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    Hi guys.

    I was just looking at the user Poll Do others know? and saw that 97% of us have divulged our Aneros usage to no one or only one other person. How do we get the word out about this marvelous little invention by Dr. T.?
    Surely the creative minds on the Aneros Forum could come up with some ad ideas that are much better than the silly Flomax TV spots. Aneros use for treating BPH is probably just as effective and a whole lot more fun than the pharmaceutical approach. So guys, can we do a better job of telling the world about this fun alternative therapy or not?
    Clever slogans for spot ads in magazines?
    Short, funny viral videos?
    Script for a TV commercial?
    Anything you can think up has the possibility to accelerate the spread of this experience. So how about some of those thoughts outside the carton?
    Got Aneros?

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    How about some type of honest straight forward tutorial on youtube? Touching on the health aspects as well as the more pleasurable ones. Word of mouth seems to be a little difficult as would be for me. There are a few people that know I have one.


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      Great to open this up like this rumel!

      As the "3%" blabbermouth in that Poll, I too think there is a real need to communicate this story widely in society. Of course, the pharmaceutical industry will not be happy and may run interference... or, not?

      In an earlier thread on this, I suggested exhibits at science centres, perhaps in the form of an educationTV spot as well. There is a great deal of media, particularly edTV, interest in all the research and books on neuroplasticity and the fact that our brains (and wider nervous systems) remain capable of growth, healing, development and rewiring. We are not the only ones enthusiastically embracing our rewiring potential, albeit with other areas of focus. We are a key part of this much larger neuroplasticity revolution!

      This is a key area of general interest in healthcare, science, the aging Boomer population, and everyone who grew up with the stereotype that our brains are fixed in form in our youth and brain cells just die off gradually as we age. By reducing the volume of pharmaceutical spillage into the environment, we are also part of the going green revolution.

      Green your Uro-genital System! Go Green Up Your Butt! LOL! Actually that could be taken as an anti-green statement in the vernacular, butt it would get attention! :lol:

      Humour will be an important part of overcoming this social discussion taboo.

      We Shall OverCum! :shock:

      onward and upward to ecstaties all ...(Oh! Oh! There goes The Night Before Christmas!)



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        I agree with tdt422, as far as focusing mainly on the health benefits of using this product if you want to appeal to the average male, especially if its some sort of infomercial on tv. I would much rather see infomercials on prostate massagers than those bullshit Extenze commercials, cause the Aneros actually works!!! But I don't know if mainstream tv is ready to televise a product like this yet, even if it is aired at 2 in the morning. I believe that if a man is truly interested in this type of product, he'll find out about it on his own. It'd be a tough sell toward the majority, I would never be able to recommend it to any guy I know. It would be considered gay to them. But who knows, I could be wrong about that, I just think our society is homophobic toward guys that are into anal play. still too taboo and unacceptable, which is what we're trying to break here. What first introduced me to the idea of prostate play, was the movie Road Trip, where a nurse collects a sperm sample from that Stiffler guy by milking his prostate. I had no idea that the prostate was capable of producing that kind of pleasure. Plus I had always been interested in anal play and toys, and seeked them out on the internet, finding out about Aneros in the process. I also watched a show, "Talking Sex," with Sue Johanson on the Oxygen network, where she highly recommended this product for men, and that was what finally sold me on the product. If you want to discuss the sexual benefits of this product, I see no reason why they couldn't put advertisements in pornographic magazines such as Hustler or Club, as these magazines are full of these kind of ads. Maybe even Playboy, as it is read by more men. They don't have to be anything too creative, maybe just show some testimonials from people like us who have used the product, and some sort of referral to these forums. If a guys is interested, he'll check it out. Besides the internet, that would be the best way to get the word out I think and the most appropriate vein. If these ads are successful in those magazines, Men's Health would be the ultimate, but I believe this product would benefit greatly from porn mag exposure.


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          Yeah, I could see Dr. Drew doing a voiceover infomercial with ‘ArticWolves’, ‘eroticuspeterzil’, ‘redbeard2000’ & ‘darwin’ demonstrating use and effects of the Aneros massagers.


          While plastic products aren’t really “green”, they are recyclable, so maybe a Green Progasm is in order.
          Humor can indeed be a valuable tool in disarming skeptics.
          Providing alternate wording from well known stories, poems, songs and myths has long been an approach used by advertising to make a connection with the public. Your example allusion is apt, “…while visions of Super-O’s danced in their heads…”


          The movie “Road Trip” has had an amazing effect on making people aware of and generating interest in prostate massage.
          Being a comedy, they were very effective in showing this as a pleasurable and fun experience while depicting it in a heterosexual setting. You are right about spot ads in men’s magazines being a good venue, but I don’t purchase those types of magazines so it would never reach me.

