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Off Topic: Male Version of Female Ejaculation (Squirting)

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  • Reading all comments, I wonder if everyone refers to the same thing.

    Well, I guess there is no way to know. Count me doubting.


    • Here are some other videos demonstrating squirting technique:


      • this clip, mentioned in post before this, is two hours long:

        for squirting, look at 18 min and 1 hour 30 min: there may be more in there, if somebody else wants to scan it. i lost patience.

        edit: ok, another one at 1 hour 5 min.

        note: if you only tune in to those specific spots, you'll miss that these fellows were getting expertly serviced for a good long time up to that point, so they were very erotically primed. i don't know if you can get there in just a couple of minutes of hand job.



        • It's amazing how long this thread has gone on!

          I have found that a longish session with my Helix will trigger squirting without any other preperation. In the beginning, the trick is to set yourself up with lots of towels, under you and at hand so you don't worry about the mess. Then, just wait. I usually lay on my back and sometimes have my knees up. You may get a pee feeling. But, you did go before right? So, gently, let it come. Let a little come out before you shut it off. Play with it. Is it clear? Is it slippery? If so, good job, let 'er rip. You might even taste it. It should have no taste. You can even try this with a condom to contain the fluid.

          I think most will hold back being afraid of pee and a mess. If you can get past that, you may figure it out.

          It feels good, kind of in between coming and peeing. I don't get muscle contractions, but it feels good and there is a lot of it.

          Have great wet fun!



          • I had something similar to this happen to me. I was using my progasm and I swear, I was so close to my first super-o. I was rock hard, then all of sudden I was squirting. And it was a lot. In total there was probably about 10 squirts . I was not able to control it and I was surprised I had so much in me. I don't know where it all came from. It definitely was not pee. It was too thick and had no smell. This happened to me again at a later time, except I was not hard during this aneros session. But it was still the same results.


            • Recently started having male squirting orgasms and wanted to share my findings with you guys.

              The key, as others have said, is about letting go. I would also add another key is to FEEL. With a normal ejaculation it is so common to force and become tense before hand. To squirt it is essential to focus the stimulation on the penis head, in particular right by the uretha. If you must favor a side, favor the top side or the the ridge of the glans if you need a break. Don't rush, just focus on the sensations that you are enjoying at the moment.

              Here is an experiment (I am uncircumcised so cannot guarantee this works for circumcised but please try and let me know):

              1. Get yourself aroused through whatever means you prefer. However, once you get aroused and hard or mostly hard begin to focus your attention back onto your body and penis and how nice it feels to be aroused. This means if you are using porn or a fantasy you should start to shift back into your own body.

              2. Lay on your back with your legs splayed out to the side. Your legs should be as relaxed as you can with little to no tension. Also try to consciously relax your lower abdomen. Try to maintain this relaxation throughout the following steps.

              3. Retract your foreskin and gently begin to graze the head of your penis, in particular the top portion and the area near the urethra. Light, quick actions with lubrication is a good starting point.

              4. As you experiment with this you will likely notice that the sensation can be very intense and you have a tendency to tense up, and "block" the sensation. This is the key part of this. Try to consciously feel the sensations on the penis head even though they may be very strong and overwhelming, relax into them. You will notice that as you do this, the reflex to block and tense will gradually reduce.

              From here it's up to you but I recommend keeping two things in mind:
              1. Don't rush, if you start thinking you need to hurry, you lose touch with the feelings. This causes tension and leads to ejaculation. A good mantra that I use is "There is no hurry, enjoy this" or "Relax, there is nowhere else to be".

              2. Become conscious of the blocking sensation and try to gradually allow your body to fully experience the strong sensations without needing to block.

              Hope that is helpful. For me I use two main methods of stimulation, a well lubed fleshlight that I use only short and light strokes of the penis head and a Hitachi Wand vibrator low pressed nearly directly onto the urethra. I get some quite large squirting ejaculations along with a deep sense of throbbing and release. The fluid that is released is very clear even if I urinate right beforehand with more of a noticeable yellow tint. I cannot guarantee that there is no urine but it seems quite diluted if it is.

              This method takes some bravery, it feels uncertain and scary but you can trust your body. My favorite way is to really take it slow and tease myself alot with lighter methods and then once I'm ready to burst I find a comfortable position and use the vibrator and just unleash it.

              I hope this is helpful and if anyone has any questions please ask away.


              • I can attest that male squirting is real! I have done it for years, but never tried it by myself. The first time was quite by accident. It happened after a nice long sex session in which my female partner finished me off with a nice hand job. However, after I ejaculated she just kept on stroking. For most of us, after ejaculation the glans and penis head are so sensitive, that continued stimulation becomes almost unbearable. I asked her to stop, but she just kept stroking the head and glans. After about a minute the sensation became so intense I started shaking and moaning and telling her if she doesn't stop I am going to pee! She just kept on going. I was holding the tightest kegel I could to keep from peeing, but the pressure became so intense, I finally let go and several big squirts of clear fluid began shot out of my penis and I was screaming with pleasure! Since then, she wants me to do it all the time!

                It is very pleasurable, but getting there is very, very, intense for me. So, we only do it occasionally. I can't imagine trying to do it myself. For me, it is the surrendering of all control over to her.

                Oh, and I am almost certain it is not pee. I say this because I love asparagus and it always gives my urine a very strong odor. One time, I had eaten asparagus and peed before sex and the urine had the odor. When I squirted the fluid had no odor at all. Then I peed after the session and the pee had the odor.


                • I *THINK* I may be a squirter!

                  After a long (2-3 hour) session with my Helix and Progasm Jr I decided to end the session and get some sleep. I have read somewhere on here that prostate milking is a fun way to end a session with a sense of closure, so decided to give it a try!

                  I started out slouched in a chair with my legs up, using whichever device I had in at the time (I forget which) manually. I tried puling it out a bit and rocking it back and forth/side to side/anything I could think of. This wasn't really providing any particularly pleasurable sensations so I decided to try my fingers instead, which turned out to be one of my better ideas!

                  I worked my middle and ring fingers inside myself and reached up and forward using the same technique I would to perform a G-spot massage on a partner. I found that relaxing (and possibly performing a rectal contraction) pushed my prostate forward making it reachable. Conversely performing a kegel drew my prostate away from my fingers.

                  So I continued to relax and massage as described and I got a fairly strong 'urge to pee' feeling and before I knew It I was leaking like mad. Then It happened...rather it carried on! I continued to leak unusually large amounts. The precum became thinner over time and seemed to stop and start in waves. I was pretty happy with this and thought I'd call it a night.

                  Somehow on the 1 meter journey from my seat to my bed It struck me to try the same technique squatting/kneeling. This position allowed me greater access to my prostate and the flow started again, even stronger than before! After a few more of these I finally finished up for the night

                  Now to the 'is this pee?' question!

                  For me the jury's out. It doesn't smell like pee and it doesn't really feel like I'm urinating, However it doesn't feel strongly orgasmic either. Perhaps it's actually stimulating the cowpers gland into producing a lot of precum very quickly? Maybe it doesn't matter!

                  I have managed to repeat this another time and will certainly be trying it again!


                  • newhelixuser420 I was experiencing the same thing when I was having my aneros session just now. It was all started after I got my trident maximus. I was unsure whether it is pee or precum and in fact I was kinda worried if anything happen to my body. The fluid excreted is clear slippery fluid (which i assumed combination of both pee and precum? Not sure). The "squirt" normally come when I stimulate my nipple, with small stream of fluid release from the penis. Were you manage to repeat this after that?


                    • I use a helix and after a longer session (1hour +) I'll often squirt. I usually have a good amount of precum flowing out, which will usually turn into a squirt or 2 accompanied by some intense involuntary shaking.
                      some days it's crazy sexy and hot, some days it's a bit annoying.
                      its definitely not pee as this is a thick and slippery.


                      • I have tried this a few times but couldnít bear the sensation for too long. I always got a bit worried about what was going to happen as I felt I was getting the urge to pee and didnít want to risk it on my bed. I am definitely going to try to get through it and experience it. Iíve seen movies of women squirting and I always thought they were just peeing, maybe there is more to it.


                        • I came across these posts and have become slightly obsessed with figuring this process out. I figure there is something to it all .even if it turns out to be channeling urine o, or some other the other fluids we'll possess, through the ejaculatory contractions that would still be pretty awesome .In the JAV videos it seems the process happens most immediately after ejacuculation .It's pretty amazing how that stream is accessed given that the body shuts certain pathways so semen can flow in the absence of urine.

                          I have tried all the rubbing techniques both pre and post ejaculation but have never gotten the have to pee feeling. I'm not giving up hope because I remember back to my early days of rewiring and thinking the aneroa and super orgasm may have been a myth .I stayed with that and now have my mind blown regularly with each experience .just when I think it can't get any better it does

                          If anyone has advice, has achieved the male squirt and would like to mento my journey or if anyone else is trying to achieve this and wants to form a support group let me know.


                          • twotoneska I too have come across this male squirt and am 100% sure it is real, I have been fairly obsessed with it as well, (in a healthy way lol) .. I have tried to read as much about it as I can, viewed a lot of videos too.. I have been trying for over a year to get it to happen and as of yet still haven't. I believe that there are two ways to do it, as you mentioned post and pre ejaculation. For a while the only way I knew about was post so I tried that for a bit, but then came across a lot of info about the pre. So I ended up focusing on the pre because as with the post I would tend to lose interest in it after I came. When I first started with the pre, the method I would use was try to get myself completely relaxed (I also always empty my bladder first). then I would lube up my thumb with something that wasn't too slippery (as Ive found some friction helps with the sensations) and then I only rub my cock head glands. I also rub fairly slowly easing into all the senastions, I will typically rub in different areas on my cock head, the sensations tend to take me where they want. In any event at the beginning I would very easily get the pee feeling and also a sensation that my abdomen region was filling with fluid, I could almost feel it trickle. but after a month or two these sensations went away or I don't notice them as much. Lately my technique hasn't really changed that much. I think the key is to really relax, your PC and abdomen muscles need to be relaxed and not tight or clenched. Also you have to relax and ease into the sensations that the rubbing of just your cock head gives you, for me they feel really good and I have a hard time not wanting to speed up my stroking or clench something.. doing either of those things for me makes the sensation go away for me. Lately I feel like Ive been making some good progress and the sensations are really becoming very intense, almost like a sensation overload where I cant take anymore rubbing, but I think this is the path to squirting. I believe that this process takes a while as it is also reprogramming your body to do something it has never done before but I think it will happen. One last thing is Ive also read that people have more success after a long edging session or after a long anal play session. For me I feel that I get more of the sensations while I leave one of my prostate toys left inside me.. I don't clench it or anything, just leave it in there after a session and the sensations feel much stronger.


                            • I got this to work...sort of...I think? I started masturbating the old-fashioned way: left hand stroking, no lube, standing over the toilet. As I did it, I consciously pushed as if I were pushing out pee. The clear Cowper fluid started to show itself after a few minutes and I indeed felt like I had to pee. But I kept pushing. Then, a stream came out that seemed to be a mixture of urine and precum. The first couple streams got rid of most of the urine and then it just became a lot of precum but not really a shooting stream. To be honest, it wasnít very pleasurable and I donít know how healthy it is to strain or push that long. But I was essentially able to force precum out through a stream of urine. Iím not into pee stuff at all so I donít think Iíll be doing that anymore.

                              Ive also tried the post-ejaculation techniques but my interest dies down so much that I give up pretty easily.

                              Has as anyone been successful with this and also felt orgasmic pleasure? Iíve never made a girl squirt like they do in porn videos but I imagine it would feel incredible and thatís really what Iím after.


                              • Maximus1217 I had never heard of male squirting before I found it here at aneros forum so I had to try it at my husband. He said it was a joke when I showed him a video. Just rub horizontal real fast directly after you cum even if it is very sensitive and when you feel the pee sensation donít hold back instead push a little and tadaa you will squirt. Took maybe 3 attempts because he couldnít let goo(he clenched instead of push). You can go on rub after the first squirt. He says it is not a very orgasmic feeling but he get very exhausted afterwards. The liquid is exactly the same in smell, taste, colour and consistence as when a woman squirt. ( I also have the same experience of the orgasmic feeling. This is not as good as it looks like in pornfilms. But with my curiosity offcourse I had to try it out.) Maybe itís easier if your wife do it for you.

                                Good luck!

                                The stubborn wife.