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    To me it seems that it would be nearly impossible to cover the many subtleties of what makes the Aneros sing. And then there is the all-too-human characteristic of reading the words and applying one’s own preconceived ideas to those words. I like the sports stadium analogy; 30,000 people witness an event and write a story about what happened… and no two stories are the same. (Maybe this analogy doesn’t apply here, but I like using the word analogy because the first four letters spell ANAL)! :twisted:

    But if you do go ahead with this I think the first thing that needs to be mentioned is a clear description of what the super-O is and what it isn’t. The following is the clearest explanation I have seen as to what the super-O is. (Aneros home page / Learn / Benefits / The Super-O, seventh testimonial down).

    “I got that feeling you get just before you CUM in an ejaculatory Orgasm only the feeling seemed to go on and on and on!”

    And a few sentences later…

    “The waves kept coming and coming. They always seemed to start with that PONR feeling you get in a regular ejaculatory Orgasm right before you CUM but they last LONGER and STRONGER and then those sensations turn into WAVES of pleasure.”

    And the second thing that needs to be mentioned is an erection has NOTHING to do with the pleasure received from the Aneros. Most likely one WILL NOT have an erection during Aneros usage.

    Anyway, that’s my 2-cents.



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      It's a great idea guys!! 8)



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        (Note : Underlined Text is a Hyper-Link)

        I agree with your statement – ”To me it seems that it would be nearly impossible to cover the many subtleties of what makes the Aneros sing.” but we can narrow the range for discussion purposes by establishing some boundary parameters.
        I believe the WIKI already gives a very good description of what a Super-O is and is not. This question already exists in the FAQ!


        I think we are pretty much in agreement about content and purpose here. What I was proposing is certainly open to re-formatting in other manners, whether it be a paragraph style, a list of questions to be answered or a series of fill in the blank statements. I think the point is we want to make it as easy as possible for the frustrated user to provide the background information necessary to get his questions answered as succinctly as possible.


        I think it is just about as easy to copy the form from the WIKI as it would be from a Sticky. I wouldn’t want to see a ponderous new sticky full of discussions about FAQ’s.
        Nothing that we are proposing here precludes users from posting in a traditional mode or “…to tell it like it is.” The form we are suggesting is a way for other members to more rapidly assess the conditions affecting a questioners practice habits.
        You said “I wouldn't want to type an additional story describing what my problem is after filling out the form.” Isn’t that what we ask of questioners now? Don’t we often ask the questioner to provide additional information? “That form seems scary to be quite honest.” What about it scares you?


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          To Darwin, Buster, B Mayfield and Rumel...thanks for your kind responses, and I posted it in Testimonials, under Alana's Voice...

          Your dedication to the Forum is phenomenal Gentlemen, all your efforts and expertise is greatly appreciated.



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            I find the wiki is a great resource for newcomers and successful people progressing nicely down the path. It is full of wonderful suggestions and years of experience. Now-a-days I also rely a lot on the search function to research topics I want to find out more about.

            The process I am suggesting is to help along people who have developed a routine (50+ sessions?) and now are stuck. It’s a troubleshooting technique to get people out of a rut.

            When I originally wrote this, I was actually thinking of an old forum guy, Archie Andrews, who gave up after a year of trying. He was a guy who made an honest effort but couldn’t make it work – he didn’t make a lot of noise on the way out, just a value decision on whether to continue with the time and effort. I wonder if a quick analysis would have helped him… ArchieA did his own data dump and I think the advice we gave him back then was first rate, it just wasn’t working for him.

            In the give and take world of this thread, I would hate to add another layer of bureaucracy to an already efficient wiki. As ‘experts’ you guys form an admirable forum response team that helps us wayfarers travel through Aneros country – but in the end you can only show us the door, you can’t make us walk through it…

            Lastly, I agree with Darwin’s comment around will people actually use it. How about trying it out on the next unsuspecting user who comes in holding up the “Help Me” sign?

            Anyways, the thread was worth it if for nothing else than to precipitate Alana’s testimonial.



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              Fantastic discussion. I would like to add my 2cents as a newbie. Age might also be added to the form, cause whats good for a 20 year old might not be good for a 55 year old.

              I found all the information available (Aneros instruction, Wiki, Sticky's and Forums) overwhelming in those first few days. The questions I had did not seem to be addressed in the FAQ's. The suggestions and instructions seemed to be contradicting. Then when I tried search I found two problems. First was that I was unfamiliar with the nomenclature here and second when I started catching on, each time I used search, after viewing one post you are unable to go back, forcing you to do another search on the same subject. I spent hours and hours and days researching and reading, trying to get one simple question answered. I gave up (became a member so I could post) and took the easy road and posted to the forums for an answer. The answer now is obvious, but at the time it seemed overwhelming. And now that I am learning my way around and the lingo you experts use.... I have found my original question answered in several places.

              I know this thread is aimed at the frustrated long term user. What might also help the complete novice to anal play and Aneros use, is a simplified set of start up instructions. Similar to what you are discussing here.

              Such as:
              Lube and prelube is a must... please follow the instruction found in the wiki.
              Do not contract as hard as possible your first time... Because this will overwhelm and hide the subtle sensations.... and so on

              Then at the end refer back to the multitude of places to find more specific help and guidance.


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                I use the ‘do nothing’ procedure proving that we are all different. Other then lube up (very important) I actually do nothing. After I insert the Aneros I just lie on the bed and wait for it to happen, anywhere between instantly and at worst 30 minutes (unusual).

                I was also overwhelmed, so overwhelmed that I tossed the ‘instructions’ away. I just hate instructions; I have brain damage and find it difficult to remember them anyway. Just get them mixed up. I don’t envisage that reading instructions (wiki and forum included) while trying to have a Super O would be very productive. I found that doing nothing worked and so I have never attempted to relax, any contractions, music, or porn. I just lie there and wait for it to happen. Once I got the multiples going and a 5 minute Super O (on my second attempt) I experimented with a few different positions and that’s it.

                Perhaps the ‘do nothing protocol’ should be added to the Wiki. I’m sure it would work for some, maybe those who try too hard might benefit from this approach.

                Alana. Thanks for your wonderful post.


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                  awww, Thank You, Pepperlibido, for your kind words.

                  I'm hoping you and your wife can 'soar' even higher, if she's willing...I'm sure you'll guide her gently. If a man can get the woman to a 'high fever pitch' sexually, Before he offers something new to her...the Better the guarantee that she'll go along!

                  Here's to you Both!

                  Sweet pleasure!