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Low down on the Progasm vs Helix advice needed

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  • Low down on the Progasm vs Helix advice needed

    Greetings everyone. I'm new to the Aneros and just received my package today! I've not used it yet though. I have a question. See, I was trying to decide between the Helix and the Progasm and, while shopping around, I found a good deal on those two and ended up buying both.

    I know that experienced people here advise starting with the Helix. I'm wondering if this is solely because of the size and possible inexperience of the user. I am a gay man who is quite familiar with anal play. I haven't done it in many, many years but it's one of those things that's like riding a bicycle I imagine. . .once you learn how you don't forget. After opening the box and looking at the sizes, I'm wondering if I shouldn't just start off with the Progasm.

    What think you experts?

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    Hello xhepera and welcome,

    Sorry, the experts were howling at the full moon club meeting so you got the nube.

    Easy, middle of the road path = Helix. That said, pleasure is in the mind of the beholder. If it looks good to you just trust your own judgment, rinse-out, lube-up and do it.

    Remember the Progasm is sort of a two-step insertion. Head in, bit of a "scoop" over the mid-ridge and let your bod suck it on in. :shock: :P

    Enjoy and regards...nb09


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      Unlike a dildo the Aneros products are designed to 're-wire' you so that you can be more aware of your own body and it's sensitivity. All of which leads to multiple prostate orgasms instead of one ejaculative orgasm.

      I would recommend you start with the Helix and learn the finer points of sensitive touching of the prostate. For me, using less pressure on either brings more pleasure. If I use too much 'muscle' to manipulate them I can make my prostate sore. I really like to strive for the feeling of a feather gently stroking my prostate, that gives me the most pleasure.

      I have the Helix, Eupho, and Progasm and very rarely use the Progasm. It just feels like a hammer hitting my prostate instead of a feather!


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        Originally posted by helixbill
        Progasm. It just feels like a hammer hitting my prostate instead of a feather!
        I could not have said it better. I like the Progasm, but it has a heavy touch.

        I am a firm believer that bigger is not better even with Aneros and even if you have anal experience. I have now had about 5 years of anal experience with Aneros and my best rides seem to be with the smaller models.

        I am sure you have chosen one of the models by now and have at least one session under your belt. You really cannot go wrong with either of them, so just have fun and don't expect too much too soon.


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          Lots of good advice already mentioned.

          I'm no expert, and this probably isn't what you want to hear, but your body will tell you what it wants. Since you have both, why not try them out and judge for yourself which feels better? You can always switch.


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            Thank you all very much for the replies! I truly appreciate them.


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              I've been using both for 5 days now. It wasn't until the third day that I experienced something other than just pleasurable. Yesterday and today, days 4 and 5, I have been experiencing actual sensations that I can only describe as orgasms of a sort, that seem to just take over my body. Lot's of thrashing, twitching and involuntary contractions in various places. Combined with really nice bodily pleasure waves. So I'm getting the hang of it. I had the day off today and spent about 5 hours or so with one or the other in use. Amazing. Practice makes perfect, as they say. I'm gettin' there.

              I am glad that I was able to get both. I'd like to explore some of the other models as well. I've been starting off with the Helix and then switching to the Progasm. As I said, they both have their good points, but honestly? I'm thinking of having a t-shirt made that reads:

              My Progasm made me its Bitch!

              Seriously. That thing can be brutal. Especially during my series of involuntary anal contractions! But I find myself craving it. I can give myself bodily sensations just by thinking about it! It's like a bad-boy lover that I know I need to stay away from, but can't. :lol:


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                Glad to hear of your great progress. I have to agree that more gental strokes are more pleasurable.

                It really is true that all the models feel different and give you slightly different kinds of pleasure. At first i thought that was just marketing hype to get you to buy all the models but Ive been pleasantly surprised.


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                  Join us tomorrow on the Live Chat!!!


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                    Originally posted by pif
                    Join us tomorrow on the Live Chat!!!
                    Oh, Ill be there!