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    Thank you, but I'll have to rule uncomfortable positions out. Perhaps I could induce some controlled muscle strain by leaning my legs more to the sides. I'll see what happens. :?


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      Mysterious and fickle are the ways of the aneros , Isnt it Rod ? almost absurd to think the designer of this planned for so many men to go through such twisted way ... and to think 1000's of ppl are discussing it in such detail...

      One thing , sessions no.11 . came close , but sitting on 2 chairs proved to stall the contractions from happening , and then after an hour , the muscles were too tired and over stimulated .It's so toucy ! . In disappointment I had to pack for the day. Give it a breather , and try again soon .


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        Oh, Gary...


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          Im glad to see that Indigenous author is feeling much better, So last night I was having like my 30th session and Im starting to feel a bit annoyed. I havent used my aneros for about a week now, due to me catching a cold and my body just was in no where need of the aneros. I tried the method last night, but Im a bit confused as to how to do it. I did a total of two hours but then just gave up and gave a good wank to finish off. So can you get into more detail as to what to do with your method? I know you said push out and hold until the aneros takes over but I would pull in and then push slightly out and that felt nice, but after 20 minutes some of those good feelings went away. The really rough part for me is that on my second session (ever), I had a HUGE anal orgasm probably not a super O but it was so good, I could feel the waves of pleasure and my hands were gripping the bed sheets and I was moaning it was great! then nothing for a long time, then bam durin like my 13th session I had it again after about an hour into my session. Now Im at like session 30 and its weird because somedays I feel it hitting some spots and other days i feel nothing works. Im starting to get impatient and its so weird because it felt to good at the beginning and now it feels like im going backwards.... I even tried sitting with one cheek on the bed and the other not touching it now this position made my dick really hard, but nothing else...


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            Give me about thirty minutes to respond I just came home from work, but I can explain in greater detail of course.

            I have been having great results lately. I have also learned that over the years there is more than one way to induce good feelings with the Aneros. Some methods are just better than others, but some don't work for some people. For the last two days I have found yet another way to induce pleasure from the Aneros, but this new technique induces pre-ejaculate (pre-cum) I was amazed at how my pushing out method produced yet another method that works for me. When I get tired of other methods I go back to pushing out.

            Also, thank you for being concerned about my health. I am still a little scared about loosing control of my body, because I think that I might hurt myself. When I push out without using the Aneros I get sensations that are sometimes annoying and sometimes pleasurable.

            I tend to loose myself in the mind altering sensations (not necessarily pleasurable). A sudden wave of pleasure may hit and my hands grip by themselves and my body shakes a bit. It sounds scary right. It’s funny because I can be asleep and awaken an hour latter with the same sensations.

            Edit: Ha,, Sorry it took so long those 13 hour work days are really mentally and physically draining. I fell asleep.

            I found that the method described in the first post does work every time if it is done as I described, but the results can rang from good to almost non-existent. Being tired and impatient won't help the situation any.

            !. Relax to a certain point. (When starting this method off you don't have to be completely relaxed)

            2. Start off by slightly pushing out with the muscles that you use when you have a bowel movement. Do not push hard like you are having a bowel movement.

            3. At this point the outward contraction should be held for a few minutes (based on the person pushing) I usually hold the outward contraction for a few minutes.

            4. While holding think of "letting go" of any restrictions>> (which usually come in the form of a PC muscle contraction (holding in urine))

            5. What does letting go really mean? well it may be different for some people, but it may mean something similar for all people. I have only TRULY let go sexually once in my life because my restrictions (defense) was caught off guard.

            Letting go sexually feels like:

            *You are using the muscles needed to urinate, but no urine comes out (stuck that way) Meaning the muscles stay contracted regardless of what you do)
            *You feel heavier
            *you may feel altered in your brain
            *There is a STRONG, INSTANT tingle in the genital area
            *pre-ejaculate starts to come out or is present instantly.
            * You may feel like you NEED to have an orgasm or you may have an anal orgasm.
            *All good feeling become self maintaining and may not go away if you try to regain composure.
            *You may feel like a sexual animal who needs to fulfill a role.

            There is only one time when I Truly let go.

            Most intense: A woman whispered very naughty things in my ear about what she wanted to do to me. I started to walk away and she grabbed my arm and started sensually rubbing it with a "take me now" look in her eyes. (I barley got away) The sensations (listed above) continued for about ten minutes.

            There where a few times when I partially let go: which is what I can recreate in my sessions.

            I was at work I was minding my own business working a woman walked by I happened to look up. When I looked up I saw her big rear end in jeans about a meter/yard away from my face. (I almost lost it) Yes, she was very attractive body shape wise as well.

            This time was when one of my female co-workers, whom I work with. Came to sit by me like always, started to sit by me. She began to sit down and she brushed up against me repeatedly, and when we sat down we were sitting so close that every time that she moved I felt a release. About 30 seconds later I felt like striping her and going at it.

            In short letting go sexually may be that natural sexual urge that we have surfaced and partially realized. I wanted to give you all these examples because it may help you to understand what I am talking about. Some people just call what I explained being "horny".

            I have a theory that some people know the "letting go" feeling better than other which is why the can progress faster. Meaning their fantasy (fantasizing) is much better than other because they have had the real thing or simulator feelings.

            6. After crossing over that barrier with sexual feelings you may notice that your pushing out contraction became stronger, but you still feel completely relaxed. This continuously become stronger until the involuntary twitching occurs and your body takes over and there is no control over the contraction or more correctly you try to contract your pc muscles, but you can’t because it SEEMS to difficult.

            7. After that part what you experience is up to you I haven’t had a super-o using that technique, but I would eventually. Others my go directly into the super-o or have waves of pleasure. During the pushing out contraction the feeling if letting go is what is needed to achieve the level of arousal needed to go into the pleasure realm.

            8. Have fun.

            Things to note:

            • you are more likely to have a anal orgasm before any other type of orgasm using this method
            • The penis may or may not become erect

            I think that is the method in detail……..


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              thank you so much for writing about the method, and not only that but sharing your ideas on letting go! Its important I think that we share a little more than just the basic idea of something, because this really could help some one out there. Not only help but also show that there is not one way to achieve some form of pleasure, if we can feel like we are having similar experiences or at least have a better understanding, then having that good mindset while having a session could really bring forth more to the person. Thanks again and I'll let know what I feel...