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spent ... amazed ... rewiring in progress

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  • spent ... amazed ... rewiring in progress

    I've been using MGX for 2 weeks (when I first started with Aneros) and had an incredible session this afternoon. Basically it resulted in a hands free full ejaculation while completely flacid. I knew something new and different was happening to me today and thought I was on the way to Super O (but apparently this wasn't quite it). Anyway, during the peak of this session I felt lots of liquid coming out but thought it was a lot of precum at the time. I was spent to the point of not being able to get up and walk for 15-20 minutes. After I recovered and went to clean up I had an unbelievable amount of semen all over me.

    Question - not sure how to categorize it. Was it a Super T even though I wasn't erect and wasn't trying (or expecting) to ejaculate?

    To back up, started using MGX during Thanksgiving week. During the third evening, I had about 1/2 hour of incredible feelings at the end of a 2 hr session - I thought it was a Super O at the time but not sure now - anyway I just kept riding the waves and it was unbelievable and definitely different than my first 2 sessions.

    Regarding rewiring, I've also been having a lot of sensations without the MGX - sometimes in the car, sometimes when seated anywhere, and can ride a very different kind of pleasure when this happens.

    Anyway, would appreciate any comments from you.

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    Welcome to the Aneros Forum, Jack38!

    I'm sure you know by now that this is the source for support and information beyond belief. Non-judgmental, honest and complete information all the time. It's simply terrific.

    As to your question, it would seem to me that you've had a very pleasant start to your Aneros journey. Congratulations! Many guys do not get any real results for quite a while, so you're moving along nicely. Your wet orgasm is indicative of the fact that your Aneros is stimulating the prostate. This is a good thing. I believe your reaction, general weakness and satisfaction, is a result of a very strong reaction to your MGX resulting in ejaculation, or in other words, a Super T but without penile stimulation, in this case.

    Here's how the Wiki describes it:

    The Super-T

    The Super-T is a super traditional orgasm. An ejaculatory orgasm from traditional penile stimulation (copulatory, manual or oral) but occurring with the Aneros inserted and characterized by: deep and intense ejaculatory contractions; more ejaculatory contractions; a greater volume of ejaculate; and other responses similar to those in a "Super-O". Such orgasms are common as the end point to a Super-O session when one “finishes off” with an ejaculation. Also a traditional orgasm brought on by edging and the Aneros. Right out of the box, the Aneros can be used during masturbation to greatly enhance a traditional penile orgasm. The result of massaging the prostate during masturbation and subsequently, ejaculation is a much stronger orgasm."

    As far as your new rewiring journey is concerned, I suggest that, as the old saw goes, the proof is in the pudding. What's your next session like? Do you experience the same thing, or do you start to realize the benefits of multiple NON EJACULATORY orgasms? Super O is definitely NOT an ejaculatory experience. Many of us feel that withholding ejaculation is actually good for you and we don't encourage it. For many, wet O's seem to be a stumbling block to achieving Super O. Personally, I never ejaculate during Aneros sessions, and I don't want to. So your description of your subsequent sessions should give you great satisfaction that you're moving in the right direction.

    We certainly applaud your Super T success. It's a step along the way. Now springboard off of that and continue to grow and enjoy the sensations of your Aneros. Keep up the good work. You'll soon realize that there are lots of different routes to greater and greater satisfaction with the Aneros.

    Keep in mind, again in my opinion, that every Aneros session bears the potential for a new experience. I always enter mine with absolutely no preconceived notions regarding what's to come, but rather, leave myself open to enjoying whatever transpires...usually terrific. I can honestly say that no two Aneros sessions are exactly alike. It's a really great experience.

    As to "aftershocks" these are very common. I get them all the time. I enjoy them immensely. It sounds to me that you're definitely on the right track to Super O. As to when that occurs, it's difficult to say, of course, but like Justice Potter Stewart said of pornography, "I know it when I see it," when you get to Super'll know it when you feel it!

    Good luck to you.



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      Jack38, welcome to the Forum and the great community here!

      Congratulations on your rapid progress in two ways!! Early weeks and months can be both up and down so don't worry if you have less "productive" sessions! :wink:

      First to your second point; that you are having sensations outside your aneros sessions is another great sign for you. Excellent! :shock:

      These are generally classed as Day-After Effects in the aneros practice and are signs of important rewiring progress as your body chooses to take control and express itself or allow itself these new pleasures. These happen too, as you describe, soon after an aneros session and are the same thing. Don't feel you have to suppress anything until the day after! :lol: :lol:

      How to classify what kind of big Orgasm that happened for you in your aneros session? Assuming that you had no penis stimulation at anytime during your session, your hands-free high volume leakage of semen is like the "involuntary" "streaming ejaculation" orgasms that one of our most experienced members, Pan, describes in this dialogue on Muscle Memory and Fantasy/Imagery that we had and is archived in my blog:

      The primary goal here is to separate the orgasmic response from the ejaculatory response. That accomplished opens up a range of other rewiring and a spectrum of orgasmic possibilities. As Pan describes, he can now call up these delightful slow flow ejaculatory orgasms at will, anytime he wants to, and it's convenient! :lol: :shock: :lol:

      Can you tell us about the other body/muscular and metal/emotional/sensations you were experiencing in that session? And your age and whether you have any previous experience with anal /prostate play? Where and when was whatever pleasure

      My guess is that you may have had a form of Super-O with the added, exhausting and distracting involuntary ejaculatory flow experience.

      Usually a Super-T involves an intentional "flip of the switch" to bring on an ejaculation, including adding penis stimulation.

