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    Here I am again.

    OK this is probably repeating similar threads that have appeared over time but I'll ask anyway. As mentioned I've just resumed after quite some months break. This time I am having great success.

    I told my wife of 40 years that I had bought a massager to help my restricted urine flow etc. (I am having a bit of a flow issue so it was true)

    I showed her the High Island Health site and she was quite enthusiastic about me using it. I excused myself to the upstairs bedroom for 2 weeks on the basis that I was embarrassed about using it and needed privacy. Each night I've used it I've had a great experience. Now, here's the problem. I don't want to stop when I rejoin her in bed but I am concerned that if I try to use it with her around, I'll have one of those out of control sessions and moan and groan etc.

    1) How many of you use your Aneros with your wife in bed?
    2) Is she aware of the great sexual pleasure you get from it?

    She's a pretty conservative type and I don't know how she'll react to my telling her it's a wonderful source of sexual pleasure for me and that I'd like to use it with her around. She is aware that I masturbate but it's just one of those things she sort of ignores; sort of out of sight out of mind.

    You see my conundrum. Tell her all about it and ask if I can use it with her risking a backlash from her OR... only using it very occasionally when I can grab some privacy.

    Advice please,

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    why not have it both ways? Conservative or not, why wouldn't your wife want you to experience pleasure?
    You have already told her about it so I would say the hardest part is over. I use mine with my wife and on my own.
    It's not the same experience for me.
    I would think you would be most at ease if you were right up front about it. I fretted about it for some time and one day just decided I didn't want it to be a secret so I just put it out there. she was just fine with it. Maybe you need to give her a bit more credit?
    Obviously you know her best - just my opinion...... you did ask


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      Hi, Mrbater! I for one am VERY glad I involved my wife in my Aneros journey from the beginning. Like your wife, mine was extremely conservative --- to the point of always having the lights off whenever we had sex and never anything more than brief foreplay followed by intercourse. This routine lasted for 20 years --- until I purchased my MGX last May that is. My reason for wanting to try Aneros centered around my increasing inability to keep an erection. After two solo sessions, I could tell my wife was starting to feel my Aneros might replace my need for her. At that point, we actually started to talk about sex for the first time in our marriage. I was surprised as to how llittle she actually new about the male body. I offered my wife the opportunity to watch me use my Aneros. She did; and, it became a real turnon for her. She now readily inserts my Aneros for me whenever I offer her the chance. We have never been so close, Mrbater; and, I have NO regrets from involving my wife in my Aneros journey. At times now, I will have my wife insert my Aneros; and, then I will perform oral sex on her --- much to her delight. At other times, I will give her a soothing massage with Kama Sutra oil; and, when she drifts off into sleep, I'll reach for my Euphro and let it glide into place. In the morning, she usually asks if I used my "thingy" during the night. It is usually self-evident if I used my Aneros during the night, though, because energy is surging through my body waiting for my beloved to awaken! Either way, I thank my God for the Aneros journey and for the sexual fullness that has been steadily growing between my wife and I as a result!!! :lol: At 60 years old, this is a VERY good thing!


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        Wow, Starr831, what a post.

        What you have described is exactly the outcome I would have hoped for. You are a very fortunate man. We are both in our early 60's and sex between us is very rare. In fact the last time we had sex was last February. My wife sounds similar to yours in as much as she didn't enjoy foreplay all that much either and really wanted to get on with intercourse. Oral sex was a rarity.

        I think I'll tell her that what began as a prostate massage to help my urination, to my great surprise and joy, finished up a highly erotic experience with tremendous pleasure.

        I'm concerned that due to her lack of sex drive though, the whole thing won't mean much too her. She is aware I masturbate still but never comments one way or another and has never suggested (maybe) getting together for some mutual masturbation or anything. I don't know if you have anything more you can tell me but if you do and would like more privacy you can get me on

        Thanks for everything, your reply was inspirational.


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          Mrbater --- I sent a private message (PM)! Please let me know if you get it. Have a great day, Starr831


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            Originally posted by mrbater
            .... Now, here's the problem. I don't want to stop when I rejoin her in bed but I am concerned that if I try to use it with her around, I'll have one of those out of control sessions and moan and groan etc.

            The night after my fifth 'journey session' I woke the whole household (including the dog) by moaning in my sleep. My wife had not been warned and thought I was having a heart attack. She's well clued in now and it's just fair to one's loved one to bring them aboard on this hazard. And, even though I've not come close to a Super-O any highly aroused session when I'm awake seems to yield a lot of moans when I'm asleep. My wife now accepts these. The dog does not and barks to awaken me...and the neighbors.

            1) How many of you use your Aneros with your wife in bed?
            We bought the Helix for foreplay and intercourse. Have switched to the SGX for foreplay. She is a distraction during Journey sessions and we agree that those are better solo. I like to do my "3R" sessions on my own but we sometimes mix some 3R stuff into foreplay. I like an occasional restraint session and my wife supports those although she is conservative in her own approach to BD action.
            2) Is she aware of the great sexual pleasure you get from it?

            Advice please,
            I'll cover details in a PM