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  • Any advice???

    Ok so I had my Aneros MGX now for just short of 2 weeks. I know after reading all that has been wrote in the wiki and all the testimonials that this can take time. I am more than willing to put that time into it too. If it can bring just half the good feelings that the site claims it will be well worth it. So here is my story. Iím 27yo 6í 1íí 195lbs and Iím not a newbie when it comes to anal play. I have experienced pleasure from my prostate before but not with the Aneros. I have done every thing that I have read about and a few other thing. When I put it in I really donít feel much of anything no pain or plesure. I have had 4 sessions total now but today I was determined to take my time and just see what happens. So I laid there and after about 20 minutes I was out like a light fast asleep. Well almost anyway I can say I was so relaxed that I know I was coming in and out of sleep. So I just relaxed there for about an hour and decided that nothing was going to happen involuntary as some have reported. So I started to contract a little oddly enough after holding a half contraction I did start to get a little involuntary contractions that were very quick and rapped. They did start to make me hard and it was exciting but it didnít last long. Iím not sure if I have a weak pc mussel, I sure wouldnít think so, at 27 I still use it a lot between sex with my wife and masturbation. With that said before tonightís session I had not masturbated or has sex for almost 72 hours or 3 days. I can say I donít think I have been as horny as I was the day I ordered the Aneros so Iím not sure how much arousal has to do with getting pleasure from the device but Iím just looking for any ideas that can help. If you need any more information please just ask and any advice would sure be appreciated.

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    I don't know if you've tried nipple stimulation? That really got it going for me, although you said it yourself in your does take time to transition from being a kind of mundane experience to a really pleasurable one. In any case, I use a oil-based lube on my nipples and rub them with my thumbs while focusing on the sensation. For some reason, doing this with the Aneros awakened incredible sensations for me. I could feel the pleasure in prostate. Try this for a while and see what it does for you. Combine this with light contractions.


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      Hi rmhoutz,

      Your starting experience sounds very similar to mine, although I'd had no previous anal play.

      I too started out with the little involuntary contractions with a little squeezing. I think this is all the start of the "rewiring" process that gets talked about here often. For some things happen quickly, for others it takes some time.

      I'm sure by now you've received rumel's PM with the Newbie Notebook - there are a number of useful tid-bits in there, in addition, read Pan's thread on the Fantasy Method - this can help with the arousal part of things.

      Keep at it and enjoy what comes with each session. You may also want to try the HypnAerosession mp3, I found it helped me in the beginning.

      All the best in your journey!


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        Hi rmhoutz,

        I was in the same place you are when I started. I wanted to feel some kind of pleasure so bad to justify the purchase and not feel like I had been had by all of the testimony on this forum. Having been there, and now where I am now, I can say it is real. Put these thoughts aside, they won't help you.

        Looking back when I started with the aneros, like you I was new to anal play as well. So far on my journey, I've discovered two muscles I didn't even know I had and have learned to isolate and independently control three muscles I knew I had.

        The three I knew about were my sphincter (pulling in), a certain bowel muscle (pushing out) and the PC muscle. I found isolating them to be a formidable challenge. To test your skills try this; with a well lubes aneros in, try stopping the flow of urine without causing the aneros to move. It's tough! I still haven't completely mastered it. I would suggest spending a few sessions lovingly exercising these muscles without the expectation/demand of feeling pleasure looming over you.

        The two I didn't know I had are another bowel muscle(s?) used in "polishing the knob" as artform very eloquently puts it ( and another muscle that "pushes into?" the prostate, I will affectionately call the "numb numb numb muscle" as J4 describes it (

        I'm almost certain there are others I will discover or different ways of using the muscles I am aware of before I discover the ever elusive Super-O. This isn't to say that I haven't felt incredible levels of pleasure. I have and feel it was certainly worth it.

        I'm about 7-8 months into my journey and it keeps getting better. I was about 2-3 months into my journey before I felt, what my pre-aneros mind would consider to be, pleasure.

        Hang in there, if you can love yourself enough to forgive the pleasure less sessions you've had and the ones to come while you spend some time learning and exercising your pelvic muscles, your body just might show its appreciation by "letting the gun go off while cleaning it" or giving you some much needed pleasure for the love you've shown it.

        We all put so much time, effort and forgiveness into making relationships with other people (friends, family, lovers) work, but for some reason we don't feel we are worth the same time, effort and forgiveness when we are trying to make our relationship with ourselves work.

        Enjoy the journey,


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          Hi rmhoutz, and welcome to the forum. I actually am envious of you, getting involuntarily's in your fourth session is good progress IMHO. All I can say is stick with brother. I haven't achieved a quarter of the progress the pros have but I am getting there. Also enjoy the journey, that way you will get less frustrated.




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            Listen to the others here and literally just give in to whatever happens in a session, as long as it doesn't hurt just take what comes.

            I often start my sessions post insertion with doing something that will completely take my mind off the session. I'll often do a sudoku puzzle or read a bit of a book. It sounds weird I know and is in no way a turn on but the idea is to take my mind off ANY expectation. I may have a light contraction going on but my mind is so tuned out of dealing with the aneros it forgets about the contraction. It's under these really relaxed scenarios that things start to happen (maybe). Tingles in the stomach, a twitch in a leg, or something else entirely. The thing is, you never know what is coming. If nothing mind blowing happens, so what, at least I've had a really relaxing 2 hours where I didn't think about work or any other mentally taxing problem life throws our way.

            I started at the beginning of the year and I had severe full body clamping of my muscles which was in no way comfortable or pleasurable. It was new at least and did show me that my body is capable of producing new sensations. The people here have been great with the encouragement to continue and I cannot stress enough what they have always said all along and has been so key to my progression to wonderful feelings, RELAX and RELAX SOME MORE.

            We are always pushing our bodies to ejaculation but it just doesn't work for this type of buildup. Obviously you relaxed enough to fall asleep but I guess maybe try it when you are already well rested. And yes, arousal does play a part as much as having nothing worrying on your mind does. That comes down to being mentally relaxed too and allowing your mind to focus on sensations in your body and nothing else (except maybe some sexual fantasies).

            Only since relaxing in sessions and not chasing have I ever had progress and in the last few months I have had wonderful pleasure. You can too, you just need to find what works. Just give time to try things for a while, don't get frustrated (it's hard not to), and when things don't work, try something else. The odd bit is what used to not work may work for you later. Your body will change during the journey, your muscles tone, get stronger, more sensitive perhaps. I used to clamp hard in my first sessions before I'd feel what I thought was my prostate, now I hardly move it and it feels great.

            Good luck with your journey.


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              thank you a beautiful comment you 0boy :idea: