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Great now i have 2 eupho's

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  • Great now i have 2 eupho's

    Hi there about four weeks a go i ordered an aneros eupho's from this site and much to my dissapointment i didnt arrive.

    Read the full story of what happened here it will take me all night to re type it again.

    The good news is it has just arrived now about four weeks later, and the bad news is i thought i had been ripped of dodged out of $94.50 AUD and i was very upset about it and at after waiting and waiting for it to arrive i became convinced it would never come and that my money had been stolen, so i went to another australian website and bought another eupho for $112.00 AUD including postage and handling and it arrived by express post it only took two days.

    This is the letter i received today in the package with the aneros eupho

    Dear Customer,

    Please accept my sincere apologies with the delay of this order. Dungeondownunder was sent bankrupt by a private family court matter which also took the business into severe financial debt. I have had my home for sale open to all offers for 6 months trying to remedy this and only now have
    made sale of it to finally get all the unsent orders to you all.

    I have been going through severe depression because of this situation and really apologize for the delay in getting you your products.

    As compensation I will offer you a free voucher to go with your next order if you would be forgiving
    enough to accept my delay. Please simply email the order number of your delayed order and ill complete your voucher for you.

    Once again I sincerely apologise whole heartedly for the delays and being un- contactable through your order.

    Yours sincerely

    Voucher value $10 AUD

    So that explains things a little bit more, at least now i have what i paid for but the problem now is that i have two eupho's.

    I will brag about my orgasmic success in another post soon here on the forum, for those interested.

    Now i have to try and sell this brand new Eupho, if anybody is interested in buying it i will sell it for
    $80 AUD not including postage and handling which is pretty cheap. So send me a private PM if you are interested, and i hope here on the forum everybody is enjoying screaming super O's and lots of "Calm sea orgasms" i know i have been enjoying a couple of earth shattering multiple orgasms with the new eupho but no super O just yet, i will probably faint or pass out from the intense screaming pleasure when it does happen i can hardly wait until then.

    So cheers everyone and let god take care of you.

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    have you tried Ebay? that might be a good place to start. On the other side of things, i do feel sorry for the company. I imagine lots of them are going through this at present. But hey, at least he didnt forget you in the end.