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    Hello everyone
    Im new to the forum and new to the aneros and just ordered the helix and look foward to trying with with my wife. My question is has anyone used this while have sex with there wife/girlfriend and if so how was it. Well I look foward to trying the helix and its cool to find out and read that there is a way for guys to experience amazing orgasm then the same ol bustin a nut orgasm

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    Some people have had good results with it inserted during intercourse, others have not. I fell in the latter category.


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      Hello ruffian!

      Welcome to the Forum!

      Alas, I am divorced and currently have no mate . . .

      But, hopefully you will have a great time with your new Helix!

      Nut Bustin', not really, as it might better be described as Prostate bustin',
      unless you're trying for a super-T, that is.

      You'll see, as you read more and get started with your new device!

      Enjoy yourself!

      Later, Hlaser99


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        At first I liked the using my Helix during intercourse, but as I progressed I prefer not to have it in. Now I find having sex with one in as a distraction, but that was after I started having prostrate orgasms during intercourse without having my Helix in.


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          When I have used it during sex I've noticed increased pleasure, staying power and improved orgasm when I eventually get there.


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            get to know your tool first so when you use it with your woman it can enhance the experience.


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              Glad you asked --
              This was the main reason I made my first aneros purchase - to help maintain an erection during intercourse.
              Once I finally introduced and explained what this funny looking thing was sticking in me and hanging out of me, and why I wanted it to be there . . .
              well, after a number of attempts during intercourse, I was disappointed (using the SGX and the MGX).
              I had also purchased the progasm, and that was really too uncomfortable most of the time.
              However, I have not given up . . . and aneros is willing to continually make new models . . . so we repeat customers can try yet again.
              I most recently purchased the smaller sizes in the Peridise.
              Really love that there are no awkward, ugly curving things hanging out (and those things never did anything for me).
              Really love that it's just not noticeable, obtrussive, and extremely obvious during sex.
              Or I can be up and about with it still in, and it's not visible.
              R E A L L Y love the fact that it works for me!
              During an hour love-making session, I'm hard the whole time!
              I have yet to experience one of these mind-blowing hands free prostate orgasms, but right now, my wife and I are happy.
              I can really tell a difference during sex if it's in or not.
              If I am not using the peridise, my erections come and go at different degrees of strength.
              With the peridise in, I stay hard most of the time.
              Worth waiting for!
              My advice, forget the big guys, and go for the little guy -- this small peridise is a winner.


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                Hi ruffian and company.

                There are several couples on here, sometimes represented by the husband as the person posting, and sometimes by the wife who has taken the initiative, gotten her husband started with Aneros, and she remains the person posting here. If you do a search using the site search tool and search for "wife" you will probably locate these threads, of which there are many.

                My wife and I developed a mutual prostate practice when she became interested in pursuing her ejaculation potential and the other joys of G-spot orgasms. Details at my blog:

                I was looking for the medical prostate massage benefits (for BPH) of Aneros as well as the erotic. In addition, I have a medication induced erectile disfunction problem that makes an erection difficult to sustain for any length of time and, like daddeo, I find having an aneros in can help sustain erections, but we do not use it all the time as mrs. a's finger also works wonders. Either way, a series of mini and Super-Os followed by a Super-T fluid finish is a wonderful benefit for couples who fly with Aneros! :shock:

                all the best to you and your wife on this mutual adventure