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    Last night was an incredible night that I feel I just need to share. I may be helpful to those who are looking for insight. I am on the road for a conference that starts tomorrow. I left from work yesterday and drove 5 hours to get to the conference. By pure luck the room I got in the hotel had a jacuzzi. I am very tall (6'6") so I don't fit in tubs too well . . .consequently I ususally shower. But after the grueling day I relented and got in the tub and turned the jets on. It was amazing. So relaxing I almost feel asleep in the tub. After totally pruning out I got out of the tub, dried off and fell right into bed feeling warm and relaxed. It has been cold. The quiet warmth of the bed after a days work, a long drive and a relaxing water massage was almost narcotic.

    The bed is one of those down mattress things that is really soft that you sink into. I was gone in moments ...sleeping really soundly until about three am when I woke up with a major erection. I am pretty well endowed (9") and I am really sensitive along the upper half of my shaft . . . so when I get really hard and long I get really randy. I rolled over onto my stomach and gently pressed my dick against the down matress. The feelings started immediately ...I could feel P waves building in my anus and prostate. I struggled to relax and let them come over me without tensing up is really hard when you are getting these exquisite feelings. Within 5 minutes my prostate was spasming in 3/4 time like a drum, each spasm lifting me higher and higher. After a few minutes the dry orgasms started. With my prostate thumping award like a drum, the waves of orgasm began to reverberate from my prostate to the tip of my dick, each time getting more and more intense. The precum was oozing out of me in a slow trickle. they were the most extreme dry orgasms that I have experienced so far. It was like being in a skateboard half pipe rising on one side and going down to rise on the other side ...repeatedly. Only here it was going back and forth starting in my prostate, squeeazing and shuddering my urethral bulb shuddering along my dick and ending at the tip of my dick in an electrical buzz. Each one built up to a mind blowing crescendo. I reached the crescendo seven or eight times over an hour, each time ending in what I can only describe as rapid fire spasms of my prostate trying to ejaculate but there was nothing coming out. Each spasm produced such incredible feelings . . . my entire body was involved. I had my face buried in a pillow screaming as these things washed over me. I had no control, as long as my dick was pressed against the matress and I layed as still as possible the orgasmic spasm just kept coming and coming. It was an hour long orgasm with no cum, leaving me drenched in sweat.

    I got up and took a shower to cool off. the whole time I was in the shower my prostate was alternating buzzing and thumping a rythm and my dick was semi hard. I got back in bed and got rock hard as soon as I hit the bed. I tried to go to bed but my prostrate and dick had control of me and would have no part of sleeping. I rolled over and gently sunk my dick into the soft down. The waves started immediately. I orgasmed another 3 times in the the next 45 minutes, although not as deeply as the first ones. I was exhausted and fell asleep again at 5:30 am . . sleeping until 10 this morning dick was ready to go again but I am giving it a rest until tomorrow.

    I have not shared these experiences with very many people .. those few that I have talked to refuse to believe that it is real ... but it is. I am 57 years old and have had sex with a couple of dozen partners in my life. I have been been married for 30 + years and have sex with my wife five or six times per month ...we have a great sex life ...but the best partner sex I have ever had does not come close to these super orgasms. They are sharper, more intense, more whole body and mind involving than any partner sex I have ever had. It is like being transported out of your body. I have shred these experiences on the forum before but last night was the most incredible ones so far. I think the relaxation of the jacuzzi and early morning wood pushed this experience over the top. I understand that sex hormones in guys are peak in early morning.

    It is mind altering sex. I feel like I am cheating on my wife, only I am cheating with me. She has no idea that I can do this. These orgasms have been part of my life for the last six months and they just keep getting better each day. Anyone else had similar experience?

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    great temoinage for your part thanks for your nice writings :P


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      Wow bigguy!

      That's amazing!

      Can't wait till I can get there!



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        Hi bigguy,

        What a great account of your amazing night-time adventures!

        >It is mind altering sex. I feel like I am cheating on my wife, only I am cheating with me. She has no idea that I can do this. These orgasms have been part of my life for the last six months and they just keep getting better each day. Anyone else had similar experience?<

        Yes! After being multi-orgasmic via the KSMO practice for some three years I know exactly what you're talking about. Although I've never been in a jaccuzi I've had many sessions like the one you describe, many of which were all-nighters, and with a few modifications your account would mirror my own - even down to the feeling of guilt that I can't share my experiences with my partner (she's a lovely woman but, unfortunately, with an outlook as straight as a die!).

        BTW, I'm a lot older than you, my point being that the multi-orgasmic skill is for life.

        Keep writing!



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          Hi bigguy,

          what a beautiful post!

          Like mog, I can also say that thanks especially to my KSMO practice, I have learned to enjoy orgasmic experiences very similar to what you're describing, pretty much every day. I guess I'm fortunate that I am able to share these ecstatic feelings with my wife and vice versa. Although it did take quite a few months after I became multi-orgasmic for us to really learn how to connect on such new levels.

          Your post made me ponder the spiritual aspects of my solo sessions versus those with my wife. In solo sessions, at the peak of ecstasy, I often feel a kind of all-encompassing love that's hard to describe. I feel a deep connection with myself and everything around me.

          When I'm with my wife and we reach those heights of mutual bliss, it's as if time stops and she simply becomes everything to me. I often literally perceive her as a goddess in those moments and am overwhelmed by the sense that I'm actually making love to a goddess. Again, it's not really something I can easily put into words.

          I absolutely identify with that sense of isolation that comes from not being able to simply talk about these kinds of experiences with most friends. In fact, both me and my wife stopped telling anyone about our sex life because, like you said, no one believes us. Or on the rare occasion that someone has, they responded quite negatively, calling us "hedonists" and such. So we just keep it to ourselves. I know I'm truly blessed to have at least one person who accepts and supports that part of me. I truly wish the same for both you and mog and everyone else here.

          Forums like these are such an incredible refuge for pioneers like us. But I think we all deserve more ways to share our feelings than just words on a screen. :roll:

          Here's to hoping society catches up and joins the party while we can still dance. 8)


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            Thanks all for your replies. I often dream of sharing my orgasmic experience with my wife but she has had the unfortunate situation of having gone thru early menopause, like in her early 40's. As a result of that and genetics she has drastically lowered hormone levels ... resulting in very reduced libido. It was great while she was on HRT, but the warning a few years back put an end to HRT (she has heart disease in her family). We have a good sex life but I would characterize it as making a satisfying connection as opposed to hot sex. Although we make a deep mental connection in sex, her sense of sexual adventure is gone. Foreplay is significantly diminished.

            I am grateful that I have developed this skill otherwise I might have been a great candidate for infidelity. I envy guys who can combine hot sex and emotional connection in one woman . . . I am not one of them. I am grateful for the deep connection that I have with my wife and our basic sexual relationship. Thankfully I have this ability to let off steam on my own. That is one of the great things about this skill I (we) have developed allows for accommodation in differential sex drives of partners.


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              Hey Bigguy it sounds as if we have some things in common where our wives are concerned. I sent you a PM so you might want to check the inbox. Thanks and good luck with your new experiences and journey.