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Tried my MGX for the first time tonight, some tips please?

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  • Tried my MGX for the first time tonight, some tips please?

    Hi guys, I have been reading these great forums for the last week and prepared myself for the big night tonight,

    This is my first experience with anal play, I read how important it was about relaxing etc etc I think this is the biggest obstacle to overcome.

    So I watched porn and lubed up, and slowly inserted the MGX (with a condom on for cleanliness), while lying on my back. It took a while but I finally got it all the way in, it didnt feel amazingly comfortably though. Also, I had to hold it in place once fully in, or it slid out a little. Is this normal?

    I did feel it massaging my prostate, but it didnt feel amazing. I left it about 5 minutes, then stimulated my penis with the Aneros still inside, until I came. The penile orgasm was OK but not amazing..

    So I know theres a learning curve, I wondered if you guys could answer a couple of questions?

    Is it right that I have to hold the aneros in so the Ptab stays against my perineum? I thought it was meant to be hands free?

    What do I need to change to get the amazing sensations you read about on here? I inserted it all the way, watched some porn, nothing amazing happened?

    How should I combine penile stimulation with anal stimulation to get the best results? I do want to ejaculate, should I do it with the Aneros in? Or out? Masturbate first? or after? What have you found gives you best results?

    How can I relax more? I tried breathing deeply but that didnt help a lot?

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    I think that most of the guys here would agree that one session is not enough to make significant progress on enjoyment of the aneros. It takes many sessions, each one getting better and more comfortable. Also, I would suggest that you leave the penis alone, for now anyway. Just concentrate on the sensations on your prostate.


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      I can resonate with your first experience. I'm a 57 year old. I have had some prostatis in the past, I'm quite sexually active. I'm in good condition, I lift weights, and run 3 or 4 miles every other day. I can wears the same sized pants I wore in H.S. I purchased both an MGX and a Helix about three years ago. I have used both of them in virtually every setting imaginable. Solo and with my S.O. who sometimes inserts one during oral sex on me. I like it, and it usually intensifies the orgasm. I have also tried both of them lying on my bed, standing, on my back, on my side, on my stomach, while watching porn, whatever, etc. I have watched most of the vids on xtube of guys demonstrating its effectiveness. It feels good. It's not amazing. I have never been remotely close to a hands free orgasm from either one of them, and I keep on trying because I love my ass played with during sex. Somebody said, with it in, it takes minimal contact with the penis to reach orgasm. That also has not been my experience. It's takes about the same amount masturbation with or without it to reach orgasm. I see many guys have gotten great results from this product. I wish I were one of them! :?:


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        I'm in my early 20's. Going to have to be truthful to you as hell. I wanted to make a new post but I think here is the proper place to put it. Your first time, will not be that amazing. It wasn't for me. I purchased the Helix, and the first time I tried it, honestly it just felt like I had a plug in there and that's it. The kinkiness of the whole thing was a kind of turn on, but I was so uncomfortable with it that I didn't know if I ever would again.

        Of course I paid a lot of money for the thing and everyone here swears by it so a week later I gave it another go. Same deal for me. A little more comfortable. Decided to just not expect much, practice contractions, tried to get "used" to it. At no point was it painful, but I was so uncomfortable having something in me like that. I just felt like I had to go to the bathroom or something. Couldn't achieve much.

        It's been about a month, about 4 sessions later, I was comfortable with it in. Didn't have any expectation of it being considered a masturbatory tool. I simply inserted it and took a shower. By this point I could feel it in me, but it didn't make me feel uncomfortable. Insertion was simple, I barely felt like it was invading me. But I still didn't get anything mind blowing from it.

        After the shower I went to me room, and decided to finally just lay face down and just gently contract the thing, like I always had but I never had this nagging feeling now of "wtf, I gotta get this thing out of me." so i just totally relaxed. Started touching my nipples, when it fucking happened. It didn't come from my prostate, or my penis or anywhere.

        It felt like a chemical rush. Like a drug really, like I just got something put into me through an IV or whatever. My teeth felt electric. I didn't even feel the aneros, my eyes were closed and I saw stars (kind of like when you put pressure on your eyes for a few seconds; it starts to get really bright?)

        As soon as I realized what was happening, it was gone. Over. I tried to get it back and although every contraction felt pleasurable against my prostate it wasn't that chemical rush. I swear I was on ecstasy for a minute there. Yet it came from my body. It left me confused, a little embarassed really. It was like I was a kid and just had my first orgasm and didn't know what to do or say.

        I've had three more since then. Every single time, that feeling came back, a little longer than before. Each time, touching my nipples was the catalyst for ME. The little ticklish shocks felt connected to my prostrate somehow. Don't know why. I also have to be face down, don't understand why, but I do.

        What I'm trying to say is, I'm basically discovering my body. It's not something we guys are used to. We're used to demanding our bodies to feel certain things. We jerk off, we cum, that's it. It has no choice but to obey. Here, WE have to listen to our bodies. Not react to it, not command it but listen to it. It's fucking WEIRD. Believe me. I told my wife this stuff and she laughed at me, saying it's not weird for her to understand because that's what girls have to do. Some girls have it easier than others, some don't... all psycological. All about Knowing your body.

