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Too much of a good thing?

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  • Too much of a good thing?

    So here is the scenario. I got rewired about a year ago. I have been enjoying the new circuitry immensely. I would condsdier myself a master electrician. My question is: can you blow a fuse from overloading the circuit?

    Here is the basis for my question. Last week I went to a conference that spanned a weekend. It was in a distant city that I had never been in before. I assumed that I would use the two days of the weekend traveling around. Well you guessed it . . . on Saturday I covered alot of territory and saw many interesting and exciting things. My last activity on Saturday night was an exotic night club (topless and bottomless). Needless to say my hormones were in an uproar when I left the club. . . but I was also exhausted. At mid night when I got back to the hotel, I collapsed into a deep sleep. At 6:30 AM, I woke with a raging erection and was horny as hell. It was really easy to roll onto my side and launch into a non aneros super o session. After three hours of blissful contractions and pulsations, I got out of bed and went down to the hotel restaurant just before it closed for breakfast and refueled. At 11:30 AM, I went back to the room . . took a shower and as long as I was naked .... I decided to do an aneros session and pass up the 2nd day travel. The aneros session was equally blissful and went from 12 to 5PM. I lost count of the super o's. The entire afternoon was one long blue orgasmic blur. I finally quit, not because any thing was wrong but because I was getting scared that I was going to blow a gasket or something. I got into the jacuzzi in my room for a hot bath and to relieve the tension in my perineum. I was so worked up that at that point that even a slight contraction would trigger another super o . . . my asshole and prostate were exhausted but ready for another couple of hours if put to the challenge.

    To the more scientifically - medically oriented posters on this site . . . I know that these work outs are good for blood flow and all that, but is there such a thing as too much? Has there ever been a case on this site of some one who did damage by overdoing it?



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    Never heard of anyone overdoing it from length of time spent with aneros/without. Some people get soar if they overdo the contractions.


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      Hello bigguy,

      I don't recall having read anything here about someone energetically overdoing it. With the exception of some physical soreness in the perineum, anus, or prostrate. It doesn't mean it's not possible. I suspect rumel, BF Mayfield, and maybe artform may have some further insight into this.



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        Here's the anal, overly detailed, 'metrics-are-everything' guy with a sure-fire way to gage this.

        Shave your face before and after each session. Look in the mirror after each session and just before you shave. If you see more than 1/2 inch of beard growth, you're too much, 'into it.'

        Failing to pick-up paychecks is another indicator. :sad: