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  • Of interest to your testicles...

    Did you know that when you're not actively using your cellphone it's still emitting roughly half the radiation that it does when on a call?

    They say talking for a few hours a day on your cellphone could be bad for your brain but most people, including myself before learning this, keep their cellphone in their pocket upwards of 12 hours a day! This means your nuts are talking on the phone for close to 6 hours EVERYDAY! (without factoring in radiation degredation)

    So how far does radiation reach?

    My uncle is a naturopathic doctor. For those of you that haven't been to one, or a good one, he's the smartes person I know. Before he was an ND he was a chemical engineer, and when he decided to do naturopathy, get this, he did naturopathy AND chiropractic school AT THE SAME TIME! He truely loves to learn, and most importantly he loves to learn about the human body. I digress.

    Apparently cellphones emit a couple different harmful biproducts (he told me the names and I can't remember) He has machines that test for these and at 2 feet you're in the clear. Only 2 feet!

    Side note: Do you know how much radiation your bluetooth emits on a call in comparison to your cellphone on a call?
    Less than 1/1000th. Infact, the radiation is so low that it's on the level of ambiet radiation (the kind we're exposed to every day of our lives just living in our atmosphere.

    How I applied this:
    As gay as I think bluetooths look I use it as much as I can and place my phone at least 2 feet from me. If I don't have a bluetooth with me, I usually use the speaker phone which allows at least a 2 foot gap from my head. And any time I'm sitting or driving, I'll take my phone out of my pocket and place it within reaching distance.

    Hope you guys enjoyed the info

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    Good tip, my cell phone is always on or near me however even though I don't like it being that close, I can't really live without it. Even though I don't really like them either, I might have to give one of those Bluetooth earpiece devices a try as well.


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      If you consider the signal strength of a cell phone as compared to a blue tooth headset, you should compare your cordless phone to that of your cell phone. The average cordless phone in your house is 5-20x more powerful than your mobile and operates on the same frequency as your microwave or higher.

      No reliable authority, researcher or institution has ever been able to show cause or relationship between mobile phones and any disease. The most damning relationship they have found is a slight warming of the brain tissue using the now defunct AMPS (analog) cellular system.

      When you consider the number of different technologies out there (GSM, CDMA, TDMA, AMPS) and the maze of frequencies and power levels they use, it is silliness to suggest there is such a thing as standard cell phone.

      Live your lives in peace and have a Merry Christmas.


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        Well my uncle's a naturpathic doctor and an engineer so I think I'll listen to him. He's not claiming any diseases are caused by it, those are just the facts on how far you need to get for the radiation to be gone. And a warming of the brain?!? :lol: A microwave could slightly warm your brain, would that be okay to do day after day?

        I'm not claiming you'll die of cancer if you keep your phone on you.

        I like to live as naturally as possible, this is another piece of my lifestyle.


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          thanks for the info buttmaster!