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  • Aneros and Drinking

    I remember seeing a post about pot and Aneros use, and was wondering if anyone had experimented with drinking before an Aneros session.

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    I have not, but I can't imagine the results to be very good. If you've ever had sex when you were drunk, how did it feel? It's harder to feel any sensation since alcohol is a depressant and inhibits awareness/ body function. Just my two cents


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      chaos snake,

      While the active chemical (THC) in marijuana and the active chemical (ethanol) in alcoholic beverages are both psychoactive compounds the biggest difference is that ethanol is a central nervous system depressant and is approximately 100 times more toxic than THC.

      One beer or glass of wine probably won’t have a significant impact on your Aneros session response, it may have the effect of relaxing you slightly which can have some benefit. However, because of the depressant effects anything more than that will have an anesthetizing action. I know this from personal experience, after only a few drinks, a ‘dud’ session is the most likely outcome. My advice is to separate your imbibing sessions from your Aneros sessions with sufficient time to allow your body to completely detoxify itself.


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        A nice buzz can be very beneficial. However there are several things to consider you have to maintain just the perfect level of light intoxication. For me my sessions last longer than a buzz would last. I don't like the feeling of coming down off the alcohol during my session. Also you have to be very vigilant because if you drink too much, the aneros will not work at all.


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          I know this is a secondary concern - but what about having to interrupt a session to take a pee?


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            Hello tdt422,

            I've yet to try an Aneros session under the influence of any substances. But in the past in my long 3 to 5 hour sessions, I've had to stop to go to the bathroom. Urinating is no big deal, and I don't find it difficult to continue with the session afterwards. But if I have move my bowels, it's more difficult to get back into the session, but not impossible, from the irritation of removing and re-inserting the Aneros and having to shower your behind after the toilet. Depends on how horny you are and how much you want to continue.



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              I can see how maybe 1 drink / beer would help to relax, but I don't want to dull the sensations of my session.
              Invariably I have to pull out midway thru a session to stop and pee, but I can get back into it quickly and usually more relaxed now that I don't have that on my mind.


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                The best results I've ever had with my Aneroses was after I'd had 1-2 drinks over spring break. I'm a very high stress person with lots going on and the combination of spring break and a couple drinks really let me relax a lot and have an amazing time.

                Also, I had a really good experience with pot this last weekend, without my Aneros though, which makes me curious to get just a little bit high and give it a shot because I was super relaxed and I really just became very aware of pressure/stress points in my body and was able to release and relax them, it was really quite pleasant.

                Anyway, there's my 2 cents.


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                  Havent posted in a while, last few weeks have been pretty busy. I finally got the chance to smoke again and use my progasm for the first time high. Now before this I havent even had mini-o's or anything... But something just clicked the last two sessions and I think I have gotten mini-o's. I wouldnt say super O cuz it wasnt what others have described here on the forums.

                  Dont get me wrong, it felt amazing. Whatever it was. Involuntaries seem to be stronger and start faster when your high, really feels like someone is back there controlling it.