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  • How Did You Tell Your Partner

    I have been using the Aneros for a while now but I have not told my partner yet.

    I am afraid how she will react.

    How did you bring up the subject with your partner and how did she react?

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    Do you have other sex toys? they mostly seem to be for the woman's pleasure. I have bought my wife many sex toys over the years. I just told her I bought another toy and this time it is for me. It was really that easy
    If you haven't bought her any sex toys.... maybe this would be a good time to get her one before you introduce the aneros.


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      Good for you for your desire to include your partner!

      Telling my wife wasn't as bad as I was expecting. She had recently begun stimulating my anus during sex so I showed her the Aneros web site. I explained I was searching the net for information confirming a person's sexual orientation is not determined by what activities you enjoy, but rather the sex of the person(s) with which you desire to experience them. I pointed out that the Aneros site kept popping up during my searches on anal enjoyment and it piqued my curiosity. We reviewed the introductory material together and discussed my eagerness and her reservations in a non-confrontational manner. It was almost like we were discussing ideas for a family vacation....

      Her biggest concerns were that it could ultimately replace her as my preferred sexual activity and that it could easily become addictive. I assured her that the Aneros could never provide the emotional connection that we enjoy and asked her to alert me if I showed signs of addiction.

      She sometimes rolls her eyes when I explain I'm going to have an Aneros session (usually when she wants to watch a favorite TV program that doesn't interest me). But, on one occasion, she insisted I get my 'toy' and insert it when we were in the middle of sex. (I declined, knowing the prep time would destroy the mood...but what happened after that is another story! )

      I believe the Aneros site is a good way to break the ice and get the conversation started. The appeal of the super orgasm is pretty hard to ignore and automatically explains why you would be interested in one of these products. If she enjoys anal stimulation, be sure to direct her attention to the Peridise.

      Pat yourself on the back for your eagerness to share this with your partner. And best wishes for a productive discussion.



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        I haven't told my wife; she's always expressed an aversion to sex toys. She knows I do sometimes pleasure myself, and doesn't wish to be a part of it. Since using the aneros has increased my overall sexual desire and performance, and the intensity of my non-aneros sexual activity, she's benefited from it. I think she's smart enough to know I do some things "off the books" but loves me enough to let me have my space without making an issue of it.


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          You are not alone in seeking answers to this question sodasipper!

          I have just posted about this in rickg's thread about the great evening he and his wife had recently. Big jimbo responded with his problem introducing this to his wife.

          thhn, it is great that you two had a simple door opener situation and could easily talk openly and get on with it. Other men here who were worried and tried that, at times, ultimately found that their wives had an interest that they hadn't expressed either that was more open than the guy expected. Others not.

          SB, your experience with introducing this to your wife and her concerns are somewhat similar to mrs. a and I. How do you think the site here could be enhanced to be even more helpful for other guys?

          hula, mrs. a and I have had a similar feeling/trust about each other's need for personal space and time, actually enhanced by all of our adventures together with Aneros/KSMO/Tao.

          Yin/yang energies balancing, energies sharing, and the mutual joys of soft penis sex are among the discoveries that have surprised and thrilled mrs. a and I, remapped both of us and hugely enhanced and deepened our relationship, our love:

          Could I ask all you guys to respond here or there to the questions I have posed in rickg's thread please? I think we can be even more helpful here on the Aneros site.

          all the unique prostate launched energetic ecstasies and yin/yang m/f balancing potentials all



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            Mine actually asked me to get fab is that ?


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              Originally posted by artform
              How do you think the site here could be enhanced to be even more helpful for other guys?
              Are you referring to 'informing the man's partner' or non-specific improvements that would benefit the general membership?

              I'm not able to offer much regarding the latter since I'm still struggling with my own journey. As for the former, my first impression is to solicit input from the spouses. If we could identify the major concerns and develop an acceptable response or rebuttal, it may help some men feel more confident in their ability to communicate this subject with their partners.

              I have a couple specific ideas. But for the sake of brevity, I'll submit this post, first, to verify we're discussing the same topic.



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                I introduced it as something to improve / maintain the health of the prostate (which it is). That actually is the true original reason I was searching on the web wondering if there were supplements that were good or what when I stumbled on the Aneros. Her Father also at the time had prostate cancer so she understood the issues a bit. I never mentioned that I get extreme orgasms from it. I figure perhaps she is better off thinking that I am hard at work taking care of myself rather than pleasuring myself for hours on end.


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                  I also brought the subject up with my wife in relation to the prostate health aspects. While herself very conservative in her approach to sex and averse to the use of sex toys, she was (to my surprise) quite positive about this and even asked me to include it in our lovemaking on one occasion which included her being receptive to anal intercourse. Unfortunately my PCa and subsequent treatment has put something of a damper on our sex life and my Aneros use lately.
                  I live in hope that I'll get my 'life' back ;0


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                    My first post here, and only a few sessions under my belt. I introduced the Aneros (Maximus) to my wife starting with the medical benefit side of things (prostate health, preventative medicine), with some basic explanations of the male internal anatomy, closing with the sexual side (g-spot orgasms, increased penile sensitivity, etc.). She is familiar with my anal area, and his comfortable with experimenting there. She took the introduction with great stride, and seemed receptive to me needing some "relaxation" time with the Aneros before lovemaking. Due to an injury she recently sustained, we have yet to make that happen.

                    I guess it all revolves around finding where she is most receptive to talking about things of a sexual nature. Some couples are more comfortable actual performing acts of lovemaking than they are talking one on one about them.