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    To All,

    I just took a quick scan down the list of topics being discussed on the Forum currently and I have to say I am somewhat amazed. I have been reading this Forum consistently for nearly 20 months now and this current group of threads seems to me to be the most diverse set yet. The range of Aneros related topics indicates a phenomenal integration of these delightful little devices into the lifestyles of this membership. The tone of the posts can range from humorous and trivial to psychologically complex and serious, from happy to sad and back, from unfulfilled to ecstatic. As this year is rapidly approaching conclusion, I look back on all the information that has been shared and say thank you for keeping me so entertained.
    To all my fellow members, I wish you happy holidays and continued posting to one of the most unique Forums on the ‘Net, it’s been a lot of fun participating.

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    Thanks for the insights Rumel. Yeah I'd have to say it's been a big year of discovery, growth and pleasure in MMO for me thanks in large part to the Aneros. I've become a more sexual person again both with and apart from a partner and I think that is a good thing. Hopefully the next year will be fulfilling and healthful for myself and the rest of you. Wish all of you the best as the year draws to a close and another year dawns!


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      Hi Rumel,

      Happy Holidays to you to.
      And I have to agree that this forum is most unique, but even more so is a real gem to participate in.
      I really enjoy reading and posting in the wide variety of topics.

      Love is Peace


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        You know Rumel, you hit this one right on the head. A person does need to look back every once in a while to see exactly how far they have come. My time here has been phenomenal in every sense of the word. I remember being brand new and really afraid to ask stupid questions. Well, I learned that there are no stupid questions because there is a real good chance that at least one other person is wondering the same thing.

        I am so glad that I did my blog that really allows me to be easily reminded of the steps that I had to go through. I really do recommend that all you new guys start one. Even if nobody else reads it, it is there for you to review and be able to measure your progress.

        OH!!, I wholeheartedly agree with you as well. When you say that you have become more sexual, I knew exactly what you mean. It comes into play in all aspects of your life once you realize that this higher plane exists and you want to be a part of it. It has been mentioned by many (me included) that leaders of Governments should get a special delivery from Aneros. I bet the incidents of war would drop to zero.

        Off my soapbox for today. To you Rumel, OH!!, Love_is, ohmy06, hlaser99, Darwin, pan, mog, GrandTiger, JT, skeets, Brian......too many friends to mention them all (you know who you are) but have a wonderful Holiday Season and may next year become more prosperous and orgasmic for all of us.


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          Thanks . As long as they produce a bigger Progasm, il be laughing ^_^



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            Originally posted by Buster
            I remember being brand new and really afraid to ask stupid questions. Well, I learned that there are no stupid questions because there is a real good chance that at least one other person is wondering the same thing.
            An engineering lecturer once told our class
            " Better to ask the question and look stupid for 5 minutes than not ask it and remain ignorant
            for the rest of your life"
            A wise man !
            Every question is easy if you know the answer.

            I see that we have broached the 6000 member barrier today.
            Happy New year to you all.


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              Hey ALL!

              Merry Christmas!

              Let's keep this big "Orgasmic Ball" rolling into the new year and beyond . . .

              Later, Hlaser99


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                Great thread rumel!

                Great thoughts all!

                Thanks to all contributors to this wonderful Forum, and particularly the experts/friends and all the great advice and shared experiences!

                Here's to greater adventures, journeying and voyaging over the next year!!!

                EDIT: Great post below marmot! In my reply to Darwin's poem thread I referred again to Plato's Symposium, which I think, in the full male spectrum, we are approaching here, beyond the simpler "how to" advice alone, useful as that is!

                Buster and others of us have expressed frustration about finding a way to have the kind of discussion you celebrate here, and will no doubt be interested to hear more. Congratulations.

                all the best to all throughout the holidaze! :lol:



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                  I am thankful for many aspects of this forum, the most important being the caliber of people posting. From you I have learned a level of sexual candor I never thought possible. Recently I was visiting a new friend interested FBO, and I was able to spend two hours with him explaining the intimate details of numerous techniques with the ease of talking about the weather. In eighteen months I have gone from being FBO naive to connoisseur. I've been able to ask any kind of question, and in return I've been able to offer help to others. The information you have imparted to these pages has brought an entirely new and wonderful aspect to my life. I've also discovered that the trip through this garden of pleasures never ends - it just keeps getting better and better. Thanks guys (and zaneblue)!


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                    This has truly been a year of growth for me. My MGX arrived exactly one year ago next week. I now have a full stable as well as a stable of NJOY toys. Each is unique and each has helped me on this journey ....but no where near as muchas all of you have. This is the first and only on line forum I have ever joined ...everything else pales in comparison. I agree with rummel that the span of topics and the frankness of the members has been a real gift. I am a changed person as a result of this group.

                    Happy holidays and a great new year to qall of you.



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                      As another year passes us by, I too, would like to thank all the wonderful folks that have participated here!!

                      rumel, Thanks for all your shared information and the great chats we have had here at the Aneros site.

                      A wonderful post indeed!!

                      Happy Holidays to all! :lol: