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  • Urologist and Aneros

    I have an appointment on Monday with a Urologist, regarding a bladder issue. I'm 64 years old and have been having some leakage issues and frequent visits to take a leak. Do I need to discuss the Aneros with the Doc. or just let him do the exam and determine what is going on. I purchased the MGX last fall when I noticed this problem and had hoped it would help. So far I am still having the bladder problem and have not had any really great experiences with the Aneros, even though I do enjoy my sessions somewhat. I just had blood tests done and everything is normal, including PSA.

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    Hey big jimbo, Mine comes up in July so it's tempting for me to say, "go get 'em tiger and, let me know if you get bit." ... 8)

    My current intention is to mention Aneros at the end of the appointment and not to solicit the Uro's opinion on whether it's a good or bad therapy.

    My usual approach: ...start with the complaint/symptoms, and let him/her go from there. If there's enlargement, be sure to ask which lobe(s) and an estimate of the current weight or volume of your prostate.

    Two days ago I had to double up on my alfa-blocker (I've had to do this for the last three years.) Today I dropped back from the Helix to the SGX and had a very nice session with good P-waves and twitches. I'm that tall guy out on your horizon ... about 11 years ahead of you on the bph trail.


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      big jimbo,

      I was having some of the same issues (I am 63) and my Urologist found that my prostate was enlarged. He used some sort of 'microwave' type of treatment that destroyed some of the prostate tissue and that helped with the frequent urination and leakage problems.

      I think it is part of the aging process but I still have very minor leakage issues as does my wife. I have found a lot of friends who have leakage problems at even earlier ages.

      My solution is to use "Always" panti liners to absorb whatever leakage there is so my underwear does not get wet. I recently found the Always Thin at Sam's. It is the smallest pad. Look for a package like this one

      As for your question I am not sure. I have found that different doctors have different reactions to non-prescription remedies. For instance, I take panax ginseng (a herbal med). My family doctor said it was good but my Urologist said it was a waste of money. I think the ethnic background of the doctor as well as their own motivation to make money often influences their attitude toward such things.


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        if it is an enlarged prostate take maka (seriously). 8)


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          Great thread and posts guys, thanks!

          I have yet to see my urologist since starting with aneros over two years ago. In the last two years my PSA is down to less than 1. Years ago, during a very entrenched bout of prostatitis, I was sent by my GP to a Big City hospital for a scope investigation of my prostate. The specialist doing the test supported my drinking ginseng tea Helixbill. He is Chinese. :wink: I still drink it!

          When I do go back to my local urologist, I will tell him I have been successfully using a hands-free prostate massage device to successfully treat my BPH and its most annoying symptoms. I have included that (citing Aneros/HIH) on my medical history and medications sheet that gets handed out to any doctor i see for any reason. Recently my GP had a med student observing in her practice and, during a recent appointment, I quickly filled him in on the benefits of prostate massage and the device in my case! :lol:

          Hope things went well with your appointment big jimbo! We need to spread the word men! Too many of our brothers are suffering for lack of this knowledge!

          to the ramparts of communication all :roll:



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            Update on Urologist visit. He took urine specimen, did finger wave, ultrasound on bladder, prescribed Vesicare. He said everything was pretty normal for my age, 64, and said if I stopped drinking coffee that would help (I can't see that happening) After one week, I think the Vesicare is helping me to get control of my bladder. I am concerned about the price of the stuff and think I will wind up ordering a generic from Canada. I have checked Wal Mart, Sam's Club, and Costco and the lowest price so far is about $136.00 for 30 pills and there is no generic available in the US. I have seen a generic on a Canadian website for $108.00 for 90 pills. Thanks FDA!!!!!!

            Anybody have any comments on the generic from Canada, or anything else to do with this matter?


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              Here are some oldies but goodies that might save a few bucks:

              If you still have Usenet access, check out symptoms & solutions at: < >. Plenty of black-belt grade experience there.

              About a decade ago, there was a consensus in that newsgroup that Saw Palmetto worked well for lateral lobe enlargement but was worthless for medial lobe enlargements.

              My own issue started with left lateral lobe enlargement with some 'bladder' neck tension. Now it's mild-moderate in both lateral lobes. (a well-lubed Helix or Eupho makes nice music with those lobes.)

              I made it on just Saw Palmetto for about six years then started having the onset of E.D. (@age 67). Then, daily Saw seemed to be causing a tendency to Early Ejac. Finally fell into the hands of a Urologist who switched me to Hytrin (generic is Terazosin). I've been using that at 1mg. each morning for a decade. Quick response and works nicely! 2mg. drops my BP a bit too much to play well with a daily lo-dose Levitra or Viagra so script is written for 1mg twice a day. If I start to tighten up in the afternoon I take the second dose, then skip the dinner time V or L. (Note...the alfa blockers don't play well with sustained release ED meds like Cialis and most probably with RHW.)

              You might also consider asking for Cardura (Doxazosin). A 2mg pill is handily scored. This takes effect more slowly but seems to last a whole 24 hours without "fading out."

              I've also toyed with taking one or two Saw gel caps each week along with the daily Hytrin. Those seem to level out the 'bumps' in the way Hyrtrin works without causing a PE issue. (however, dame Aneros is a great PC trainer to avoid PE).

              I'm not a doc and you need to first check with your Uro or PCM about using an alfa-blocker. It does lower blood pressure. Take care.


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                Originally posted by big jimbo
                I have an appointment on Monday with a Urologist, regarding a bladder issue. I'm 64 years old and have been having some leakage issues and frequent visits to take a leak. Do I need to discuss the Aneros with the Doc. or just let him do the exam and determine what is going on. ....

                Shakespeare might be appropriate for a Uro visit..., "... to mention or not to mention." ops:

                So, I mentioned.

                Going in: PSA well below 2.0 and down from last year's number by about 0.12. (not all that bad for an old stud in his mid-70s) Mentioned that I had been using an Aneros prostate massager for couple of months before PSA draw but had stopped a week before test.

                He nodded, grinned and winked... otherwise no direct response.

                Went ahead with E.D. interview and discussion about VED training activity. Then, bph questions and response to alfa-blockers. He seemed satisfied with those. Fingerwave produced estimate of a 45 gram prostate.

                Bottom line: "Continue what you're doing, see me in two years, call when you need prescriptions."

                My impression -- competently used, this M.D. doesn't sweat the Aneros.