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    Thank you for the link plantation. That site, Society for Sacred Sexuality, has an overwhelming amount of wonderful and enlightening information.

    There was a time when I felt "there is always that undercurrent of joy that comes from living your dream." I lost that somewhere and the aneros journey has brought that back into sight, along with pleasures of a much greater nature.

    I was personally touched by the following excerpts: always follow your nature, you don't always follow your DESIRE. There are other things in your nature that get in the way of desire, and dissuade or prevent you from following it. These may be fear, doubt, insecurity, laziness, lack of persistence, guilt, shame, self-hate, self-denial, clinging to the past or present, attachment to people or things that don't serve you, settling for less, or simply not knowing what you want. These may be part of your nature, and you may let them dictate your choices in life, but they are not your TRUE nature. Your true nature is pure desire.
    Desire is your true, pure, highest nature. Everything else is less. Sexual Enlightenment dawns when you follow your true nature.

    Desire is always for more and more. This is how you grow and evolve. Ultimately, desire seeks out the most -- the most happiness, peace, power, and truth.
    Everyone knows the experience of fulfilled desire. It is one of joyful exhilaration and release. And the more deeply held the desire, the more ecstatic the elation. Even the act of pursuing the desire, before it is fulfilled, fills you with enthusiastic life energy and drive. If these experiences are foreign to you, it suggests that you should follow your desires more.

    The ecstatic release that accompanies a deeply held desire is much the same as orgasm, on a smaller scale. In fact, orgasm itself is nothing other than the ecstatic release of one of our deepest and most powerful yearnings -- sexual desire.

    If you see the connection between orgasm and fulfilling the desires of your day-to-day nature, then you can imagine the ecstasy that accompanies fulfillment of your true, pure nature. It is literally a fulfillment of the purpose for which you are born, and to witness that - to live, breathe, speak, and act it - is genuinely orgasmic. And it is so 24 hours a day, every day
    Sexual Enlightenment is literally a state of continuous fulfillment of desire. Unlike common desires, which when gained are soon forgotten in the quest after new desires, your true life desires are permanently ingrained sources of fulfillment. They thoroughly and continuously satisfy you by nature.

    Lest you think such an experience would be overwhelming, impossible to live with, or even boring (because it's the same every day), it's not like that at all. Your body adjusts to this perfectly natural experience in a natural way.

    Envision living the life you've always wanted. Yes, when you finally get there after pursuing it so long, you're in seventh heaven for a time. But then it simply becomes your natural way of life and you live out your dream enjoying daily activities like before. The main difference is that there is always that undercurrent of joy that comes from living your dream. Sexual Enlightenment is like that. On special occasions that may well up in orgasmic-type ecstasy, but mostly it's a quiet, peaceful, and joyful background awareness.


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      Thanks plantation!

      Here is one to complement and add to that too:

      Mrs. a and I have had some additional great progress in this area as described in the recent posts in my blog:

      all the best orgasmospiritual journeying all