      Many bodies and body/minds find it difficult to not end their aneros session without switching to a Super-T finish. Some have recently posted in a current thread here that they regularly get involuntary hands-free eruptive (regular) ejaculations as the result of their aneros sessions and are stuck on that plateau, unable to separate the two responses to get to the pure dry Super-Os.

      all the best development pathways and the widest range of ultimate orgasmic options all



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        Has anybody had a very pinpointed sensation in the center of the anus, like a tingling sensation, that feels like something wriggling around in the anal opening? It reminds me of the old phrase "a wild hair up the ass." It only seems to happen after a particularly good session. It's very distracting and irritating because it kind of tickles.


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          Hey Cockadoodle and Badger!

          Great response for jack38, C!

          Badger, this sounds like a new topic. Sure you don't want to start it that way? In any event I get excess energies in the anal sphincters sometimes too. Recently I tried putting my finger just inside and massaging the muscles with a wide circular motion just stretching them out as I went around with the side of my finger against the two rings of muscles. WOW!! :shock: :lol:

          Suddenly I was even MORE distracted with an amazing high energy radiating heat and buzz anal orgasm, the biggest purely anal I have ever had!

          So, it depends on how much energy is backed up there and signalling that it wants attention and release. Or maybe it is a stray hair and that's all... :roll:

          energetic releases into ecstasies wherever all



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            Originally posted by Badger
            Has anybody had a very pinpointed sensation in the center of the anus, like a tingling sensation, that feels like something wriggling around in the anal opening? It reminds me of the old phrase "a wild hair up the ass." It only seems to happen after a particularly good session. It's very distracting and irritating because it kind of tickles.
            I get these tickling sensations regularly with and without anersos after a good session, absolutely love them, they signal a great flood of orgasmic energy that is about to be released.


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              (Note : Underlined Text is a Hyper-Link)

              It sounds like you are one of the lucky men to have early success. While a hands free ejaculatory orgasm may not have been expected it is certainly indicative of a positive prostate response to your new Aneros MGX massager.

              The after effects of varying sensations are a common occurrence as well, just enjoy these with the knowledge you have awakened your prostate and it is now ready to start supplying you with pleasurable sensations at almost any time of the day.

              Badger & alv

              In the Rewiring paragraph of Understanding Your Body in the WIKI there is mention of “The feeling of worm like movements just up above the anal canal.” I believe this is a fairly common phenomenon as I too have felt these occasionally.


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                Thanks, guys, for your comments. I had done a lot of reading on the forums, blogs and wiki before deciding to get an Aneros for myself so I think I had a decent idea of how to get started with the idea in mind that I would just see what happens and not have any particular expectations.

                To answer a couple of your questions - 50 y/o here and although I've participated in some anal play in the past, none of it was specific to the prostrate and it has been 12+ years since anything has been in there at all.

                I'll post more about my experiences as I go along and I really appreciate your encouragement.

                In the meantime, I've spent the rest of Sunday and today in kind of an "afterglow" state of mind and I think it will be another day or two before I have a chance to experiment again.

                Take care!


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                  Thanks, artform, alv, and rumel.

                  I was wondering what the heck it was. Now, how do you deal with it? Usually when it hits, I'm fully clothed and it's considered very impolite or impractical to strip down and deal with it then and there.


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                    Tonight I had approx. 1 hour session which ended with ejaculation again with no erection and no stimulation of the penis. I was getting lots of wonderful sensations and after about 1/2 hour decided to lay on the floor on my back with my feet on the floor. After maybe 10-15 minutes, I started pressing on the pubic bone and that's what set me off.

                    Not as "spent" as Sunday and have had some great Aneros-less contractions which started about an hour after the big event. :lol:

                    Anyway, definitely another fantastic session but after ejaculation that was the end of any possibility of continuting O's at the time. Was definitely a little disoriented after I finally got up but a little snow shoveling in the cold brought me back to reality!


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                      After maybe 10-15 minutes, I started pressing on the pubic bone and that's what set me off.
                      When I edge this can set me off as well.


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                        WOW Jack sounds Awesome!!!!! Can't wait for a little me time to try that!!! Thanks for the info!!!


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                          I've had a great couple of days with my new "friend" who seems to want to f--- me senseless.
                          After today, I'm still in major craving mode and having lots of "aftershock" contractions - major P-waves and I'm not sure but I think some anal Os after the fact.

                          Planned on about an hour today but it was so good I couldn't bring myself to stop. Don't think I had a super-O but I had an incredible 2 1/2 hours and would have kept going much longer if I didn't have other obligations to deal with.

                          I definitely count myself as lucky to be having these amazing experiences in the first 3 weeks with my MGX. More to come ...

                          Thanks again for everyone's comments and observations!


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                            Originally posted by jack38
                            Planned on about an hour today but it was so good I couldn't bring myself to stop. Don't think I had a super-O but I had an incredible 2 1/2 hours and would have kept going much longer if I didn't have other obligations to deal with.
                            If your time is limited set an alarm clock - in the Aneros world you can experience time dilation i.e suddenly 4 hours are gone in what seemed to be 30 minutes.


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                              Hi All!

                              Great progress jack38! Check out the threads dealing with sensing the switch to choose whether to go for dry orgasms or wet for men who are about the stage you are at: ,

                              Alv, your point about time dilation is a key landmark in one's practice. Thanks. A number of us here and at KSMO have also noted a spatial expansion or dilation; what I have called "an expanding space of being" and another refers to as a pleasant "dissolving" sensation, both part of the ultimate sensation described as "union with the universe".

                              ah, the many dimensions and delights of this orgasmic/ecstatic energetics practice all