          I think a made for cable TV ad shown in connection with a sex education, talk show or related topic programs might be effective. Here’s an idea for a short script for a TV ad that could even be aired on the national broadcast channels.
          A Full Moon is seen in a star filled sky, crickets chirping in background, a lone wolf howls, the camera pans down from an aerial view, zooms in on a man in a sleeping bag, arms and hands outside the bag, writhing in ecstasy with a smile on his face. He howls again. ‘Alana’ does a voiceover, “For a howling good time, get an Aneros!” Then in print on the screen just say Prostate Massager.


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            :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: ops: Leave it to rumel guys. He's onto something!! :P


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              Yeah I agree with you that advertising in those magazines would only reach a select group of people- I still think it would be a great place for it. You're right about a tv ad, that would be the ultimate way to get word out to the masses. I'm not big into porn magazines, but where I work in construction, during our breaks and free time, pornography is all over the place. I know that it would become a big topic of discussion if they seen it. I guess I've always wondered why I've never seen an ad for Aneros in those mags. Probably because I've never seen a male pornstar using an aneros, that would make it easier to advertise.
              Rumel, you need to get into advertising man, I love your idea for that commercial, it would be appropriate for television without being too explicit- I can already see it on the air. It would definitely get guys scratching their heads, wondering what in the fuck that guy is experiencing in his sleeping bag. Great idea, bow down to the master, you're definitely on to something!!!!!!! Dr. Drew, lol, I forgot all about that guy, I used to love Loveline. They need to bring out another show like that.


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                "While plastic products aren’t really “green”, they are recyclable, so maybe a Green Progasm is in order. "-

                Why anyone would WANT to throw away somthing as life changing is beyond me :shock: , but i see your point


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                  I agree with Wildturkey. A discreet commercial that piques the curiosity by merely mentioning the enjoyment factor and leaving the rest for the viewer to research would definitely be the way to go. Sort of similar to the pharmaceutical commercials that always end with "Ask your doctor if this medicine may be right for you" They never come right out and say what the medication is supposed to treat...

                  As for telling other people: My co-worker who is 32 is going in for his first complete physical. I jokingly asked him if he'd never had the gloved finger before. This lead to a discussion on what to expect, postures he may be asked to assume, the two anal sphincters and how to press outward so the doctor can easily get his finger in there. Although I didn't mention the Aneros due to my elementary experience to-date, I thought this could have been the perfect moment to introduce the subject. So, if we look for opportunities to bring up the Aneros, rather than just popping it out of the blue, we'd be more comfortable exposing our experiences and inviting others to come learn of the bliss provided by these toys.



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                    Agree JohnT! and thanks for your comments rumel!

                    My point on "greening" was not about the aneros as an object itself, butt the reduction in the pollution of the environment by our excretion of pharmaceuticals and their metabolic by-products as we digest them and then send that through the sewers and septic tanks and ultimately back into the earth, ground water, and the hydrological cycle. Ironically, we are already attacking the biology (and size) of male genitalia with the drugs and hormone residue already excreted into the environment.

                    The more Aneros and its HIH siblings can replace drugs in the treatment of prostatitis and BPH, one of the most pervasive male ailments, the better for the environment and future generations. That was my point on "going green". Pharmaceutical residues going into the environment is a far greater problem than the mainstream media coverage (or rather lack thereof) would suggest. Why would that be? How much of the advertising revenue of major media comes from pharmaceutical and related industries?

                    And then there are the recent scientific study results showing that those males who have regularly had prostate massage, along with regular frequent masturbators in youth, have significantly lower rates of prostate cancer. If prostate massage was a drug there would now be massive advertising campaigns to get males massaging as a healthy disease prevention strategy.

                    Breaking down this ridiculous social taboo is essential in saving thousands of men's lives. Not overcoming the taboo now should embarrass everyone! (em' bare ass now)...perhaps another theme if turned to humour around your story-line SB...

                    Rumel, your outline for the TV ad is brilliant and elegantly simple and atmospheric! It should be produced immediately as a sketch version first in the way Charles and Ray Eames did with their epochal film "Powers of Ten". Get it onto YouTube asap as viral video and see what happens! Then the polished version can be funded and go universal mainstream...

