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Modified Progasm diameter, feels much better

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  • Modified Progasm diameter, feels much better

    I have a Helix, Eupho, MGX, Peridise, and Progasm. I have enjoyed all of them except the Progasm up until now.

    The diameter of the Progasm just felt too large for me but the extra length and curve at the tip looked very appealing. After trying it 5 or 6 times I gave up for a while, it was just too big around to be pleasurable for me.

    With nothing to lose since I was not using it anyway I decided to cut the diameter down using my handy Dremel tool. I cut approximately 1/4" of the diameter off both of the round parts and then polished it somewhat with sandpaper and a cloth Dremel wheel. (Any suggestions for polishing would be welcome, I don't seem to be able to get it very smooth with the Dremel.)

    After thoroughly cleaning it I lubricated it and tried again. Wow! What a difference. While it was still a little uncomfortable to my anus to insert I found that the new diameter was great and the extended 'reach' really hit the 'spot' for me.

    Everyone's body had slight variations and I had noticed that the deeper I could get any of the models the more pleasurable the feelings. The added length of the Progasm seems perfect for my body shape.

    I have modified all my models to some extent, cutting the handles off the Helix, Eupho, and MGX and reshaping the P-tabs. Still don't have the MGX tab where I want it but I will continue with the hair dryer until I get the result I am looking for.

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    here is a thread that discusses polishing:



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      Thanks, Darwin. I ordered some of the finishing supplies referenced in that post. I also posted a new link to the polishing pads since the existing link no longer worked.


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        -- warning guys ... there's a 'yuck' factor in this post --

        Hey helixbill -- great news and congrats on the mod ! I'd been hesitant to try this since an expert post last summer mentioned that one could encounter some major porosity below the outer surface of the tool. Question... did you encounter any hint of this porosity :?:

        An aggressive Progasm session leaves me "stretched out" for a couple of days. [yuck]Very large stool size[/yuck] and loose Eupho sessions until my anal canal and rectum shrink back to normal. Your solution sounds 'right on.' I'm also interested in 'circularizing' the crossection of the stem to better mate with my PC musculature. Not sure though that I trust my hand with a Dremel to do the work -- will probably poke along with hand-sanding while watching NFL reruns on rainy days. : doze :

        Regarding finishing: I've got the shinest Black Progasm in town -- Turtle Wax red paste rubbing compound (in the red can) followed by Turtle Was white paste polishing compound in the white/green can. Apply & rub the red paste with a red shop rag-- the course cloth speeds the process. I like to use an old birdseye diaper with the white polishing paste.

        Late edit --- and if any of this fails, it's a great excuse to order an ICE !!


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          (Note : Underlined Text is a Hyper-Link)

          Thanks 'rook' for reminding members contemplating this type of modification the possibility of encountering the Aneros body porosity.

          Member 'mrbater' first brought to our attention this condition of small voids within the Aneros body in his thread Modification to the tail.

          I have modified my Progasm by doing some reshaping as others have done. I too found there to be numerous small voids, air pockets or bubbles beneath the smooth outer skin of the original Progasm. I don't believe these are manufacturing defects, just a consequence of the production process. These voids can be filled with sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and cyanoacrylate glue (super glue). The resulting patch can be filed, sanded, buffed and polished to the same degree as the original finish, however, there will probably be a color mismatch in most cases and staining from use is likely to occur as well.