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Progasm = Best Sex Toy EVER MADE.

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  • Progasm = Best Sex Toy EVER MADE.

    I've had my Progasm for about a week now and I have to say It's the ABSOLUTE BEST SEX TOY I've ever used in my LIFE and I'm in my late 30's and trust me, I've tried a LOT of toys and other sexual things to TRY to get to this level.

    Using the Progasm puts me in a Sexual ZEN state of Perfect Orgasm I have experimented ALL MY LIFE to find!!!

    This Progasm is AMAZING, I don't know how it works but somehow this progasm toy hits a particular spot inside my body that just send me into an absolute Sexual State of Extacy like nothing I've ever felt before.

    I'm not kidding... I experience the feeling I get RIGHT WHEN I ejaculate at the HEIGHT of sex BUT it just stays there. I don't ejaculate yet my body feels exactly like when I do ejaculate and I'm held there, at that exact state where I'm just squirming around in a sexual utopia of pure pleasure!!

    Unlike other Orgasmic experiences where it feels so great but within a few moments I can't help it I'll have to blow my load and ejaculate and END the feeling... The Progasm somehow keeps me in a CONSTANT ORGASMIC STATE yet I NEVER blow my load!! I can keep going for HOURS... Till I'm so exhausted I can't go on, then if I want I can masturbate myself and I'll blow my load.

    Now it gets even BETTER. I can ejaculate, take a 30 min break and then USE IT AGAIN and experience the SAME or BETTER Orgasmic state again!!! and AGAIN!! AND AGAIN!!! ALL DAY!!!!!!

    I've used the Progasm 7-8 times in ONE DAY and Ejaculated 5 TIMES in one day, then I'm so empty there is really nothing to come out and this only makes me ORGASM EVEN BETTER and precum just flows like crazy and it feels AMAZING!!!

    This thing is just crazy fun. Better than ANY drug I've ever used in my life!!!

    Thank You Aneros for making this amazing device!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    You lucky bastard! :lol:
    It takes most people months if not years to get where you are :roll:
    I'm going back to bed, pass me the lube!


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      Makes me miss my youth...


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        That's fantastic Tabasco777!!!

        I agree that the Progasm is great. It's my favorite also. But I don't think that I have reached the level you are experiencing.
        Keep on enjoying the pleasure!



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          Great stuff, Tabasco!

          It seems to me that you were already substantially re-wired pre-Progasm. I reckon you could have great fun with any of the Aneros range.

          But why not try a Peridise? They are in a world of their own!



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            I have been experimenting with sexual pleasure since I was 13 years old so I've been at it for a long time. One thing I'll say to anyone trying to experience pure sexual pleasure is it's about 90% mental. You have to feel GOOD about your body and have positive feelings about masturbation.

            For some males, feeling ok about sex play is a problem but I have NEVER felt bad about sex. I have always LOVED my own body and I LOVE masturbating myself. To me it's the safest and most healthy way to enjoy sexuality.

            From the time I was a teenager I've always had a very positive view of masturbation I started doing research on prostate issues in men and I found out that Masturbation actually PREVENTS prostate problems. This info gave me a license to masturbate because I didn't want to die from prostate cancer like all the other suckers who miss out on the Joy of playing with themselves.

            The point is, to REALLY enjoy yourself and experience the pure job of orgasm, a man has to have POSITIVE thoughts about masturbation and playing with his own body.

            I should also add that I'm an athlete in excellent physical shape and I look about 15 years younger than my actual age. I have people who think my ID is FAKE when I buy alcohol. Perhaps excessive masturbation and experiencing sexual pleasure on an almost daily basis keeps you young forever??


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              Originally posted by mog
              Great stuff, Tabasco!

              It seems to me that you were already substantially re-wired pre-Progasm. I reckon you could have great fun with any of the Aneros range.

              But why not try a Peridise? They are in a world of their own!

              Yea the paradise does look interesting, I'll have to give it a try. I love the way it looks and that big bulb head on the end and that nice handle for control and movement.


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                  Thats it !
                  I am off to my local shop to buy the wonderful Progasm.
                  Why is my face this funny shade of green?


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                    Hi Tabasco777

                    I just bought the Progasm and I must admit I am a bit intimidated by its size!!! I tried the peridise (that i bought at the same time as the Progasm) but had no success. I think this is due to the fact that I have not managed to "re-wire" my left yet. I have had some success with edging with the MGX and after reading all the positive feedback on the Progasm i took the plunge so to speak.
                    Just one quick question if I may....have you had much experience with anal play or is this a new thing for you?



                    I must admit I am a little bit Green with envy lol


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                      Not sure if here is the right place to post but I just bought myself a progasm and have tried using it about three times and I have not felt anything. Feels like I have some regular dildo up my ass. Even as I contract, I still dont feel anything different at all. Anyone have any tips or advice for me? I would love to feel all the stuff you guys are feeling! Thanks!



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                        Hello Lexxxington,

                        Pleasurable sensations of the prostrate and anus, let alone even achieving super orgasms is something that for most guys takes time and practice to develop. This process/journey is what we call "re-wiring". Be patient and keep having regular sessions with no expectations. I recommend you familiarize yourself with the Aneros WIKI. And also read and participate in the forums and blogs for moral support.



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                          Yeah that progasm is something else!
                          It just gets better and better as time goes by!
                          I keep saying Im going to buy the Peridise sets but I just can't imagine gow anything could feel better than the Progasm.


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                            Ok I finally bought a Peridise and the first thing I have to say is YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME RIGHT???

                            This thing is SMALL. I mean really SMALL.

                            Does it work, Yea sort of in a way that is much like the Helix when I first tried it.... Disappointed sums it up. I felt nothing really Earth moving at all.

                            The Progasm is by far the best toy so far. I suppose I'm an advanced user and I like BIG insertables.

                            I'm not being negative here but I really expected the Peridise to be BIG. I mean like 6-8 inches long and with a 2 inch wide head on it or something. Instead when I saw the package I was STUNNED by how small these things are!! Now I would have loved them when I was 13 years old but as a grown man they are just too small to do anything for me.

                            I wish Aneros would make a BIG version of the Peridise for Advanced users. Make it like 8 inches long, with a 1 inch shaft and a 2 inch bulb head.


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                              Tobasco777, Maybe it will just take some time to adjust to that Peridise of yours?
                              I have heard way to many good reports for it, I bet it will eventually knock your socks off: )