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Are you "gaped"? To what extent does Aneros gape/w

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  • Are you "gaped"? To what extent does Aneros gape/w


    I guess my OCD-tendencies come in to play with this, but nevertheless, I will continue.

    Over the last few years, I have always hated the hassle associated with having a bowel movement (BM) or number 2. It always meant not just a quick "wipe" afterwards, but ensuring I was clean enough to sit down in my underwear later.

    Nowadays it takes longer to wipe than to actually BM. I am never satisfied until I get the "all clear", so to speak (wiping and checking there is no residue on the toilet paper). Last year, I sort of fell into wiping with wet cotton wool (the sheets that you break yourself) as it seemed to capture more than toilet paper did.

    In the last week, despite constant cleaning and showering, I still am not clean when I wipe. I have to "settle" for "good enough" and be on my way. Then it occured to me: Since late December 2008, I have used Aneros about probably 10-15 times, including the Progasm.

    Could I be gaped? I've seen porn material of women who have enlarged anuses - I would say ruined - due to anal play, etc. To what extent does the Aneros "gape" you, or "widen" your anus? I remember reading someone here who said: "I am concerned that when I go for a prostate checkup, its going to be obvious...".

    PS: "Gaping", from the term "gaping hole".

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    you are always entertaining!

    gross topic.

    but, i will respond...

    i absolutely hate wiping my ass. i actually have nightmares about never-ending ass-wiping. (also ones where i am naked in a public place).

    a long time ago i had medical issues that shed the hair from my body, everywhere. boy did that improve matters down there! i don't want to shave down there, for fear of pricklies. but, i did ask my dermatologist if he could de-hair it with a laser. he said he could. so, you might consider something like that.

    asian and some european countries use water, ie, a bidet, and are scandalized that others resort to dry cleaning, which they don't think of as very clean.

    in any case, no, i do not think that the aneros would have that effect. first, we would have heard about it here. second, using it as few times as you have would not do it. finally, i would think it would be the opposite, from sphincter toning.



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      I agree with 'darwin', if Aneros use was causing any “gaping” effects we would surely have heard about it by now. Personally, I've been using for more than two years now on a regular basis and have not detected any such effect. The only effects I have noticed is it is now easier for me to consciously relax my sphincter muscles but still have good muscle tone (perhaps even better) to control defecation and flatulence.

      I'm sorry I can't help you with the OCD condition, however, I think you need to be careful about any method you use to clean the anal opening. Be gentle down there, you don't want to create irritated tissues from a too vigorous cleaning regime.


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        Don't like TMI? Skip this one! OK, now that we're really getting anal I'm in.

        I've had hemorrhoid issues for many years, the result of irregular bowel habits (an employment consideration), sitting for many hours on very expensive but uncomfortable "furniture" and intermittently subjecting my innards to scads of downward force.

        Over the years I've had several 'banding' jobs**, the latest two years ago. Last year, despite an exceptionally high-fiber diet, I started having 'fall outs' and some inside-out events so knew there was a surgeon's table in my future. That hasn't happened! Au contraire, the Aneros seems to have improved my outlet, both statically and dynamically.

        I'm at about the two-dozen point on sessions since February with most of those since early May.

        I don't admit to owning a 'perfect ass-hole' (although I've been so accused), but since starting with the Anjeros, I'd grade it as a, 'very-good, perhaps excellent ass-hole' No bleeding incidents, better PC control and positively outstanding sphincter control under all circumstances. Have even been able to suck one protrusion back in without resorting to my thumb. And, the number of protrusions has been cut by an order of magnitude.

        Upon pottying, I slam shut, quite nicely now and, the toilet paper consumption is decidedly reduced

        -- Stable: SGX, Helix, Progasm and when our Leather store gets one, the Eupho

        **More TMI: For those unfamiliar with the procedure, banding involves a surgeon gathering up the loose tissue, tightly winding a rubber and around it, stuffing it back in and then waiting a week or two for the tissue to die and drop out.


