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    Originally posted by B Mayfield
    Originally posted by rumel
    (Note : Underlined Text is a Hyper-Link)
    Hi guys,

    Jack Johnston ('hydraulic jack') posted this link to a short film titled "Bodhisattva in metro" over on his KSMO web site. When I watched the film I couldn't help butt think the guy who starts the action has really got a Peridise pleasingly nestled in his derriere. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did. It certainly hit my F-Spot.

    A terrific video that reminds me of something that I learned in Transcendental Meditation a long time ago, that if only 10% of the earth's population practiced it, it would effectively raise the consciousness of the entire planet. Perhaps Jack is implicitly making the same point with his post of the video. While there is no substitute for a full belly and warm place to sleep, the ramifications of a happy, sexually fulfilled population are inescapable. There is no question that discovering this wellspring of blissful orgasmic joy (that is the Super O ) has had far reaching effects in my life. I like to believe that it has impacted the lives of people around me in one way or another as I've interacted with them.

    Maybe it's that silly grin that I have on my face all of the time! lol

    BF Mayfield
    Hey B,

    This video is the perfect example of how a laugh is contagious. There is nothing like the feeling inside after a huge belly laugh that leaves tears streaming down your face.

    Thanks B!


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      It's business time baby


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        Good ole Utube strikes again. There is nothing like a hidden camera incident. I thought I would share this one with the group. It's amazing what people will do at the gym to get a better body!!! (And how trusting they really are) This is really funny.

        The facial expressions are fantastic! Sex in the future!!!

        Enjoy everyone!


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          Thank for posting Business Time esfenoides! Flight of the Conchords are great! It put a smile on my face for the day.

          Hi lynn2694,

          Sex in the future was very funny! Thanks for posting it.
          Your first link is invalid though, so I couldn't view what you wanted people to see.



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            For all you Aging Aneros Rebel Practioners (AARP?) :lol: out there, this cartoon is for you, link courtesy of ‘Hlaser99’


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              The Phalli-Max electric stimulation appliance for the treatment of erection disorders.


              Mr. Erection and Mr. Electrostim are quite the happy pair.



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                Hi SlipperyWhenWet,

                I'm guessing the funny part of that pdf file were the illustrations, not the dialog? The one on page 7 cracked me up! Obviously they weren't going for accuracy. Because my penis does not have a face and arms on it! :lol:
                Thanks for posting!



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                  In response to the electro-stim article you posted I ran across this article today about these weird mice designs in this PC World article -
                  The Worlds Weirdest Mice. While mouse #3 looks like a lot of fun, check out special mouse #5, can an “Electro-Enemagra” be too far away after seeing this ? Your mouse wired to your Aneros might certainly make the day entertaining! This mouse might give the "The Slightest Touch" a real run for the money. This would give a whole new meaning to being "plugged-in" and "charged-up" for work.


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                    Nice one rumel!!!

                    I enjoyed looking at all those bizarre mice!

                    While were on the topic of unusual computer gadgets...


                    And for those of you having trouble visualizing how it works...

                    Enjoy! :lol:



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                      Before I discovered the aneros, I've had the best t-orgasm by letting it build slowly, massaging only my frenulum for 20-30 minutes. I discovered the equivalent area on a woman to be her inner lips. Knowing how much I enjoyed it, I decided to see if the little lady would like it just as much.

                      After a few moist, gentle, delicate touches, I asked her how it felt and she approved. I continued using all of the strokes I've mastered on myself for her. As my fingers moved, I would try to get half of the movement to be gliding across her while the other half would gently move her tissues. This way you stimulate all of the nerves at the same time.

                      After 15 minutes or so I could tell she was really starting to like it. Her facial expressions started to change and her breathing intensified. I resisted the urge to increase my intensity, knowing the orgasm would build to a greater level if it wasn't rushed. A few more minutes passed and her breathing and facial expressions changed again. I thought, wow she is getting close now. She gasped for air, I thought this was it; I can't wait to see how long it lasts this time. The next sound she made was a snore. I thought, no way. I stopped what I was doing waiting for her to ask me, "why did you stop?" She didn't. I chuckled to myself and fell asleep.

                      The next morning I told her she fell asleep on me. We laughed and she said she was really tired and didn't remember falling asleep. I guess it's the best when you don't remember it. lol.


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                        Too funny MartyB! :lol:

                        You induced her to have one of those sleep snoring orgasms that was so powerful, she couldn't remember it! :lol:


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                          Your post reminds me of a joke that I heard many years ago.

                          A resercher was out on the street asking questions about peoples
                          preferred methods of sex.

                          The resercher stopped a man and asked if he would answer a question.

                          Which of the following methods do you preferr ?

                          1. Sexual intercourse.

                          2. Masturbation.

                          3. Wet dream

                          The man thought for a moment and replied "Wet dream"

                          "Thats intreresting" said the resercher. "Can you tell me why"?

                          The man replied "You meet a better class of person there"


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                            I forgot to ask her what her dream was about. Maybe she really was enjoying it :wink:



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                              And now....a PSA about Prostate Health. Drop your drawers lads!


                              BF Mayfield


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                                Great post B Mayfield!!!

                                That was hilarious!!!
                                Thanks for sharing.