        It's a pain man, some girls you give em a little twist on the clit and they cum, some, you gotta work pretty hard to get in rythym. Now I understand why. Because they need to somehow get everything down right. The touch, the relaxation, the arousal and the contact. You need to do the same for yourself, and it's almost like starting over, hell, fuck starting over... just starting... this is something WE as men NEVER had to do, and now we are.

        Trust me, I'm at the tip of the iceberg, but I have never felt such fully physical pleasure like this. It's something so out of this world. I honestly never thought the body was capable of it. I've used a lot of drugs in my life, and most drugs all they do is stimulate the brain to create chemicals, I never knew that I could cause those chemicals to come about my something already inside me. You need to take your time and go through the stages. I know you will.


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          I've got to agree with Inverse here in that this experience is like no other you will have had before. We all ejaculate and have an orgasm but never do these penile orgasms last for minutes at a time at high intensity, drift off to a lesser intensity and then come back and hit you again.

          The hardest thing for me was to get over the frustration of not knowing what I had to do to achieve what a lot of people here describe as being so wonderful. Just accept that at the start of this journey you must always just listen to your body and react accordingly. If you feel something that is even just the slightest bit nice then tell your body that it felt good - and I mean "really slight" in the beginning. Ever heard yourself say things like "ooh that's good" or words to that effect when your SO is giving a BJ? Well, the same applies here but the sensations are different. We are usually trying to look for the sensations we are familiar with because you already know they are nice but doing so will mean you will miss the subtle sensations entirely and therefore miss out on the slow build up (in my case) to many different sorts of orgasms without ejaculation.

          I've been using the MGX, Helix, Progasm and now the Eupho (got it 2 days ago) since the beginning of the year. I've had much frustration in the beginning, even painful full-body muscle clamping caused by fast heavy breathing (I think that was the cause). I now get multiple orgasms of varying intensity, all of them causing an extremly hard erection during the build up which people here describe as a dry orgasm, including several very intense Super Os recently that quite frankly defy understanding. I certainly haven't heard myself at the peak of a penile orgasm shouting "Oh god that's good" for minutes at a time. Pulsing waves taking over my whole body that feel amazing.

          I can now carry the sensations of these dry orgasm onward by focusing on the pulsating in my abdomen (it's either the device or blood pumping or both that I'm feeling) and emphasising the sensations with vocalisations. Just picture a woman masterbating and getting turned on with the sensations, sometimes she may vocalise her pleasure. Its strange but just saying "oh yeah" enhances the sensation that I just felt. It's like I'm confirming to my body that it felt good. My body then reacts by making the sensation feel even better. This cycle just builds upon itself until things just take over because it gets so good that you no longer feel like you are convincing yourself. Just remember that not believing that a sensation feels good only confirms to your body and mind that it isn't good. This negative approach will never build arousal.

          Stick with it, relax, breath deeply, or more importantly slowly. Emphasise anything that feels nice but don't chase the sensation. If it feels good, even just slightly, don't alter what it was that you were doing at the time. These sensations come to you and then take control of you through arousal amplification brought about by a positive mental attitude, a relaxed body, an initially aroused body and some physical stimulation. Not every sensation you feel that is nice will necessarily lead to even greater things. This is basically your journey, to find out which patterns culminate to an orgasm "for you".

          Hope this helps dave_100.


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            I certainly didn't realize this on my own, but the best advice I've read around these forums has to do with the deep "belly breathing."

            Here's my simple formula that now leads me reliably to at least substantial bliss, if not all the way on its own to extraordinary orgasms.

            I prepare with lube and insertion and then lie on my back (often but not always with a small pillow under the small of my back). I then resolve to practice "deep belly breathing" for twenty minutes. I put my arms at my sides with my hands together on my chest so that I can feel my heartbeat. (That's really important because it helps me become aware of my corresponding pulse down in my nether regions.) My hands at that location help focus my deep breathing in and out into up and down belly motions, as if I'm holding my chest still to force my breathing into my belly.

            I don't exert any deliberate effort in my anal muscles, other than forcing them to relax if I feel them tightening up. I find the deep belly breathing creates a natural "up and down" motion inside. As I deliberately relax my sphincter, those up and down motions become more complex (and alluring). Also, with the long exhale, I feel the downward motion inside becoming more "heavy," as if its meeting more resistance (almost as if something is getting a hard on in there and I'm pushing down over it).

            So, long story short, I always resolve to do this for twenty minutes, but I almost never make it past ten. Eventually, I realize that the deep breathing itself has become a process of "holding back" what the Aneros wants to do, and then I quick worrying about breathing and the Aneros really gets going.

            Finally, IMHO, you should allow for two-hour sessions while getting up to speed with all this. And worth noting, sometimes if I feel a plateau settling in, I DO start the deep belly breathing exercise all over again. It's a really good exercise to get the hang of. Eventually, you start feeling a deep and useful correspondence between the tension in your belly muscles and the activities within you. All of my orgasms now derive from an awareness of that relationship, either "letting it" autopilot me over the top on its own, or sometimes "goosing it" to give me a boost up to the next level.


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              Be very horny. Once device is inserted don't touch your groin area.

              Guaranteed long uninterrupted time and privacy. Be completely alone in the house. Make sure you know no one has any chance of hearing you. Have hours of time set aside.

              Have plenty of practice and complete relaxation and patience.

              Let whatever moans or sounds come out that want to come out.