ?

    Many new users complain that they prep, lube, insert, do nothing for 20 minutes and nothing happens. Perhaps a case of reaping that which was sown. :cry:

    "Doing nothing" becomes a fertile playground for brain noise and distraction. What's needed is deep relaxation so that you can ease into your session and feel the smallest movement or finest physical sensation. 8)

    Deep relaxation calls for some effort. Maybe, "working to relax" sounds like a dichotomy. Buried in the Wiki, is a link to an excellent tutorial on relaxation and breathing. :idea:

    I think Jack Johnson is the world champion coach but this tutorial is pretty good. :!:

    Instead of "doing nothing," adopt this guide to relaxation and fine tune your sessions. 8) :P :cry:

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    I agree Rook.
    Belly breathing gets your mind and body in the right place for some wonderful things to happen!