                    The health and science side of this two sided coin, Aneros/HIH, will likely gain prostate massage the respect and conversational ease necessary sooner than pleasure and the pursuit of happiness, and yet... try it all now! :mrgreen:

                    The companion ad to yours is three guys out camping in sleeping bags with time-lapse of two having to get up at different times during the night to go off and take a leak. The third is sleeping soundly with the same smile on his face. Alana voice over "For the joy and good health of a sound sleep, get an Aneros (or HIH name)!" then screen text Prostate Massager as with yours. The two running in the same campaign could get both sides of the story embedded in minds together, and probably gain more interest in the subject and brand more rapidly.

                    BTW, I'm working on a full treatment of The Night Before Christmas... :wink:

                    great to see the responses to your initiative



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                      Excellent idea, artform!

                      I think ArcticWolves should be the guy in the first commercial with his feet sticking out of the sleeping bag -- complete with those 'two socks'! :lol:



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                        The toxic buildup of residual chemicals polluting our earth’s environment must stop eventually or we will go extinct, at which point it does stop. Hopefully, we will change our practices before such dire consequences occur.

                        I think your companion ad idea is a good one.

                        Here’s another ad idea.

                        Attractive female teacher in classroom full of men of various ages sitting at school desks. Blackboard reads “Prostate Education 101”
                        Teacher asks class – “How many of you would like a healthier prostate?” All men, save one, raise their hands. She next asks – “How many of you would like longer lasting orgasms?” All men, save one, raise their hands. Next question – “How many of you would like more intense orgasms?” Again same response from all the men, except one. The teacher then asks – “Mr. Johnson, I am curious, you are smiling, yet you didn’t raise your hand in response to any of my questions, may I ask why?” Mr. Johnson calmly responds “Oh, I already have an Aneros.” :lol:


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                          Originally posted by rumel
                          Attractive female teacher in classroom full of men of various ages sitting at school desks. Blackboard reads “Prostate Education 101”
                          Teacher asks class – “How many of you would like a healthier prostate?” All men, save one, raise their hands. She next asks – “How many of you would like longer lasting orgasms?” All men, save one, raise their hands. Next question – “How many of you would like more intense orgasms?” Again same response from all the men, except one. The teacher then asks – “Mr. Johnson, I am curious, you are smiling, yet you didn’t raise your hand in response to any of my questions, may I ask why?” Mr. Johnson calmly responds “Oh, I already have an Aneros.” :lol:
                          I like this idea. I would also like the commercial to play off of the fact that the United States is so conservative in regard to sexuality. A more open society would be teaching this in school. Maybe something like...."they are trying to keep you in the dark, we are going to blow you away.

                          I am amazed at how backwards we are sometimes compared to other nations.


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                            here comes the COLD WATER.

                            i agree --kind of-- with the sentiment of this thread.

                            however, unlike the vast majority of guys on this forum, i have not been shy about discussing the aneros.

                            i have discussed it with friends, relatives, colleagues and strangers.

                            with the exception of one guy, NONE of them had the slightest interest, even after i described my experiences. to that one guy i gave a spare peridise. never heard back from him on how he and/or his girlfriend liked it.

                            it takes a particular "predilection" to want to insert something up your butt in pursuit of multiple orgasms.

                            perhaps those with it will eventually surf their way to this site.



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                              You said “I am amazed at how backwards we are sometimes compared to other nations.” I am in complete agreement with you there. Our nightly TV shows regularly show scenes of graphic violence, bodily harm, pain and suffering but scenes of couples performing loving acts of kindness, gentleness and pleasure giving are barred from our public airways. That seems pretty distorted to me.


                              Is it "COLD WATER" or are you pointing out the realities of communication? You are absolutely correct that a man must have an open mind about developing this part of his sexuality. Whether it is sticking “…something up your butt…”, playing with your nipples or whatever; I am not trying to push anybody into trying an activity they are inherently opposed to experiencing.
                              I also dismissed what I had heard/read about prostate massage many years ago. It was only after my own tentative exploration/experimentation and further investigation as a result of health issues that I began to get a fuller understanding of the potential within us for generating such pleasure.
                              I believe there are a great many men in the world who are completely unaware of the potential that lies within their own bodies. IMHO, they have a right to know.
                              My intent for starting this thread was to seek ideas for ways in which we could foster interest and spread knowledge about prostate massage to those men who might not otherwise ever be exposed to this information. I have hopes of sparking the imagination of this readership to further that intent.
                              If for no other reason, this can be a fun exercise in and of itself. Who knows, we just might give the Aneros company a brilliant ad campaign that sparks a modern day Tantric Revelation/Revolution.