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          Apologies in advance...I'm not an idiot, just a terrible speller...Okay...yes, this is a gross topic but frankly, it's one we all have to deal with and if you can't talk about it here, where can you discuss it? So, here goes...I too hate wiping my ass. I fear the toilet paper breaking and...well...I don't want to go there... I've also developed hemoriods (sp?) over the years (I'm in my mid 40's, weight lifter, which may be some of the cause but I also sit on the pot for a good, long time) that cause bleeding sometimes upon BM and also require pushing tissue back up where it belongs...ahem...anyway...roids are natural...all creatures get them. It's God's way of keeping you from becoming incontinent. But, they do hurt and they are inconvenient. I read about a Dr. that totally eliminated his patients roids by having them squat without touching the toiled seat with their ass. Seems to put a lot of downward pressure on the innards, causing them to pop out from time to time. In the old days, our ancestors used to just drop trou and let it rip, without any support. This keep the nasty protrusions to a minimum. So, we've done it to ourselves with technology again, dammit! Using the Aneros has improved but not eliminated (pun intended) this condition for me. But, what has helped a lot has been the discovery of what my son termed "magic toilet paper", aka Cottenelle Wipes or Preparation H wipes. These handy, little, moist towelettes come in a convenient carry-with-you package (backpack, brief case) and make for easy, quick and complete clean up after your daily doody. I HATE skid marks in the underwear and I hate that "not so fresh feeling". But I do love the feeling after you take out the trash. My wife and daughters may only go once a week. that's just not right. It's like having rotting food sitting on the kitchen counter for a week. No wonder it smells so bad! My sons and I are on the pot at the same time, every day. So, girls don't poop and boys do. And, it sure does feel good. I don't like touching my asshole either unless it's perfectly clean (in the shower, upon Aneros insertion after a flush and use of the wipes) so I can totally relate. Shit smells for a reason, after all. Pooping is unpleasant but a part of the human condition. So, my advice...get some of these nice moist towelettes, relax, take a good, long dump (without resting on the toilet seat...hoover so you don't get the roids) and your worries will go away. Happy dumping my friend.


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            Well, I'll put in my two cents here. From college until about eight years ago, I had hemorrhoid problems. At their worst, they would bleed like hell after a BM. But even between episodes, I would always have to wipe and wipe and wipe to get clean. I hated it. I had several "tie offs" by the doctor, and it would work for a while, but they eventually came back. Finally, the doc sent me to surgeon who took one look at my ass and pronounced me in desperate need of surgery.

            They put me out for the surgery, so the operation itself was no biggie, and I was home within a few hours. The recovery was worse because every time I BM'ed I'd open up the wounds. But eventually it healed, and what surprised me the most was that one or two wipes was all I needed to clean up after a movement. That was nice. I hope that continues (tho I have an occasional external roid that flairs up a little).

            So, if the doc suggests surgery, don't be afraid to have it done. I only wish I had done it years earlier. It would have cut my toilet paper bill considerably and extended the life of my drain field (we have a private septic system for you city dwellers).


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              Want to feel (and be) clean all the time? This gadget will do the trick.




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                You guys should be interested in this thread:


                I got one.

                No more sticky business.
                No more friction.
                No more sore bum.

                Always clean and fresh.

                It's a whole new life!

                And Aneros is even more enjoyable than ever.

                End of story.


                Hello SWW, we were posting at the same time! Best wishes, GT


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                  GT and SWW have covered the Lotus seat nicely. One of my kids recently bought one so I'm looking forward to a free trial before I spring the bucks.

                  //start rant// As an advanced industrial nation, we've got the most hang-ups on taking care of our tushes. As a result we really neglect some basic hygiene. //end rant//

                  In my 20s I was fortunate to visit Japan, where no one has "piles." Here's why:
                  | |

                  It works like this:
                  | http://postcardsandplaces.files.word...5/csc_0488.jpg |

                  The Japanese taught me how to bathe and be bathed. In the 50's, Sex in Japan was preceded by an extended version of the Aneros bathing ritual. Small rectal rinse, steam bath, shower and gentle scrub of the genitals and perineum. (washed your own balls if you didn't know the person bathing you.) Then, soak in the hot tub, get toweled off and only after all that could a massage and foreplay begin.

                  In this country, not one master bath in 100 has a bidet. In Europe, they are common. Rinse, then just blot dry.


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                    Hi newbie2009,

                    Slightly off topic question here...

                    But, if you are wearing pants or shorts, does that Japanese style squatting toilet allow the user to properly squat without completely removing the previously mentioned clothing? One of my ex-girlfriend's mentioned to me many months ago that squatting was a much healthier way for humans to move their bowels. I had heard nothing about this before, so didn't know what to make of it. So thanks for bringing this up. It was interesting to read.

                    Also, the bathing ritual prior to sex is a great idea that I've loved doing in the past! More currently with past ex-girlfriends, it's usually been more of just a shower to be cleaned off. I love being clean prior to sex. I've had one ex-girlfriend that didn't like to do that. Which was kind of gross for me. I want to be able to touch and tongue anywhere on the woman I am with, without having to worry about uncleanliness, bad odors and tastes. Of course there are always exceptions to the rule. But in general I like for each of us to be clean first.


                    On a sort of related topic...

                    You know for a while now, I've been noticing that it appears that my better Aneros sessions seem to go hand in hand with my ability to have consistent, regular, quick, and effort free bowel movements. Which is problematic for me as I've struggled with constipation ever since I was a teen ager. But when I eat enough fresh fruits and vegetables, or supplement my diet with psyllium husk powder, I don't have a problem. Unfortunately I have not yet been able to keep both diet and elimination consistent so to speak.

                    Does this ring true with anyone else? Or am just associating two things that have nothing to do with each other?



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                      I'll just answer for the shorts/pants.

                      Properly, aside from business areas, shoes are not worn indoors. So, there are no laces to fiddle with etc. Drop the trou and skivs, hang them on the hook, stockinged feet straddle the fixture (some fixtures have porcelain foot pads.) Poop, easy wipe, flush, get dressed and you're outta there. Aside from the hemorrhoid issue there's another benefit: your trousers haven't contacted the floor where other people's shoe soles have been.


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                        i am usually a pretty regular guy, and don't suffer from the ailments described here.

                        but i did go through a period with some constipation. don't know why.

                        i did some searching around, and found a site which sold a fancy contraption you put along side your toilet so you could perch on it with your feet, thus converting your toilet from a sitting toilet to a squatting toilet. it cost a couple hundred dollars.

                        i thought "fuck that!" went to the local utilities store and bought a small kitchen mixing bowl. probably about 8" in diameter.

                        what could be simpler:
                        1. fill it with a little water.
                        2. position on floor in front of toilet
                        3. make sure toilet seat is down
                        4. squat over bowl (pants can stay around ankles, but before you become a pro, take em off)
                        5. you know you are positioned right if yer balls tickle the front edge.
                        6. let er rip. your poop will definitely flow easier and more naturally.
                        7. when done, move bowl aside, and get on toilet to wipe
                        8. when done with that, raise seat, and dump contents in.
                        9. rinse bowl in sink and dump rinse water into toilet
                        10. that's it. don't get compulsive about cleaning it. it is clean enough to be a shit bowl.

                        that, my friends, is a $3 solution to rhoids and constipation.


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                          @darwin - I love your send of humor / practicality

                          My favorite part: "it is clean enough to be a shit bowl"

                          Maybe I'm in a weird mood, it made me laugh and I had to share :lol:

                          The journey never gets old,


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                            went to the local utilities store and bought a small kitchen mixing bowl.
                            All fine and dandy, Darwin, until your daughter or girlfriend or whatever uses it to make brownies or something. And then where you going to be? Eating your own crap! (This is supposed to be funny. Now LAUGH, dangit!!)

                            But seriously, I have an inordinate fear of such a thing happening, but otherwise, an inexpensive and innovative solution to a common problem.


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                              darwin, etal.

                              Your solution has a major flaw, with a little water in there splash-out, wave surges or bouts of diarrhea would be very messy to handle spill overs.
                              Why not just get a couple of cinder blocks, put one on each side of the commode, stand on those then squat down over the toilet bowl and do your thing. It would save the hassle of keeping a separate stinky bowl around and having to carefully dump it after each use. You could probably get the two blocks for less than $3.