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    I agree with Cockadoodle 100% (sticky please)

    Alhough i am new to aneros (2 months) i am lucky to have had super o/dry orgasm's. Within my sessions i have had regular erections regardless of reaching orgasm or not, this must just be how my body is re-wiring or something.

    I have read so much on the wiki & other members posts about not interacting with the penis, i have took this on board from the outset 100% & it is one of the absolute cornerstones in my journey to date.

    Initially it is difficult to accept the penis not approach, but once the penny drops it pays dividends, that is not to say you can't finish off with a tug or sex with wife/partner (i occasionally do) as it is most gratifying. Personally i like to abstain for 4-5 days before a good session the anticipation can provide some surprisingly good results!

    I find the wiki extremely informative & helpful, by the way.

    If other people want to play with their dicks instead of concentrating on what the aneros is designed to achieve, then let them. I know which path i'd rather be taking.

    I fully support your post & everything good you & others are trying to do for other members especially newbies like me.

    Keep up the good work.


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      After 10 months of grinding I became fairly reproducibly able during the last few weeks to have wonderful orgasms (squirming, moaning, feels like I'm shooting hot semen everywhere but staying completely dry) and I believe it is due to taking an entirely "penis NOT" approach throughout the "rewiring" process. I'm straight, married, and have 3 to 5 relatively short (about half-hour or so) sessions a week, don't believe in porn, and never end with traditional orgasm. Last night after about the fourth orgasm during a typical session--though not as intense as some recently have been--I reached down and did a little thumb and two fingers penile stimulation just to where I felt a hot build-up, then stopped and went back to nipple stimulation and brought on another great dry orgasm, repeating this process 2 or 3 times (I'm a 3/4 to 4/4 erect guy during sessions--don't try to and don't try not to--just let the penis respond as it wants). Still, I did not "finish" with traditional ejaculation, just enjoyed the warm prostate glow from the dry orgasms as I removed my Eupho and went to sleep. Anybody else done this?


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        Hi, Jim, It's nice to see this piece get resurrected from time to time. Each time I read it, I'm completely in agreement with myself! HA

        It's about 10:20 in the evening as I write this, and I'm taking a break from an extended Helix session. I may switch to my Progasm for one more "go" yet tonight. As many know from my other posts, I travel a bit so I'm in a nice high end motel tonight, perfectly peaceful, mellow and relaxed. I've had two Super O's this evening and I'm gonna go back for thirds when I finish this post.

        I continue to be amazed by the Aneros experience. I'm still very much a proponent of the hands-off Aneros method. But as Slimjim as correctly stated, there's nothing wrong with giving yourself permission to follow whatever course brings you joy. My advice, originally, to change the paradigm, was mostly aimed at the guys who are trying to rewire. After one has accomplished said rewiring, I see no reason whatever to deny yourself a good "rub-up" erection or naturally occuring ones, too, as part of your Aneros practice. Gawd knows I do! Finish with a nice Super T from time to time, too. Absolutely great.

        I am simply astounded by the way my body has developed its response to Aneros stimulation. I can use any model (ok, don't use my MGX any more) and reach Super O. I can have a terrific "buckingbronco" ride or a "calm seas" orgasm, whichever I choose simply by controlling my physical activity...anyone else there?

        It's a wonder, a marvel and a gift from gawd, God or whatever spiritual deity you choose. I love it...I can't get enough of it. I'm addicted.

        I admit it.

        And I love you guys!



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          Agreed. Based upon my experiences thus far I strongly recommend a do-not-touch approach during the rewiring process. I was just surprised, now at the point of having fairly reproducible dry orgasms and having never touched myself before during sessions, that in this case as referenced, though I was expecting I'd "kill" the dry orgasms by doing so, a little bit of touching seemed to help bring on a few more. And yes, it is a marvel how fearfully and wonderfully our bodies are made.


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            I was wondering how things will eventually progress with this Aneros emasculation....
            Already it seems my dick has shrunk like at least a cm. They say that happens defacto with old men. Coz their penis doesn't get used it shribbles up into a little appendage....So yeah, penis NOT.....BUT.....(seriously) But.....

            will continued Aneros use make my Penis shrink and shribble up into a little clit like appendage?


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              My gawd, I hope not, Helixer. I have been "penis-conscious" all my life, from my very first erection...even to this day. And I have to say, that unless I'm entirely delusional, my erect penis is exactly the same now...maybe a bit thicker, come to think of it's always been...and I'm 64 years old.

              Maybe someone with more physiology experience can chime in, but I cannot imagine that Aneros use will affect the length of your dick.

              Tally(wacker) ho!



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                Since I have been using Aneros for a little less than a year I have not noticed any shortening of my penis. In fact I am sure it is no shorter now than it ever was. I have noticed however, that it is noticeably thicker, which I find rather nice! I think though, that this may be because I still have regular sex with my wife...and I'm 71 years old!

                I would agree with Cockadoodle that there couldn't surely be any effect on the length of one's penis caused by Aneros activity.



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                  Again, the premiss isn't does Aneros make your dick smaller? Coz obviously as Pommie stated at 71 he's still regularly fucking his wife(good on you mate!) BUT does penis INACTIVITY make your penis eventually shribble up into a little clitoris-like appendage?

                  IMO it can, so eventhough an Aneros orgasm is many times better than a traditional ejaculationary one, you should still keep your penis active, USE IT OR LOOSE IT(as they say), thus, Penis Not, don't want your dick shrinking into a micropenis, a clit....perhaps this is how your body reacts to the taking on of the passive feminine role


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                    Given the latest part of this thread's posts, I thought you'd all find this website of interest:
                    Normal Penis Size

                    Hope mine doesn't shrink, as I intend to use it for a long time yet! HA



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                      Thanks Cockadoddle,

                      A much appreciated lesson. Being a 'newbie', I will always remember these fine words.

                      It seems natural to want to get in a hurry. Thanks for bringing us back to earth.



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                        Awesome post..


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                          Some food for thought for couples

                          Despite this thread(and my best intentions) there still appears to be a lot of misconception about what the Aneros is about


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                            Fantastic thread! Really hits the nail on the head. Has given me an epiphany of epic proportions. Thanks so much cockadoodle for your invaluable insight into a very complex idea.


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                              great thread good to remember this!


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                                @Es0422 thanks for pointing out this thread. Very well written by cockadoodle. I was already on the right path. This has even further helped me.