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just 2 questions ^^

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  • just 2 questions ^^

    i've just received my progasm today and i got a few
    questions about how to use it. but first of all, i have
    to apologize for my bad english - i'm from germany, so please
    excuse any spelling/grammar-mistakes
    (there is no german forum, so i have to bother you with my

    i had some nice feelings when i used the progasm a couple
    of hours ago, but nothing realy happened - dont get me wrong, thats
    ok for me, because i know it will take a long time of practice.
    i've read a couple of threads in this forum, but i still don't
    know how to do those "anal-contractions" properly.
    do i have to harness (i hope thats the right word - babelfish told me so ^^)
    and hold it or do i have to hold and release it quickly and
    repeat this over and over again? holding the tension made my body shake
    and it felt like i'll reach an orgasm soon but i could not go
    further this point and the feeling faded away.. i tried it again a few
    times but i never came past this point.
    i dont want a step-by-step manual how to do the whole thing right. i think this would
    kinda take the "magic" of the experience away but im realy curious how
    to do this single step properly.

    my second question is: how often should a "beginner" use the aneros?
    i tried it out again - maybe 5 hours later - it didnt realy hurt, but it felt
    kind of "uncomfortable" this time. im pretty excited and realy looking forward
    to use it again, but i dont want to do anything wrong or harm myself, by using

    thanks for reading - and again: please don't kill me for my bad english



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    I just started out 3 months ago using a Progasm as well.
    I can say that the first time I used it, not much happened and I waited a day to try it again.
    Read all you can here for tips and ideas but also remember everybody is different.
    Use lots of lube with the progasm.
    It takes a few sessions to get to become aware of the subtle feelings, this builds up to some really nice contractions. Now I try to do it every other day for an hour, doing it more often can leave me a little sore, so that's my comfort zone.


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      Hello wurstbrot,

      And welcome to the Aneros forum.
      No worries about your English. We have a few people from all around the world here. Everyone is welcome here.

      Like tdt422 said, it does take time to learn to feel these new sensations from the prostrate and anus. I wouldn't worry to much about formula's for making it work. Experiment, and do what feels good to you. If you can read English alright, I would encourage you to both read the WIKI:

      And also to read and participate in the forum and blogs here at as much as needed.

      Generally it is accepted that every other day is a good amount to do. As it gives time for your body/mind to adjust and "re-wire". Although, some user do more or less. Try to listen to the cues your body tells you. That's the best way.



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        thanks a lot for your help